What’s On: Double Monday!

There’s actually a bunch of TV on tonight no less than three of which are double episodes including the finales of Secret Life and Hard Time which are what’s on tonight, Monday May 30, 2011.

DOUBLE Finale Alert!
Secret Life of the American Teenager “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over” and “To Be…” 8:00 to 10:00 on ABC Family. 

Seeing as I don’t know Secret Life at all I’ll let ABC Family tell you what up tonight: In the first hour, “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over,” Adrian and Ben prepare for their wedding, with each putting on a brave face for the other. Independently, however, Adrian confides to Tom, and Ben to Amy, that each is nervous about impending parenthood and is having second thoughts about getting married so quickly. Meanwhile, Ricky and Amy discuss Ben and Adrian’s doubts, but agree not to say anything and let them move forward with the wedding. In the second hour, “To be…,” Adrian and Ben are settled into their condo as Mr. and Mrs. Boykewich. Katelyn, the guidance counselor, and Grace plan a little celebration at the school to welcome the newlyweds. Adrian loves all the attention, which upsets Amy. Ricky invites Amy to a romantic night away to show her how much he truly loves her. As Adrian and Ben are trying to fall asleep in their new condo, she feels something odd and calls the doctor.

Series Premiere Alert!
Single Ladies “Pilot” 9:00 to 11:00 on VH1

VH!’s first foray into hourlong drama starts tonight with Single Ladies, a series about three single women in Atlanta headlined by Clueless’ Stacey Dash. I couldn’t find any footage save for this video from the set of castmember (and former first lady of Turks & Caicos) LisaRaye McCoy. VH1 says: Single Ladies is a comedic drama about a Val, Keisha, and April – three best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships. Val (Stacey Dash) is an ambitious aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), on the other hand, is a former video dancer just looking for a rich man to keep her in style. April (Charity Shea) has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage – but is learning that marriage isn’t necessarily a happy ending. Single Ladies is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that will constantly explore which woman has the right approach to relationships.

Breakout Kings “Where in the World is Carmen Vega” 10:00 on A&E

I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this action show It’s got a 90’s action vibe, it wicked violent, character driven and occasionally very, very funny, thanks to a killer performance by Jimmi Simpson. I hope this gets a second life from A&E who’s other current scripted drama, The Glades returns soon. Tonight guest stars Lauren Velez of Dexter as Carmen Vega and the con of the week.

The Rest:

The Bachelorette 8:00 on ABC – This is soft cheese considering Pavelka and Giardi are gonna be on bachelor pad. 

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Guy Fieri has one minute to consume a car full or fried shrimp.

Season Finale Alert!
The Hard Times of RJ Berger 10:00 & 10:30 on MTV – Maybe this awful show got a little better, but I doubt it and will thusly not be turning in.

Law & Order:LA 10:00 on NBC – or how to kill a two decade old franchise. It killed it so bad Meloni had to quit SVU to escape it’s stink.

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition 10:01 on ABC – It’s like fixing a house, but this time they fix fat people. Did you forget this franchise started as a plastic surgery show.


The REAL BAU is back together! PRENTISS IN! SEAVER OUT!

Prentiss is back in the BAU!

Paget Brewster is joining AJ Cook, and like her, has inked a deal to return to Criminal Minds full time starting next season. The fan favourite’s NBC pilot, My Life is an Experiment, didn’t get picked up which has freed up Brewster to return to Minds like co-star AJ Cook.

Not coming back next season is Rachel Nichols who joined the cast earlier this season as cadet Ashley Seaver. She joined mostly to fill the void left by Cook’s departure. 

Thomas Gibson, who plays the team leader Aaron Hotchner is the only castmember yet to ink a deal. 

I stopped watching Criminal Minds on a regular basis at the beginning of the 6th season, pretty much in protest of how they tinkered with a formula that was working fine and essentially banished their women. I’m pleased to see they’ve come to their senses. 

What’s On: Three Show Sunday

There are only three shows on tonight – I mean not just three, I’m sure there’s a lot of reality crap on a bunch of cable networks, but there are only three shows on tonight worth watching, and lucky us, they’re three of the best shows on TV; HBO’s Game of Thrones & Treme and AMC’s The Killing, which are all super strong recommendations for tonight, Sunday May 29th 2011. 

Game of Thrones “You Win or You Die” 9:00 on HBO

Last week’s ep was a stunning entry that concluded with the fantastic death of Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) the hands of Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), and with that the first of what I suspect will be many regular character’s deaths. “HERE IS YOUR CROWN!” With four episodes left (including tonight’s) you can bet the plot’s gonna move at breakneck speed. Tonight we find out what Stark plans to do with the knowledge that Joffrey is the result of nasty twincest and not the son of a king.

Treme “Feels Like Rain” 10:00 on HBO

The second season of Treme is a vast improvement of the first, mainly in terms of story telling, it’s as if the first season was an origin story and now the real juice can start. I am 100 in love with Jenette DeSautel’s (Kim Dickens) story, and last week’s returning guest appearances from Tom Collichio and Eric Ripert only made it better. Steve Zahn and Lucia Micarelli have incredible chemistry and she’s by far the most talented musician of the regular cast – I also have been impressed with how understated Sonny (Michael Huisman) has been this season, he’s far less obnoxious and less cliche prone this season. David Morse’s promotion was also much welcome, last season had the justice system from the side of it’s agitators and it’s more balanced this season, plus his scenes with Oscar winner Melissa Leo are phenomenal. The only plot I’m not in love with is Jon Seda’s Nelson Hidalgo – and not the character mind you, Seda is suave and has great energy in the role, it’s just the plot feels disjointed from the rest. Minor gripe for a great show. No promo, just a great scene from last season’s finale.

The Killing “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” 10:00 on AMC

Last week seemed to tie up the terrorism/Bennett suspect subplot, I have a feeling the murder investigation will start to tie in to the mayoral campaign this week. I’m also so fearful for the Larsens for suffer the ramifications of last weeks shocking ending. 4 more episodes including tonight and no renewal yet – which is driving me crazy, The Walking Dead was renewed after few weeks and for AMC standards The Killing is a hit, it’s numbers are on par with flagship show Mad Men. It’s last few episodes have dragged a little but I have faith that the season’s endgame is gonna be spectacular.

A Bunch of random other crap:

Something called Mob Wives is on at 8:00 on VH1, it sounds pretty ridiculous. Why publicize you’re a mob wife.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is premiering on TLC at 9:00, as someone who’s very interested in Roma culture I’m thinking this might actually be cool. There’s another episode on right after the premiere.


The CW has released new extended promos for two of its new series; Ringer & The Secret Circle. 

The 3-minute promo for Ringer looks really intriguing and Gellar looks great as the twins Bridgit & Siobhan and Lost’s Nestor Carbonell looks like he’s wearing less eye-liner in this show. The promo is good, if Nikita was a stonger series they’d make a great pair – I can see why CBS tough this was a better over at li’l sis’.  

The promo for The Secret Circle is double the length, gives much detail into the mythology of the series and while it looks like it may be prone to certain high school cliches, it looks dark and brings back memories of The Craft, one of my all time favorite supernatural teen films (there are a bunch). I’m looking forward to seeing Gale Harold and Natasha Henstrige as villains. 

What’s On: The Last Day of the 2010-2011 TV Season!

It’s finally here, the end of the TV season, the day before the world goes dark, sure there’s TV on in the summer, even great TV (I’m looking at you Breaking Bad) but for TV addicts like me, the summer is like Dark Ages, I have every intention of stooping to ABC Family’s level and watching their whole summer line-up (we’ll see – Switched At Birth looks awful). But tonight is the final night, the ABC comedies end their seasons along with the crowning of the 10th American Idol (Scotty right?). Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday May 25 2011.

The Middle “Back To Summer” 8:00 on ABC

Brick, being the space cadet he is, is in danger of failing the third grade due to an assignment he let slip all year. ABC sucks so I don’t have a promo, just a wicked funny clip from the last episode with the great Atticus Schaffer.

Modern Family “The One That Got Away” 9:00 on ABC

While the second season wasn’t a grand slam like the first it was no slouch. My favourite episode of the season has to be when the kids walked in on Phil and Claire having sex, and triumphanly this season Luke has emerged as the standout from the cast (for me – we all got our faves right?). I happen to have a promo for the finale, but it’s mostly stock footage. 


Cougar Town “Something Good Coming, parts 1 & 2” 9:30 – 10:30 on ABC

The hourlong Cougar finale finds the Cul-De-Sac crew heading to Hawaii. Travis, in a spin of depression, moves to Hawaii and the gang books a group Vacay to try and get him back. I have a feeling tonight will feature a Laurie/Travis hook-up that they’ve been hinting at all season (come on you’ve noticed it too). Personally, I can’t think of anything weirder but if it gives them a reason to legitimately call it Cougar Town again, I’m down. In lieu of a promo I give you my favourite Cougar Town scene of all time!

Happy Endings “The Shershow Redemption” 10:30 on ABC

The surprise of the year as far as I’m concerned. This series is smart, sharp and funny as hell. Wayans, Coupe, Wilson and Pally are standouts and while Knighton and Cuthbert aren’t comedians like the rest but they hold their own. I love this show, it’s pick-up was such a happy ending for the season (it was between this, Mr. Sunshine and Better With You for the one ABC bubble sitcom renewal spot).

American Idol Season 10 Finale 8:00 on FOX

Scotty or Lauren? Awful producer pimping aside I think Scotty’s got it in the bag.

South Park “Crack Baby Athletic Association” 10:00 on Comedy Central

Cartman starts an athletic association for babies born addicted to crack! A-mah-zing!

The Rest:

The Real World 10:00 on MTV – BOH-RING!

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior  10:00 on CBS – This shitty spin-off ends tonight.

Workaholics 10:30 on Comedy Central – I start this tonight, for the summer is no time to be picky.

Law & Order: LA 10:00 on NBC – I laugh at NBC for ever thinking this was a smart move.

Chris Meloni leaving SVU!

When Law & Order: Special Victims Unit returns for a 13th season this fall it will return sans it’s original star Chris Meloni who was unable to reach an acceptable contract agreement with NBC.

Recently the other original anchor Mariska Hargitay renewed her contract for a scaled back 13, with the idea being that she is promoted and another female police office would be cast to take her place, in fact it was reported that producers are looking for Jennifer Love Hewitt as her possible replacement. Looks like they have to hire two new cast members.

Looks like two more actors are set to “Win the Lottery” as  Ashton Kutcher referred to it (his hiring at Two and a Half Men).

What’s On: New York Tuesday!

Sorry I skipped yesterday folks, got into an angry bird trance and it was 9:30 when it broke… we’ve all been there. Last night had the finales of House, The Chicago Code and The Event and tonight’s got Glee, and a bunch of ol’ reality shows. Here’s the haps for tonight, Tuesday May 24 2011.

Glee “New York” 9:00 on FOX

New Directions has worked very hard, dealt with a bazillion personal issues, and had to fight against a middle aged woman – that’s right, there’s a middle aged woman who’s sole purpose it seems in life is to destroy a bunch of misfit kids, destroy their spirit, when all they really have is their spirit.While wildly praised Sue Sylvester is pretty much Glee’s biggest flaw, and the attempts to humanize her have failed miserably. I can’t believe Jane Lynch left Party Down for this (fine technically she signed on to Glee first, but still…). Anyway tonight the gang heads to NYC to face Vocal Adrenaline and various other teams for the National title. Patti Lupone, Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Groff and Charice guest star. Also tonight’s ep includes a song titled ‘Still Got Tonight” which is off Matthew Morrison’s debut album and written by American Idol winner Kris Allen, along with a bevy of other NYC inspired songs/cliches. 

The Biggest Loser “Finale” 8:00 on NBC

It comes down to older white guy, those twins or sisters or whatever – I think they’re Italian and that other lady, she was friends with Courtney. Frankly it’s been a no go for me since my girl Courtney Crozier got eliminated. 

Dancing With The Stars 9:00 on ABC

Who will win the coveted(?) mirrorball. Kirstie Alley, or those two people who aren’t Kirstie Alley?

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Watch these two kids battle it out before the bloated finale tomorrow.

16 & Pregnant 10:00 on MTV – “Kayla”

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Jaw bones aren’t everything… oh wait they are..damn.

The Voice 10:00 on NBC – OVER IT!