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J’s Top 10 TV Character Deaths in 2010

Best of 2010!

Beware! Spoilers lurk below! Ye have been warned…

2010 was a bloody year. A lot of folks got offed this year, between Lost and 24 ending, it was a veritable bloodbath. Tears were shed for my friends and cheers were afforded to the deaths of my foes, and even though there were no shock style Rita moments, 2010 will still go down as a damn bloody year – with three group killings on the list, and over 40 possible deaths to choose from, network execs were trigger happy in these tough economic times. This list is not exclusive to regular cast members, Amy’s death on The Walking Dead proved you don’t need to be in the opening credits to make an impact. Here are my picks for the top 10 TV character deaths in 2010.

10. Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan) on Damages

Death by: Murder! Drowned in his toilet by Joe Tobin (Campbell Scott)

Other than Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan was the only regular stalwart of Damages ever-revolving cast, therefore the mystery of his death holds a lot of weight. Tom had a rough season; in addition to losing ass his money to the Louis Tobin (Joe’s dad played by Len Cariou), Tom Shayes was first stabbed by one of Mr. Zedeck’s (Dominic Chainese) cronies protecting the whereabouts of his cashcow, Tobin’s lawyer Leonard Winstone (Martin Short) who saves his life at the last second. Tom, bleeding, makes it home only to be ambushed by a drunk, crazed Joe Tobin – and when Tom calls Joe’s dead poppa a thief, Joe drowns him in the toilet. He later confessed to Patty, and is probably serving time – but that still doesn’t take away the sting that Damages will have two more seasons sans both the character Shayes and Donovan.

9. Talbot, Royal Consort to the Vampire King of Mississippi (Theo Alexander) on True Blood

Death by: Murder! Seduced and staked by Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard)

Eric Northman’s viking family was murdered by a Vampire leading a pack of werewolves and his father’s crown was stolen, for 1000 years he hunted that Vampire who turned out to be Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi (Denis O’Hare), so Eric infiltrated his ranks waiting to exact his revenge; to kill Russell’s family – and his family was Talbot. Talbot was the flamboyant and feisty consort who’s words can sting just as sharp as his bite. Eric won the king’s trust and one night when he was babysitting an unruly Talbot, he seduced and staked him. Talbot was only a recurring but he was a scene stealer, a fan favorite & he died in a big gay mess as seen in the NSFW clip below.

8. Ida Blankenship (Randee Heller) on Mad Men

Death by: Don Draper (according to Roger, but probably natural causes)

Roger Cooper put it best: “She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper. She was an astronaut.” Mrs. Blankenship arrived after Don took advantage of his last secretary, Joan knew she was exactly what Don needed. During her short recurring tenure as Don’s secretary she was always good for a laugh or a life lesson or both; her “It’s a business of sadists and masochists and you know which one you are.” barb to Peggy was a doozy! One of 2010’s funnier deaths, I still chuckle picturing her face down at her desk and being wheeled out covered in Harry’s blanket “My mother made that!”

7. Amy (Emma Bell) on The Walking Dead

Death by: Zombie Attack!

Technically this could count as a bloodbath as Ed was killed also, but the entire scene and my emotional reaction were all cause by Amy’s shocking death (Emma Bell, a recurring actor, was in all the promo material with the lead cast for TWD). The first sacrifice of a series which is sure to have an entry on this list every year was especially hard to stomach. Amy was about as sweet as they come, she’d been protected by her sister Andrea (Laurie Holden) but one a solo trip to the bathroom, she separated from the group and fell victim to a Zombie attack. Technically this could be considered a bloodbath (like #’s 4,2 & 1) with Ed dying and Jim getting bit, but it was Amy’s death that hit us the hardest.

6. Creighton Bernette (John Goodman) on Treme

Death by: Suicide

I never saw it coming. I saw he was in a funk, even like his wife Toni (Melissa Leo) I thought that all he needed was Mardi Gras to cheer him up. It didn’t. His videos got angrier and more dejected. He talked to his class about endings, he went for a walk, tipped Annie (Lucia Micarelli) generously, rode the ferry and bummed a smoke from a fellow passenger, and he was never seen again. Clinical depression can be that subtle I suppose, and in the wake of Katrina’s destruction I can see Bernette’s hopelessness. I find some solace however in Toni’s refusal to give Creighton a second line for his selfish act, she was still rightfully angry (hell, I’m a little angry too). I’ll miss Goodman’s Bernette next season, he was presence and stood out among Treme’s regular ensemble.

5. Renee Walker (Anne Wersching) on 24

Death by: Murder! Assassinated by a sniper

It was the last season of 24, they could have let Jack have some love; Terri Bauer, Nina Meyers, Claudia Hernandez (secret cartel lover) are dead and Audrey is in a coma or a mental hospital, it was the last season and they could of let Jack have a little love. But no, Renee gets shot by an assassin almost immediately after nailing Jack Bauer – like literally minutes post coital. Renee wasn’t the only regular to kick the bucket in season 8, Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor) and Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) got murdered too, but the timing of Renee’s gives her the edge.

4. BLOODBATH: Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner) & Charles Percy (Robert Baker) on Grey’s Anatomy

Death by: Murder! Shooting rampage by gunman Gary Clark (Michael O’Neill)

Grey’s Anatomy had sucked for 2 or 3 seasons before disgruntled widower Clark brought a gun to Seattle Grace and revitalized this dying series, which is only part of the reason for Grey’s bloodbath being this high, the other reason is the vastly different deaths experience by two recurring characters: Reed and Charles. Reed was shot in the episodes opening minutes, it was precise and sudden and set up the episode tonally. Charles was shot standing up for his profession (“Are you a surgeon?” … … “Yes” BANG), Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and a patient (Mandy Moore) do their best to save a bleeding Charles, but their plans are foiled when no power stops them from moving Percy to the OR and he dies in their arms. The way Miranda let him know his time had come still chokes me up. Charles and Reed may not have been popular but their death mark a return to quality and will thusly be remembered.

3. Jack Shepherd (Matthew Fox) on Lost

Death by: Umm… I guess overexposure to electro magnetism… and stabbed by the MIB (Terry O’Quinn)

I suppose Lost had to end with it’s star‘s death, it was very cyclical and kind of a perfect for the ending to the real life narrative. It was a beautiful scene which Fox played it perfectly. The sombre yet uplifting music along with Jack’s peace of mind in seeing the plane take off and Kate leave safe made for a fitting exit only made better by Vincent laying with Jack in the end.

2. BLOODBATH: Agent June Stahl (Ally Walker) and Jimmy O (Titus Welliver) on Sons of Anarchy

Death by: Revenge Murder! Stahl shot by Opie (Ryan Hurst) and Jimmy stabbed by Chibs (Tommy Flanagan)

Ethan Zoebelle got away and in the finale SOA made up for it. Chibs got his revenge on longtime nemesis and baby thief, Jimmy O; the man that stole his wife and kid and gave him a glasgow smile. Jimmy got the same smile before Chibs gutted the SOB, and as much as I loved Jimmy’s death, I can’t think of a character on a series I’ve wanted to die more than June Stahl. That bitch was just the worst, torturing the Club for three years, her actions lead to much bloodshed and murder. This bitch got what she deserved. Since she set in motion events that resulted in the death of his wife Donna, Opie’s had her number – once even sparring her – but not this time. Opie calmly instructed her, through cries and begs, to get in the front seat. Then he told her “This is what she felt” then he picked up the machine gun and shot her in the back of the head. Both longtime recurring enemies for the gang, both needed to go, and as Opie finally breathed, we all did, feeling the same catharsis he felt fight then. And it felt good.

1. BLOODBATH: Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) and Sun & Jin Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim & Yunjin Kim)

Death by: Murder! Sayid is blown up and Sun & Jin drown all by the bomb of The MIB (Terry O’Quinn)

We knew that in Lost’s final season, like 24’s, there was going to be death and it was going to be hard – we just didn’t know how hard. But the deaths of Sun, Jin and Sayid are still just as numbing as they were on May 4. There is a bomb on the sub, Saywer tricks the failsafe and the timer speeds up. And with “’s going to be you, Jack” Sayid takes the bomb and runs offscreen, a second later he explodes. The bomb rocks the sub and traps Sun under debris, and despite their best efforts Jin, Jack, and Sawyer cant set her free. Jin sends them away and stays with Sun, “I wont ever leave you again. I love you Sun”. The submarine descends into the sea as the score and my tears swell. Some people say Sayid’s death was overshadowed by Sun and Jin’s, but I think the opposite. In one fell swoop the MIB took out almost half the candidates, and even though they were separated by a few minutes, I feel psople seem to forget that we lost three beloved characters in just a few minutes, not since the opening minutes of season 5 of 24 has so much happened so fast and meant so much.

Honorable Mentions go to:

David Hale (Taylor Sheridan), Sons of Anarchy – Ran over by Mayans; Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson), Rubicon – Poisoned by Clay Davis; Dell Parker (Chris Lowell), Private Practive – Car Accident Injuries; Gale Boetticher (David Costabile) – Most likely shot in the face by Jesse; Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe), Brothers & Sisters – Killed in car accident.

Anyone you’re shocked I missed?  Who’s on your list?

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J’s Top Ten Guest Stars of 2010

The Gute gives a lesson in good guesting.

Best of 2010!

There are two kinds of great guest stars, people that show up once or twice, and make a lasting impression, and those who sign on for an entire recurring or guest arc, becoming intertwined into the plot of our favorite stories. It’s the right mix of a great character and perfect casting that makes certain guest stars unforgettable. A great guest spot can reignite a career (Shatner on the Practice) and sometimes even and gets ’em hired on full time (like Esposito and Huston). For the list below I have the Top 5 One Shots (one or two sporadic appearances) and the Top 5 Guest Arcs, I didn’t include anyone that got hired on full time – they got the reward of a regular gig in this economy. I also threw in my Top 5 WORST Guest Stars; banal and mundane characters or stunt casting make up that list of epic fails, but firstly; the tops.

Top 5 One-Shot Guest Stars

5. Lennie James as Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead “Days Gone Bye”

Lennie James had  a trio of guest roles; he was great as the Chance’s arch-nemesis Baptiste on Human Target and stole his scenes of HBO’s Hung as Charlie, Tanya’s pimp mentor but it was the role of Morgan Jones that stuck in my mind. Without Morgan, Rick (star, Andrew Lincoln) surely would have been a quick casualty of the zombie apocalypse. Asides from being a mentor to Rick and a good father to Duane, Morgan’s got his own baggage in the form of his recently zombified wife who he can’t bring himself to kill. James was brilliant; one part teacher, one part grieving widower and one part bad ass zombie killer.

4. Steve Guttenberg as Himself on Party Down “Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday Party”

It was only a matter of time before Veronica Mars vet Steve Guttenberg guested on Party Down (P Down is created by V Mars creator Rob Thomas). Instead of a regular catering gig, the Gang find themselves the guests at the party the Gute forgot to cancel. What stood out about Steve Guttenberg was how great of a guy he is; he told them to invite their friends, he helps Roman and with his screenplay hell – he even inadvertently gets Henry and Casey back together. It’s the best I’ve seen Guttenberg since Cocoon.

3. James Franco as Himself on 30 Rock “Klaus & Greta”

If you’ve seen the episode and recognize the picture above, you know why soap star/oscar host/potential nominee James Franco’s portrayal of himself – the James Franco who loves Kimiko (above right)

2. Mamie Gummer and Dylan Baker as Nancy Crozier and Colin Sweeney on The Good Wife “Bad”

Gummer (left) vs. Baker (second from right)

Two great one shot performances in one episode! Dylan Baker was at his absolute creepy best as Sweeney who was being charged with the murder of his wife by his step-daughter in a civil suit and he’s a riot; constantly makes jokes about killing his wife to Alicia and acting cavalier about the entire situation. And Mamie Gummer? (soon starring on Shonda Rhimes new series Off  The Map) is even more brilliant as Nancy Crozier, a rookie lawyer taking her friend Charlotte’s defense. Precocious, naive, and lucky? Hah! More like the charade of a shrewd attorney. With every hesitation and stutter, Gummer shined – not really a surprise seeing as she’s Meryl Streep’s daughter.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday on Glee “The Substitute”

I may hate what Glee has become; the saccharine, the off base song selection – but even a total hater like me can’t deny Gwyneth her dues. Holly Holliday was the perfect role for Gwyneth, hip, cool, bad without crossing the line (unlike April Rhodes) and they gave her good songs to sing (Forget You and Conjunction Junction). In 42 minutes Gwyneth gave us the complete picture of a flawed person and the closest thing Glee has come to a realistic character in a long time. Interesting Fact: Gwyneth was a term for “Cool” used by the girls in the titular crew on Ryan Murphy’s (creator) first series; Popular.

Top 5 Guest Arcs

5. Heather McComb as Agent Collier on The EVENT

The Event is absolutely ridiculous, I feel like even mentioning it in a positive way is somehow enabling it to continue to be insane, but I have to give mad props to the super-hot, Ex-Mrs. Dawson (as in Leery) Heather McComb. Her Agent Collier is bad ass; she fights, she shoots, she aids Sean Walker on his quest to answer the question; Huh?

4. Raymond J. Barry as Arlo Givens on Justified

Raymond J. Barry oozed southern creepy charm as Arlo Givens, the crook father of of a cop son. Mentioned in every episode prior to his arrival in “The Lord of War & Thunder”, Arlo was a shadow hanging over Raylan’s head long before he showed his face – and once he did we weren’t disappointed. Barry proved a formidable sparring partner for his son Raylan(Timothy Olyphant) and his thick as molasses drawl made me love him even when he was about to betray his son to the Miami Cartel. Best cast parent of the year.

3. James Frain as Franklin Mott on True Blood

James Frain has never been better than here as Franklin, the psychopath private detective OBSESSED with Tara. Set on Sookie’s path by Russell (Denis O’Hare) he became infatuated with Rutina Wesley’s foulmouthed bartender – and once he did, he tied her up and MADE her love him – literally DEATH did them part, and the whole time Frain had us riveted the whole time.

2. Gretchen Mol as Gillian Darmody on Boardwalk Empire

A decade ago Mol was touted as the new It girl but for some reason or another she never quite took off. With Gillian, Mol is able to flex her wings playing the dedicated friend, the protective mother and grandmother (at 38!), the showgirl, and the gun moll (pun INtended!) and she does it all with a delicate softness that hides a fierce Momma Grizzly. Mol makes sure Gillian is a rich character, an unapologetic harlot, and a strong woman.

1. Scott Porter as Blake Calamar on The Good Wife

On a show as original as The Good Wife, it makes sense the a character as complex as Kalinda Sharma would need a formidable rival to spar with, and coming off a year of giving her Emmy material, they didn’t disappoint in Blake Calamar, an investigator brought into the firm with new partner Derrick Bond (Michael Ealy, who also deserves notice for his great job) has attempted to mess with Kalinda since day one causing mayhem in a sadistic game of one-upmanship (which Blake started, he called her Leela first – check the interview clip below) Porter has established Blake as a force to be reckoned with; he’s good looking, charming, smart, creative and violent – I’d pray for him to get a contract and stick around, but I get the feeling that Chicago isn’t big for both him and Kalinda.

And before we get to the worst, I wanna give serious honorable mentions to David Costabile as Walter’s cooking assistant Gale Boetticher on Breaking Bad, Jan Hooks as Verna on 30 Rock, Martha Plimptoni n Fringe and as Edie in How To Make It In America, Timothy Olyphant for The Office and Katie Cassidy as Juliet Sharpe on Gossip Girl.

The 5 Worst Guest Stars of 2010

The 5 people below had no business going anywhere near these roles, which in most cases were probably terrible to begin worth. A worst guest stars embrace the unholy trinity of bad casting, obnoxious character and parasitic quality (how much they invade on our favorite series like a parasite), and the 5 guest stars below still have me wishing they’d just not bothered.

5. Britney Spears as various drug induced hallucinations of herself Glee “Britney/Brittany I was so disappointed in how Ryan Murphy and Co. wasted Ms. Spears’ guest spot. Save for one hilarious fantasy where she was a student, the guest with the most promise, potential for biting commentary or wacky comedy fell entirely flat.

4. Michael Benjamin Washington as Donald Jordan in 30 Rock “Chain of Mental Anguish” 30 Rock may be one of the most consistent comedies on TV but this everything is wrong with this character, including Washington’s pouty, whiny performance of Tracy’s fake son who’s two years older than him.

3. Leven Rambin as Sloane Riley on Grey’s Anatomy Talk about terrible children – If Rambin accomplished anything in her arc as Mark Sloan’s daughter, she really made us feel for the poor guy – all he wants is a family and he’s stuck with a selfish, childish parasite who teases him with the prospect of family, like it’s leverage to get stuff from her father. Part of me would like to hope it was just bad writing, but I watched Scoundrels this summer on ABC and Rambin was dreadful there as a selfish teen too. Its just terrible casting; she kicked ass on Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles as a time-traveling freedom fighter.

2. Betty White as June Bauer on Community “Anthropology 101” I’m all for the Betty White craze;  I was there when David E. Kelley figured it out with Practice and Boston Legal character, murderer Catherine Piper, but this is too unfunny, too late. As a wacky urine drinking anthropology professor, White wields a crossbow and contributes to her own overexposure.

1. Hiroyuki Sanada and John Hawkes as Dogen and Lennon on Lost No single aspect of Lost’s final season frustrated me more than these two characters. In the last season, what could have been an opportunity to give us some final time to explore The Others at their true base was wasted on a cryptic Japanese mystic and his mouth piece. I would gladly give them the top two spots, but that would dignify their performances as separate – which they are most certainly not. Sanada’s Dogen was nothing more than a cartoon, stroking his beard and making big eyes and Hawkes – who nailed it in my fave Deadwood and a guest spot in the Eastbound and Down finale – dressed in a five dollar hippie costume and acted as Sanada’s translator because Dogen doesn’t like the way english tastes on his tongue (SO STUPID). As bad as Nikki and Paolo in my opinion.

Well that it for guest star list in 2010, anyone that stick out in your memory that evaded mine?

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The Walking Dead Recap “Well your head ain’t”


Whew…. we call all breathe a little easier now that The Walking Dead has finished it’s first season. It was by no means the most exciting finale, in fact despite the presence of a large BANG; season 1 went out with more a whimper. It was a smaller more self contained introspective episode.Taking the people away from the danger for a moment, letting them relax was another great way to explore our characters in another environment. Like last week there isn’t exactly much to say in terms of deep analysis but I do have a few notes.

At least he tried… – I think it was pretty much public consensus that we thought Shane lied to Lori in saying Rick was dead. The opening of the finale gave us a flashback to Shane amidst the outbreak in the hospital trying to save Rick – he tried to carry him, he listened to his chest, he blocked him in when he couldn’t save him. I think we can all agree that Shane tried to save Rick – which is nice because after what happened later; we could use a reason to like him. It was a tense scene and Bernthal sold every second of it.

Drunky Brewster – The best scene of the night was the wine drinking in the CDC. It was a very AMC scene, the kind that resonates in an episode of Breaking Bad or Mad Men. I also was a fan of the focus shifting to Carl for a moment, until now he’s been mostly a prop. But more entertaining than the drinking itself was what happened after…

Insane in the Membrane – Unlike its source material we went to the history of the outbreak from Dr. Jenner’s perspective. His story – his tragic story and then we witnessed the transformation of a brain from living to geek, along with helpful Jenner narration. It was insanely cool – until we found out TS-19 was his wife, a brilliant doctor who worked alongside him at the CDC.

Shower Time – There was a montage of the main characters in their first hot showers in a long time. Glenn and T-Dog were all praise, Lori and Rick were all steam; Andrea was sobbing on the floor and Shane was seething with rage with his bottle in hand. It was another nice window into our characters – we’re at our most personal in the shower.

In-shane in the membrane – Shane used his shower time to get drunker which led to a confrontation in the rec room with Lori, where he told her the circumstances of what we saw earlier in the hospital and when she rebuffed his advances – he got a little violent. And Lori got violent back, grabbing and digging her nails into his neck – Carol she is not. I don’t think Shane would have went there – at least not yet. But if Rick’s happy family is rubbed in his face for a while longer I see it happening.

There Will Be (a little) Blood – I knew there was going to be some blood spilt in “TS-19” but I was really hoping to see some zombie killing violence. In the end asides from Dr. Jenner, we lost Jacqui played by Jeryl Prescott Sales (left). I liked Jacqui, and her decision to stay behind in the CDC as it self destructed made perfect sense to me, “the air would be set on fire” there would be no pain and you could tell as they panned and cut from survivor to survivor everyone of them at least considered it for a minute. T-Dog’s face as she said good bye was perfect.

Andrea and Dale – Do I get the sense of a romance blooming? I do! Andrea decided to stay like Jacqui in the CDC and Dale had none of it. Dale had said before that Amy and Andrea were the only people he cared for after his wife died, so he stayed put with Andrea in the CDC. This moment provided Jeffrey DeMunn with his second chance to bust his acting chops this season (the other was Faulkner by the Fire); it was a great moment.

Lost in Translation ending – The stand-off inside the CDC with the impending blast was maddeningly intense. Even though we know that all our characters weren’t going to get blown up – watching the pleas for life just wash over a stoic Jenner’s face drove me crazy. In the end he opened it and let the people escape – but before he did he whispered a secret in Rick’s ear. Wonder how long we’ll have to wait till we figure out what that was.

Grenade – And when they went upstairs there still stood some pretty durable glass – bulletproof, axe proof, general mischief proof – DURABLE!  What it can’t stand up against is a grenade. More specifically; the lone old school grenade that Rick picked up in episode 2 (I had totally forgotten about the grenade). At a time when it was needed most, Carol presented Rick with his grenade and therefore a way out of the fortress like CDC. Rick’s face lighting up was kind of exhilarating and soon they were out filing into their caravan. And with a few seconds left, Dale and Andrea jumped out the blast window too and the CDC was blown to bits.

It was a solid ending had it been cancelled after this season, it’s similar to SOA’s ending minus the catharsis, we are free to start next season with fresh hearts and minds.

So now that the first season is complete lets take a moment to think back and remember the people we’ve lost – kind of like the Survivor finale walk through the field of extinguished torches.

Well that’s it for this brilliant but ultimately too short first season – we lost a few good men and women but if you’re like me and comic book creator Robert Kirkman – you wished it was more…

ALSO! A huge big ups to Season one MVP – Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus. He is hands down the person you’d want by your side in the Zombiepocalypse, he’s funny and dangerous and quite possibly the greatest addition to source material Darabont has ever done (He’s famous for it – the music scene in Shawshank is the best example). Here’s hoping Reedus gets hired full time for next season.

What did you guys think about the finale? Did you also wish it had more bang for it’s buck or were you satisfied with the theatrics?

See you next season!

What’s On: Sunday

I don’t know about all of you but I woke up to a window full of icy white, just another reason on top of the plenty good reasons below to stick inside tonight. We got penultimates, ultimates, and Katy Perry – here are out recommendations for tonight, Sunday December 5, 2010.

The Simpsons “The Fight Before Christmas” 8:00 on FOX

This would be a typical three stories Simpson’s episode, if it weren’t for guest Martha Stewart… and the appearance of a live Katy Perry in a sequence that has the Simpsons and friends as puppets. Remember when Katy Perry was pulled from Sesame Street cause she was too boobalicious? I do. EW has exclusive clips, I have sesame street…


Boardwalk Empire “A Return to Normalcy” 9:00 on HBO

As a reader pointed out last week in the comments section, Boardwalk Empire is handicapped by it’s need for that extra dimension of character which sometimes translates to artsy scenes that borderline on boring. I like Boardwalk Empire, quite a bit actually; the characters and performances are top notch, the dialogue is tight and authentic and the sets and costumes are probably the best in television. It just needs a little pacing work next season. Tonight’s finale’s title is a reference to Warren G. Harding’s inaugural speech which is fitting as tonight’s episode deals with the upcoming elections. Also in Chicago, Torrio acts as peacemaker with huge consequences and because this is Boardwalk Empire (HBO says); “Jimmy ponders his future, as do Margaret, Agent Van Alden and Eli.” Here’s the promo for tonight’s episode written by series mastermind, Terence Winter.


The Walking Dead “TS-19” 10:00 on AMC

WOW! What a season, huh? The only thing preventing this from being the series of the year is that is was just too damn short. But in only six episodes total (half an average cable season) the Walking Dead was able to take us places that frankly I didn’t think TV could go. Tonight strays from the comic considerably as we delve into the origins of the zombie apocalypse which the funny pages never touched. I don’t need to go on – I’ll gush to high hell tomorrow. Here are the promos!

But no folks, that ain’t all – here’s the rest:

The Amazing Race 8:00 CBS – Down to the final four tonight.

The Cleveland Show 8:30 FOX – Tonight is an hourlong special of Seth MacFarlane’s worst series. It’s not terrible by any means – it’s just not…umm.. good.

Dexter 9:00 Showtime – There are two episodes left and two enemies that require vanquishing, Jordan Chase – the self help guru/murderer played with a cunning sly by Jonny Lee Miller and Liddy – the shamed cop Quinn (Robocop himself Peter Weller) had investigate Dexter. I would guess tonight deals with the latter of the two – which is great with me Weller has been kicking ass and taking names this season. Also in case you haven’t heard – Dexter got a renewal for season 6.

Desperate Housewives 9:00 ABC – Paul’s mysterious plan gets revealed. Sweet! Also is it just me or is there normally a disaster on the lane by now?

American Dad 9:30 Fox – Jeff and Hayley move in to the Smith house and Stan gets jury duty.

Brothers and Sisters 10:00 ABC – You know when you’ve broken up with someone and at first you’re unsure if it was the right decision but a few months later you realize your ex is a loser and you absolutely made the right decision? That’s how I feel with my break-up with this shitshow.

CSI: Miami 10:00 CBS – David Caruso solves crimes in a hummer.

Check back tomorrow for recaps and reviews.

The Walking Dead Recap “I know how the safety works”

I thought with Lost being over, I wouldn’t get the chance to experience a classic penultimate set-up episodes. This isn’t a criticism, setup episodes are usually pretty decent; just not much really happens – and that was the case last night with Wildfire, the fifth and second last episode of the Walking Dead this season.

It’ll be interesting to see how Wildfire holds up against more episodes in the future, but even though not much really went down, there were a lot of great scenes last night – which goes to show that if they dispense with action for a week, they make up for it with great character scenes.

Poor Jim, he’s been having a rough week. It took almost no time for Jacqui to notice he was bleeding, and even less time for her to Narc on him – don’t get me wrong, I would have done it too. Within seconds he was surrounded and he lifted up his shirt to reveal a nice clean chomp in his stomach.

Darryl went around pick-axing the heads of anything on the ground, barely hiding his glee, lamenting how they deserved this for what was done to Merle. Carol wanted to take care of Ed “I’ll do Ed, he’s my husband” and Darryl gave her the pickax. Watching Carol go to town on Ed’s head was one of the most satisfying moments of the season, she chopped away at his skull like a rotting melon. I giggled when the blood and brains hit the camera.

As much as I enjoyed Carol disposing of Ed, I agonized watching Andrea with Amy. It was some of the most gut-wrenching stuff I’d ever seen. Andrea stood vigil over her sister, and told Dale how she was never really there for Amy, Dale told Andrea how since his wife passed, they were the only people he cared for – love connection brewing? Anyways Andrea sat by her sister’s corpse waiting for her chance to say goodbye. I agree with Darryl about dispensing with the dead quick, but what is one walker really going to do…

Soon we heard shallow gasps coming from Amy, her arms and fingers started to move and then her eyes opened – her dead, glassy, vacant eyes (seriously good job makeup/effects team!). Andrea looked into her sister’s nasty zombie eyes and apologized for never being there. Amy sniffed and investigated the sobbing Andrea like a baby animal for a few moments before Andrea pulled her close into a hug and blew her brains out.

The rest of the episode focused on body disposal and making their next move, although the latter was merely a back drop to highlight the Rick-Lori-Shane awkward love triangle. Rick wants to go to the CDC which is on the outskirts of Atlanta, Shane wants to go in the other direction to an army base. Lori sided with Rich to piss off Shane, who then also sided with Rick to throw off Lori, it was all very calculating and weird and culminated with Shane contemplating murdering an unsuspecting Rick while on patrol. He probably would have too if Dale hadn’t come along. Shane isn’t handling the crumbling of his cute little post-apocalyptic suburban fantasy well is he?

The plan is set, they’re going to try to go to the CDC, but before they leave, Rick has to speak to his Boyfriend Morgan on the dream phone. Fine – maybe not exactly that, but it’s odd to me how much faith Shane put in Morgan being alive and listening. The dude had the chance to come with you, he chose not to, and now you wake up every morning to talk to him at Dawn. I got it at first, the dude saved your life, taught you the ways of the zombie world, but I think with giving him the guns, you’re even, the dawn walkie dates is overboard.

Here was also when the Morales family disbanded from the group to seek out their kin in another state. Frankly, if it were my family Rick was constantly putting in danger, I might wanna split off and leave too. Sophia saying goodbye to Eliza was actually really touching and cute.

So the caravan drove to the CDC, the music was intense and ominous, and it was right here where the parallels to Lost’s penultimate set-up episodes became very clear. At the close of every season, as it winds down, the castaways would make a trek across the island to some important location where the finale action will take place, this was the exact same thing, and believe it or not, it evoked the same emotional reaction. This is the end people…

Jim had been going through the transformation, dipping in and out of lucidity, bones feel like glass, it looked like hell. When the RV temporarily broke down, he’d had enough and requested to be left on the side of the road. People said their goodbye’s, it was pretty rough… as sure sign that the road ahead on the walking dead will be paved with it’s characters blood. Jeryl Prescott (Jacqui) was especially great in this scene, her breaking down in the doorway of the RV was heart-wrenching, an original character of the TV series (i.e. not in the comics; like the Dixons) I hope she sticks around for a while.

When we came back from the next commercial, we were inside the CDC with Noah Emmerich from the Truman Show, doing his best video diary crazy. We finally got a little time context, 194 days since Wildfire (most likely the outbreak) and 63 days since it went global. We also saw a lab accident that destroyed the best sample of Ts-19 (also the title of next week’s finale), apparently a real tragedy, as the good CDC doctor had been on the verge of a cure. All that combined with roughly 3 months of isolation was enough to have him declare “I think tomorrow I’m gonna blow my brains out… hard to decide… but tonight, I’m getting drunk”

Soon the gang arrived at the CDC and made their way through the maze of rotting corpses to the doors. It looked abandoned. They were screwed. But from the inside the drunk doctor saw them and wouldn’t let them in. The dead started to stagger towards the group and Rick pounded on the door screaming

“YOU’RE KILLING US”. I honestly thought he wasn’t gonna let them in. But in the final moments of the episode, the door opened and an almost god like bright light emanated from inside. They were saved.

Normally I’m able to go on for another thousand words, So I’d have to say this was probably the weakest entry yet, but still better than most TV has to offer. I have a feeling next week will be a huge bat-shit crazy blood finale. I hope so.

What did you guys think of “Wildfire” ?, season’s weakest or future gem?

The Walking Dead Recap “I remember my dream now…”

“…Why I dug the holes”

The Walking Dead went 4 for 4 last night with another thrilling episode. Was it the best yet? I don’t know – a solid argument could be made for each episode thus far. Here’s what I do know – “Vatos” was superb. It was genuinely scary. And it was sad. For the first time in 4 episodes of a Zombie show – people died by Zombie. And it wasnt just redshirts either. The straggling survivors group lost Ed (not a huge loss) and Amy the sweet blonde who we barely got to know. This was a packed episode so lets get down to it.

Vatos started with the A sisters goin’ fishin’ at the waterin’ hole (sorry) where they began to argue about which knots to tie – a skill taught by their father. We got to learn a little about the sisters – asides from them being 12 years apart – mainly through them reminiscing about their fishing and arguing about knots. When Andrea would fish with their father; what they caught they kept but with Amy; they’d throw them back. They cried when they realized that he had done that to tailor the experience to each of his children – acknowledging their differences.  I knew this scene was setting me up for something, I though possibly to accentuate their differences; to emphazie the character’s change or arc when it occurs. I had an inkling that death was upon us (but certainly not for the opening credit featured Laurie Holden who plays Andrea) but I quickly buried those thoughts in the back of my mind. The teaser ended as we flashed up to Dale observing the girls in the boat and then over to Jim on the hill top… just digging.

NOTE: I love the way the theme song starts in the last few seconds of the teaser – LOVE! For some reason it really gets me pumped for the show. Degrassi: The Next Generation does it. Psych does it too. And I love it.

The episode had two main plots – one back at camp and one in Atlanta. We’ll start in Atlanta, back on the roof where we ended last week. With T-Dog (stupid frakkin name), Darryl, Glenn, Rick and Merle Dixon’s hand. Darryl in some morbid attempt at preservation asks Tdog for a Doorag (hilarious), wraps up the hand and puts it in Glenn’s pack. Gross. They follow the trail of blood into the kitched where there was evidence that he cotterized his stump. Tough bastard. Darryl put it best – no one kills Merle but Merle. The plan was set – get the guns first, then search for Merle. Glenn made a map of the are and organized the plan of weaving and dodging through city blocks. I love when people use things around them to illustrate a plan. Darryl and Glenn had the best exchange of the night here: “hey kid, what’d you do before all this” “Delivered Pizzas” HA! Perfect.  In the zombie apocalypse Pizza Deliverers will rise up and save us. Thank God Dominos!

The plan was perfect, until Darryl came into contact with a kid, a latin street gang member, who just looked scared and screamed. This was actually kind of funny. His screaming paid off as his gangmates (right word for that?) drove up to save him. There was a scuffle, in which Glenn was kidnapped, Rick got the bag of guns (AND HIS AWESOME HAT) and the kid was stuck with Rick and Co.

Rick took the kid into the Dept store, and terrified him by using Merle’s hand, threatening to cut off his feet. It was comic gold. Darryl Dixon is a creation of the series, he’s absent of the source material – and a really good indication of the writers’ abilities to know when to stick to the source material and when to create anew. Like Alan Ball not killing Lafayette like he was in the True Blood books. He realized he had gold and he ran with it. Well the hand did the trick and the kid spilled the beans on their leader; Guillermo.

They went to Guillermo to trade the Kid for Glenn but G was having none of that. This tough sonofabitch wanted the bag of guns too. Either come with the guns or come back locked and loaded. Well they came back locked and loaded and entered into a Mexican Standoff with the gang. A Mexican standoff that ended with interruption by the cutest grandmother on television.

I really didn’t see the twist coming. It’s a testement to the writer’s room just how surprising the series can be. I was prepared to find the Vatos to be a gang akin to Gunn’s gang on Angel, but the streetgang in reality is a group of survivors, mostly old folks, held up in a retirement home. Like a building within a building, a fortress, when the undead began to rise, the staff abandoned leaving Felipe, a nurse and the defacto leader Guillermo, a custodian. There they stay taking care of the old people and surviving. Rick, Darryl and Tdog looked about as astonished as I did. Rick ended up leaving with Glenn but giving up some guns (there’s that socialist attitude I was clamoring for last week!). With victory in their pockets they returned to the van (on the way having my 2nd fave exchange of the night. Darrryl: “Admit it. You only came back to Atlanta for the hat.” Rick “Don’t tell anybody”) but when they got there they found the van was missing. Merle. Shit.

Back at camp in the hills Dale was worried about Jim and his feverish digging, so he narcs to Sheriff Shane, who fresh off his beating of Ed, tries to take a more diplomatic approach with Jim. Acting a camp counselor or kindergarten wrangler with futile condescending attempts to reach him; Come on Jim. Take a break. Have some water. You digging to China… He won’t say why he’s digging (it should have been obvi that they were graves but whatev) but does share he managed to escape becuase the dead were to busy eating his wife and sons. Ouch.

Sheriff Shane tied him to a tree for the day; a fair punishment. Let him calm down. They tried to ask him again why he was digging. He said he had a dream, he could barely remember. Carl was there – he was worried about his dad but that’s pretty much all he remembered. I can’t begin to imagine what Jim went through, but Andrew Rothenberg wore Jim’s whole experience on his sleeve with his telling of Lori to never let Carl out of her sight (More forshadowing to Amy’s death). He was perfect and I hope he sticks around for a while.

Elsewhere, Andrea was asking procurer Dale for wrapping paper, it’s Amy’s birthday tomorrow (Fine. I did see it coming. I just refused to believe it.) and she’s going to give her the Mermaid necklace she pilfered in the second episode.

Shane and Carl went to untie Jim and ask him if he wanted to join the fishfry (Andrea and Amy had caught a bunch of fish). Jim was totally creepy here. I would not have untied him. But I am not Sherrif Shane.

And wow, the number Shane did on Ed’s face. Grilled Cheezus that looked rough. Ed wanted Sophia and Carol to stay with him rather then fishfry, but Carol let her go and Ed turned over in bed like a big ol’ sourpuss.

Meanwhile Rick and Co. are jogging back to camp. What? They can’t steal another car? Really. Fine.

At the fishfry Morales asked Dale why he winds his watch every day. It’s a fair question; as Jacqui pointed out – the world has pretty much ended or at least hit a speed bump for a while. Dale quoted Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury – “I give you a mausoleum of all hope and denial which will fit your individual need no better than it did mine or my fathers before me – I give it to you not that you may remember time so that you may forget it for a moment now and then and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it” Indicitive of Dale’s character, if not exactly fitting of the series – the quote basically proves Jacqui’s point – of there really being none to keeping time. Amy summed it up with an astute “you’re weird” before getting up to pee.

And again. I saw it coming but didn’t want to believe it – but after everything Jim said about never letting someone out of their sight – I knew what was about to happen. Ed heard some rustling outside his tent. He thought it was Carol or Sophia so he called out – now when he got no answer he should have known it was zombies – but no he kept hollering till his face got eaten.

That’s when Amy stepped out of the RV and got her arm bit. The moment was surreal the first time I watched it (yeah I watched the whole sequence again right after – it was that good) almost as if it happened in slow motion. I was thinking  – if a person sustains an injury like Amy’s and immediately chopped her arm off – would they turn? Probably. Amy’s screams sent the camp into a frenzy where on top of Ed (Adam Minorovich) and Amy we lost a few redshirts. The scene was scary, heightened by the violence and quck editing cuts it played out like a zombie smashing opera. Shane went a blazin’ with his gun, Jim went choppin’ with his axe; and Morales was swingin’ like DeNiro’s Capone. It was all too late for Amy though as a Zombie bit into her juicy neck flesh. Andrea ran to her dying sister after Jim dispatched with the Zombie that killed her. And it was time for the series’ first (and certainly not last) gut-wrenchingly sad death scene.

As Andrea looked down at her sister, she said the same thing we’d all be thinking in that situation; “Oh Amy… I don’t know what to do”. What could she possibly do. It killed me. Andrea’s sobs ruined me; the whole thing was so difficult to watch but on the bright side I am becoming a Laurie Holden fan – so I guess that’s something. I though the first scene was setting up character arcs for both sisters, but really Amy’s entire purpose in the series was to set up Andrea as the female Protagonist, she is much more likeable and sympathetic than Lori.

The episode ended with Jim; “I remember my dream now… Why I dug all the holes. And they panned out to show a field of dead. Wow. Minor gripes aside, the Walking Dead is 4 for 4. Next week is the penultimate episode called Wildfire. There’s a promo below and here’s a link to an EW interview with Robert Kirkman, the comic creator and writer of Last Nights episode.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Is the Walking Dead 4 for 4 in your books too?

Till Next week!

Walking Dead Recap “I’ll beat you to death Ed”

          Halfway into it’s unreasonably short first season, The Walking Dead is now 3 for 3, and on it’s way to being the best series of 2010. Last night’s episode “Tell It to the Frogs” delivered a solid hour of quality tv. We got some insight into how the survivor camp works and a little more insight into what lead to the strain on Lori and Rick’s marriage. This series is getting very good at revealing their characters traits through story and action, characters dont have Grey’s Anatomy’s style monologues (well… Merle), we learn who they are by the way they handle even the most menial tasks.

         We started this week with Merle Dixon, still handcuffed to the roof. He was alone, scared and dehydrated. Lamenting his life, praying, as the Geeks tried to push through the chained door, using his belt to try and reach the tools (revealed to be Dale’s tools) that got knocked over in the previous episode. Now, when the tool box got knocked over last week, my first thought was; “He’s gonna SAW off his hand, SAW STYLE”, but this week it didnt even occur to me that he could reach it or that… well, we’ll get to there…

          Back in the Hills, Shane was ejoying a nice family moment with his surrogate family. It was cut short when the alarm from Glenn’s stolen car came into earshot. They were back. Glenn pulled up to a non to plussed Shane and disabled the alarm (they neednt worry, the sound bounced off the hills, Geeks can’t pinpoint it.) Now that Glenn was back the white truck was not far behind. We knew what was coming, those of us invested in the characters and their fates had time to emotionally prepare.

          The white truck was like the dove Noah sent from the ark to find land, and it returned with a whole lot more than an olive branch. While Amy was reunited with Andrea, and Morales with his family, Lori lead Carl away. It wasn’t until Glenn attributed their escape to the “new guy” and told Shane; “he’s a cop, like you” that people took notice of Rick. First Shane, in utter disbelief; like he saw a ghost and then Carl and Lori. It was reunion time.

           Families reunited is a television staple, and the Walking Dead get a 9 out of 10, only losing a point for the ridiculously out of place Atl-rock theme that played over the reunion. It felt like a CW series episode ending montage song. But asides from the distracting music, it was a great scene. I give so much credit to Lincoln and Callies. When Rick first lays his eyes on his wife and child, that first second, a wave hits him. You can see it. For a moment he’s not sure if he even believes what he’s seeing, like they’re a cruel mirage. But then as the reality sets in, as his son runs to his arms, he loses it… and I’m not embaressed to say I did too. (Well a little embaressed…)

           Callies’ Lori is so hard to read; which has been a real treat so far. She has a Jennifer Tilly poker face. But last night when she saw Rick, she cracked. She tried to look happy, for Carl, for Rick, but all I saw was a confused woman trying to hide her guilt.

          With everyone reunited, the gang gathered around the fire to summarize the Atlanta expedition. Rick thanked Shane for saving his family, Shane looked as if he had been gutted by Mother Teresa. We also got to meet some more of the Survivors, like family Ed, Carol and Sophia. We were introduced to them as Ed was breaking a rule (fire stays only embers – dont matter how cold it is), and Shane got up to deal with it. I can understand Shane, his entire existence has been threatened by the appearance of Rick, who I feel has more of an antagonistic relationship with Shane; almost Salieri-esque. Rick can do what Shane does, but in a more suave, Raylan Givens sorta way. Shane feeling his dominance threatened showed Rick and the other people who’s boss and what kind of boss he is. He threatened Ed in front of his family before kindly apologizing to his wife and daughter. And the log left the fire, and Shane’s manhood was intact… for now.

          The Grimes family retired to their tent. Lincoln and Callies’ chemisty was a little weak in my opinion, but maybe it was meant to be. They didnt recount how they got there, they didn’t dwell on what had happened. It was all future. My only problem with this scene was that Rick kinda showed himself not to be the greatest detective. When he and Lori were getting ready to have sex, he asked her about Carl. “He won’t wake up” she responded. If I were Rick, my first question would have been; “Umm.. How do you know?” Oops. Lori let it slip she knows Carl will sleep through post-apocalypse reunion sex, and Rick didnt realize a thing. As they made love we cut to Shane sitting guard in the rain, watching their tent. The sky doing all his crying for him. 

           Rick couldn’t enjoy the reunion fully. Now that he knew his family’s safe, he can focus on the asshole racist redneck he left chained to the roof in the ATL. At the fire he was warned of Merle’s crazy brother, Daryl currently on a fishing trip. We met Daryl (Norman Reedus) the next day when the camp mobilized to kill a Walker that had wandered into the forest for some venison (decapitation doesnt kill, must penetrate brain). Now I’ve enjoyed Reedus in about everything he’s done. He’s amazing the Boondock Saints and even in the terrible and little seen Gossip. Here he’s cast perfectly. He has the right combination of redneck crazy and seething antihero. Daryl was not too please his brother was left to dehydrate to death on the roof of a building. But you could see a part of him understood, he knows his brother.

           After T-Dog (yup, still feels ridiculous to even type his name) ensured that Merle was alive, Daryl was rearin’ to go. “Just tell me where he is” and then came the moment that was by far the most revealing of Lori and Rick’s marriage, with just three words Lori summed up everything that she hated about Rick. “He’ll show you” Three words delivered cold and emotionless. Lori had been through hell, manipulated, scared and running for her life, she sure thought things might change after the Zombiepocalypse, but somethings (and people) never change.

           No one at the camp understood Rick’s decision. Shane asked how he couldrisk his life for a douchebag. “Watch your words” Daryl told him. “No, I did. Douchebag’s what I meant.” Then Rick started throwing excuses for leaving his family around like confetti. First it was the guns and ammo he cleaned out of the police station. The tribe must be running low, but even the mentality concerning Merle seems to be; “he’s not worth one of your lives; even with guns thrown in”. Okay…guns isn’t good enough… ummm…. ummm… Oh yeah I gave a walkie to this guy that saved me and the only  other one that can talk to it is in the bag…so I have to get it….I promised. I get the feeling that both the guns and the walkie were excuses, justifications so Rick could feel good about going. Call me selfish, but I dont think any circumstance could have dragged me away from that camp once I was there, especially not Merle. And then Rick pulled the dick move of the night… he asked Carl if he could go. Really? You’re gonna ask a ten year old if the father he thought was dead can leave again to go rescue a racist psychopath. Rick’s selfishness shone here like a lighthouse, his need to be a martyr. Martyrdom is usually clung to by those that NEED its recognition, and that is Rick.  Armed with 4 bullets, one per rescuer (T-Dog felt guilty so he joined but Rick recruited Glenn using guilt. Again what a dick.) off they went to rescue Merle, and in doing so Rick was able to demonstrate to the camp what truly sets him apart from Shane.

           As they were prepping to go we also got to understand a little more about how the camp works. Rick asked Dale for his bolt cutters, they’d need them to free Merle. Now, maybe I live in a fantasy world, but if I were living in a post-apocalypse tribe, after the fall of the government and the economy, I think I’d share. I wouldn’t ask for an arm, a leg, a car, your firstborn, and whatever else Dale requested. It just seems a little nuts to cling to menial posessions at a time like that.

          Lori asked Carl if he was worried; he wasn’t. “Everything that’s happened to him so far… nothing’s killed him yet.” TV children are always so succinct.

           The next day we got another glimpse into survivor camp life as the camp went down to the ol’ waterin’ hole. Shane was trying to teach Carl to catch frogs while a group of women (Jacqui, Amy, Andrea and Carol ) did laundry by the shore. Staring at Shane playing around, and Ed sitting on his ass, Jacqui mused over the division of labour in the camp before launching into the typical “roughing it” conversation of what they missed the most. Jacqui = her coffee maker, Amy = texting. Andrea and Carol = Vibrators. It was a rare funny moment, reminding us that even in the face of death, life goes on. The ladies were laughing and bonding, which for some reason really pissed off Ed. He started to hover, much to the ladies’ chagrin.

          Meanwhile Lori storms to the hole in a rage to find Carl playing with Shane. She puts a stop to it immediately and sends Carl back to Dale. Lori was pissed. She made it clear, in no uncertain terms that Shane was to stay as far away from her family as possible. It was then that it was revealed that Shane told Lori Rick was dead. He lied, and in doing so set the foundations for their relationship. I think Lori has genuine feelings for Shane, she’s just conflicted becuase she knows those feelings were spun from lies. 

          Ed kept hovering closer and closer. In the real world Ed might never have come across a woman like Andrea, he’d have remained protected from women with brains. The women had had enough and started to goad Ed who demanded that Carol leave with him, they mobilized in seconds, Andrea right in his face. “Don’t think I won’t knock you on your ass just cause you some college educated coos, alright?” and then he swing his paw and smacked Carol right in the kisser. To the moon Alice went.

           Shane feeling alone and rejected had the perfect surrogate for Rick. Ed was at the wrong place at the wrong time, Shane was a timebomb;  it could have been anyone. Shane charged and grabbed Ed, threw him on the ground and started punching him in the face. A lot. Ed was just the punching bag Shane needed. Those women really wanted him beat, because they didn’t even try to stop Shane until after he had punched Ed 12 times. TWELVE punches in the face before they spoke up. He must have realyl deserved it. It was another 7 till he actually stopped and looked into Ed’s pathetic bloodied eyes and told him; if he finds another bruise on Ed’s wife or daughter ever “I’ll beat you to death Ed” That was not a threat he meant it. Shane released Ed and backed away still fuming as the scene faded out to Carol’s cries of I’m sorry to her mess of a husband.

          We ended last night with the Rescue Squad back in the ATL on the hunt for ammo and Merle. Merle was on tap first, but when the rescue team arrived they found instead; an empty hadcuff and a lone right hand. Even though they had foreshadowed this from the beginning, it still took me by surprise. I half expected him to be there tired and thirsty and half expected him to be dead.

          Damn this is good TV. I’m inclined to say I like it more than Mad Men or Breaking Bad, but maybe as a genre fan it’s just so rare for me to see television hande it with care, I looks past it’s flaws I was able to with Lost and Battlestar Galactica.

           Well that’s it for this week, like I said earlier the season’s halfway finished. See you back here next week for a recap of “Vatos” (1×04) which is written by the creatorof the comic Robert Kirkman. Here is an EW interview his reaction to last night’s episode. The promo is below!