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Will Rob Mariano win the title that’s eluded him 3 previous times? I’d sure like him to, but I have a feeling he’s made too many enemies and for the second time he’s gonna lose for the same reason. But who know’s if he’ll even make it, with 8 people still in contention for the title and the million it’s anyone’s game – well not Natalie’s. Depserate Housewives also closes their seventh season tonight, a season that’s been better than the last few with much thanks to the many season one throwbacks. With new episodes of The Killing, Game of Thrones and Fox’s animated series, it’s a jam packed rainy sunday. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Sunday May 15, 2011.

The Best:

American Dad “Flirting With Disaster” 7:30 on FOX

Francine gets a job at the CIA which you would think would put a stop to Stan’s flirting, but instead it becomes a flirting competition between the competitive couple. Fox usually doesn’t post promos so enjoy!

Season Finale Alert!
Survivor: Redemption Island “Seems Like A No-Brainer” 8:00 and “Reunion” 10:00 on CBS

Rob, Philip, Natalie, Ashley and Matt, Andrea, Mike and Grant. I want Rob to win, but I mean – he should have won All-Stars. I hope Matt doesn’t make it back in from the redemption crew, he drives me absolutely crazy. 

Season Finale Alert!
Desperate Housewives “And Lots Of Security” & “Come Over For Dinner” 9:00 to 11:00 on ABC

Season 7 comes to an end tonight and what a season it’s been! Paul Young came back to Wisteria Lane and brought some life back into the series, which had an awful season last year. But thanks to Young (a devious Mark Moses), the addition of Renee (Vanessa Williams), the Carlos banishing Bree, it’s been one helluva season, with my only major criticism being Lynette’s plots are a merry-go-round of misery and she’s completely unsympathetic and in this current fight she’s having with Tom, I’m on Tom’s side and I can’t help but think that Lynette’s being a hypocritical bitch. The first chunk of the season which focused on Young’s dastardly plan to devalue the street, but following the suicide of his wife Beth (for those keeping track that’s two of his wives who’ve shot themselves in the head) the focus of the plot turned to Felicia Tillman (Harriet Sansom Harris) and her scheme to get revenge on Paul, and when we last left the show Susan was about to be arrested for poisoning Paul. Usually housewives hints at the upcoming plot of the next season in the finale, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go.

Game of Thrones “The Wolf and The Lion” 9:00 on HBO

Aiden Gillen, who played Tommy Carcetti on The Wire, has been really impressive as the devious Petyr Baelish AKA ‘Littlefinger’ it’s not too far a cry away from the wily politician he played on The Wire, but the period suits him. He’s giving Peter Dinklage a run for his money as the prime scene stealer. The previous episode ended with Catelyn Stark taking Tyrion Lannister captive believing he tried to have her son killed. 

The Killing “Stonewalled” 10:00 on AMC

As the investigation hits a slump so does the series, here’s hoping it can find the tension that made it must-see-TV right out of the gate.

The Rest:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 8:00 on ABC – Ty is short for Tygert. I’m serious. 

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Special Night. 

The Simpsons 8:00 on FOX – Lisa solves a mystery.

Bob’s Burgers 8:30 on FOX – Lobsterfest is the title and I am already salivating. 

The Celebrity Apprentice 9:00 on NBC – Only an idiot who thinks he can be president would fire Star Jones and let Nene Leakes quit. 

Family Guy 9:00 on FOX – Bonnie crosses a line on a trip to France. 

Law & Order:CI 9:00 on USA – Now that Law and Order:LA is cancelled and this is on it’s last season there will be one Law & Order on TV for the first time in 11 years. 

Army Wives 9:00 on Lifetime – BRING ON DROP DEAD DIVA. Forget this shizz.

Season Finale Alert!
The Cleveland Show
 9:30 on FOX – The Cleveland show heads to comicon, I guess they’ve given up on trying to get black people to watch and are going for the nerds.  

The Borgias 10:00 on SHO – Francois Arnaud’s Caesare is the standout by far, and it’s actually getting more interesting week after week. 

In Plain Sight 10:00 on USA – Mary always gets her man, or so the promos would have you believe.

Breakout Kings 10:00 on A&E – Am I the only one really, really enjoying this show? 

Treme 10:00 on HBO – Congrats to the Treme team for their third season renewal!

More of FOX’s Animation Promos

American Dad

Bob’s Burgers

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show


What’s On: Better With Wednesday!

Survivor: Redemption Island “Too Close For Comfort” 8:00 on CBS

I’m not crazy about the concept of 8 people going into the finale on Sunday, I have a feeling who ever reenters the game from Redemption Island will go automatically to the top three which I DONT like. But a more important question; can Boston Rob win this?

Better With You “Better With The Baby” 8:30 on ABC

A much better show than it’s given credit for. The cast (with the exception of Jake Lacey, who’s getting better) is exceptional, I’m especially enamoured with Jennifer Finnigan’s Maddie. It’s the lowest rated of ABC’s wednesday comedies (it’s also the only one with a laugh track) and if FOX’s recent culling of bubble series is any indication of trends to come Better fans should worry.

South Park “Royal Pudding” 10:00 on Comedy Central

South Park skewers the Royal Wedding when The Prince of Canada marries and but the princess gets kidnapped before the wedding and all the Canadians (including Ike) take on the mission to rescue the princess. 

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – For some reason whenever it gets this low I can barely force myself to care. 

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – The Prom.

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Also the prom. 

America’s Next Top Model 9:00 on CW – Tyra gives me nightmares.

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – The BAU hunts a serial killer. I swear.

Modern Family 9:00 on ABC – It’s been good recently but has it been great?

Breaking In 9:30 on FOX – This was just cancelled. Both Harrison and Slater are 0 for 3. 

Cougar Town 9:31 on ABC – Jules helps Travis get over his broken heart. 

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – The Red Cell hunts a serial killer. 

Happy Endings 10:00 & 10:30 on ABC – I REALLY hope this makes the cut for next year. 

Workaholics 10:30 on Comedy Central – I might actually try watching this soon. 

What’s On: Bloody Harlan Wednesday

The second season of Justified comes to a close tonight and all indications point to the finale being a bloody and violent affair. Season 2 was a lot more focused and and streamlined than the first which had more of a case-of-the-week feel. The Bennetts, including Mags (Margo Martindale), Doyle (Joseph Lyle Taylor) and Dickie (Jeremy Davies) have been some of the best villains on TV in a long time, and the seasons plots have had sprinkles of Givens creator Elmore Leonard’s patent style of coolness with doses of Coen Brothers. It’s easily the best series on television right now (but The Killing and Game of Thrones have a chance at giving Justified a run for it’s money). Check out our recommendations for tonight,  Wednesday May 4 2011 .

The Best:

Season Finale Alert!

Justified “Bloody Harlan” 10:00 on Justified

Damn I’m gonna miss Justified after tonight, this season’s felt like its gone by extremely fast, it’s been a thrill ride. It started with The Bennetts and two amazing performances from Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies, Loretta Macready (Kaitlin Dever, one of the best child actors in existence), Rachel’s backstory episode, Black Pike Coal and Carol Johnson (Hung’s Rebecca Creskoff), Winona’s stealing 100 grand and Raylan helping her cover it up, the fallout of that act on Art and Raylan’s relationship, Gary (William Ragsdale) and the unwelcome return of Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns), Boyd’s welcome return to his old ways, Boyd and Ava’s relationship, the surprising return of the presumed dead Johnny Crowder, and the third act war between the Givens, Bennetts and Crowders (that probably comes to a bloody end tonight) have made this season better than we lowly telephiles deserve. And all this is just made better by an astonishing and subtly seething lead performance by Timothy Olyphant who is probably the best lead on TV right now. Check out the promos for “Bloody Harlan” and get ready for one hell of a finale!

Survivor “You Mangles My Nets” 8:00 on CBS

So the survivor finale will start with a whopping 8 people still in contention for the million and the title of Survivor, which is why there are so many people still left, it was nice of the survivor team to get through predictable tribals in one. Tonight the old Omatepe (or is it Zapatera? I never know…) is forced to start hacking off limbs. I really hope that God-boy is dunzo tonight, I don’t know how much more I can take, let’s hope Ralph knocks him out tonight, which features the obligatory “love from home” challenge where contestants compete for time with loved ones, I love this challenge because someone’s feelings are almost ALWAYS hurt. Amaze-balls!

Breaking In “Take the Movie and Run” 9:30 on FOX

The Contra team is contracted to got to Comic-Con and protect the only copy of the much anticipated (and fake, BOO!) sequal Goonies 2. When the movie is stolen the team looks to geek boy Cash (Alphonso McAuley) as the prime suspect. Honestly if I was tasked with protecting Goonies 2 I’d probably steal it too. Truffle Shuffle!!!

South Park “Funnybot” 10:00 on Comedy Central

Congrats to South Parks Trey Parker and Matt Stone on their 14 Tony Nominations for Mormon: The Musical. That’s amazing, I can’t wait to see it. Last week’s premiere was hilarious, especially as I dealt with the Mac Geniuses just that day. Tonight has Jimmy and Timmy holding the Special Ed Comedy Awards, naming Germany the least funny place on earth and enraging the Germans. Expect A LOT of Holocaust jokes tonight. Check out a clip from tonight’s episode!

Happy Endings “Of Mice & Jazz Kwon Do” & “Dave of the Dead” 10:00 & 10:30 on ABC

Happy Endings was a surprise for me, I didn’t expect to fall head over heels in love with it. For starters I hated Zachary Knighton on Flashforward, but I guess it just wasn’t his niche, a friendship (slash-relationship) sitcom was (which is funny becuase the best thing about Flashforward, Christine Woods, struggled in NBC relationship comedy Perfect Couples earlier this year), I also didn’t think Elisha Cuthbert was meant for a sitcom, but both she and Knighton are not only at home, they hold their own in the talented comedy ensemble. The jokes fly fast and furious and range in a broad mix of pop culture, physical comedy and edgy dark humour. Just a few weeks ago Penny (Casey Wilson) proclaimed she’s too much of a Nazi to date Hitler, it was the perfect punchline to a hilarious B-Plot and just a hint of the humour that comes regularly on Happy Endings. Check out a clip from tonight’s first episode and a few choice clips from the last few weeks.  


The Rest:

Minute to Win It 8:00 on NBC – Ugh no

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Honestly I don’t care anymore. I wish I did but I cant’s seem to be bothered.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – Frankie wishes for a kid free mother’s day but gets more than she bargained for.

Better With You 8:30 on ABC – Joel tries to bargain to get Mia the baby carriage she dreamed of.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – Tyra scares me.

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – The BAU is not the same minus Prentiss.

Modern Family 9:00 on ABC – Claire and Gloria go for a hike with the kids, Phil and Jay stay home and cook for the family while Cam worries about being seen as the Mother. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day. 

Cougar Town 9:31 on ABC – Jules tries to prevent herself from meddling with Travis’ life.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – Why does Janeane Garofalo feel the need to wipe funny memories of her from the world’s brain.

Law & Order: SVU 10:00 on NBC – Lori Singer (Ariel from Footloose!) guest stars, as does John Stamos (above).

The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Dustin Zito’s gay porn past revelation gave MTV and the Real World the highest ratings since the last time they were in Las Vegas.

What’s On: Technical Difficulties Wednesday

By technical difficulties I mean I dropped my mac and its in the apple store  getting fixed and I’m stuck using something from the cretacious period. That being said, todays column will be shorter and I’m waiting for a real machine to catch up with recaps. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday April 27 2011

Watch These:

Survivor “A Mystery Package” 8:00 on CBS

Seems like a twist is thrown into the game. I like it when Rob gets nervous. Matt’s God talk is really driving me nuts.

Justified “Reckoning” 10:00 on FX  

Dickie (Jeremy Davies) killed Aunt Helen, Raylan’s Aunt/Step-Mother and tonight picks up right after that. So far the best series of 2011 keeps it crazy with its last two crazy episodes.

Season 15 Premiere Alert!!!

South Park “Human Centipad” 10:00 on Comedy Central

Taking on Human Centipede and the Ipad in one swoop. Sold!

The rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Jacob sucks.

Better With You 8:30 on ABC – Its second season chances increased with a huge post DWTS bump.

America’s Next Top Model 9:00 on CW – Tyra eats children. Fact.

Breaking In 9:30 on FOX – Odette Annable is even shockingly more beautiful in person.

Cougar Town 9:30 on ABC – Courtney Cox is on fire lately.

Happy Endings 10:00 on ABC – The season’s freshest new comic voice.

Workaholics 10:30 on Comedy Central – Dont know what this is but the guy with the long hair is funny on Traffic Light.

What’s On: Vacation Tuesday

Hello to all! I am about to depart for sin city for a much deserved vacation, which means the the posts will be short and sweet until monday or tuesday. Here’s everything that’s on tonight Tuesday April 20, 2011.

American Idol 8:00 on FOX
The Middle 8:00 on ABC
Minute to Win It 8:00 on NBC
Survivor 8:00 on CBS – Philip plays the race card!

Better With You 8:30 on ABC

Modern Family 9:00 on ABC
America’s Next Top Model 9:00 on CW – New time slot.

Breaking In 9:30 on FOX
Cougar Town 9:31 on ABC – Thank god it’s back.

Justified “Full Commitment” 10:00 on FX – This is so good its not fair to every one else. Watch tonight.

Happy Endings 10:00 & 10:30 on ABC – It’s a very funny show give it a try. Mad props to Casey Wilson and Adam Pally.

Workaholics 10:30 on Comedy Central – Apparently its a scripted series. Never seen it, anyone know if it’s worth checking out?

What’s On: Modern Wednesday!

It been a few weeks since Modern Family was new,  and ABC trumps out it’s megasmash to pimp its new series Happy Endings (advanced word is pretty good) I’m just happy starting next week Cougar Town is back. And oh yeah frikkin Justified is on! Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday April 13 2011.

The Best:

Survivor “The Buddy System” 8:00 on CBS

Was I the only one who DIED of laughter when Matt got sent back to Redemption Island. It was probably one of my fave moments in the season, maybe even Survivor history, the look on his face was priceless. Tonight is the “two-eliminations-in-one-ep” episode. Gorillaface (Julie) is getting on my nerves, it seems like the casting people wanted another Jane or Holly and got a middle aged-Brett. Also I can’t believe Philip is still around, he probably thinks he’s got mad social game.


Modern Family “The Musical Man” 9:30 on ABC

Cameron and his love of musicals take center stage when he becomes the director of Luke and Manny’s play. Phil tries to get the family to participate in a realty ad and Jay’s brother (perfectly cast guest star Jonathan Banks, last seen holding a gun to Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad) comes for a visit and their sibling rivalry gets a little out of control.

Happy Endings “Pilot” & “The Quicksand Girlfriend” 9:31 & 10:00 on ABC

Perfect Couples, Traffic Light, Mad Love and now this. I hope it falls somewhere closer to Traffic Light. One good sign is that no one in the cast has signed on to another pilot. Last year at this time Zachary Knighton signed on to this while Flashforward was still on the air indicating it’s death. The premise is that Alex (Elisha Cuthbert, 24) leaves Dave (Knighton) at the altar altering their social group forever. A group that includes Eliza Coupe as Dave’s sister and Damon Wayans Jr. as her husband, Adam Pally as gay buddy Max and SNL alum Casey Wilson as the devestatingly single one. Give it a try, it can’t be that bad.

Justified “Debts and Accounts” 10:00 on FX

Last week’s Justified was one of the strongest eps yet, featuring the death of Coover Bennett, an act that will no doubt propel the final act of the season and gave us a lot of Caitlyn Dever as Loretta. Watching her discover her father’s fate and try to exact revenge was amazing. Mags and Boyd are now united (as long as he doesn’t grow weed) after besting Carol (Rebecca Creskoff) and present a threat to Raylan’s life. Tonight features the return of Bad Boyd, who’s been pretty absent this season. Tonight is also said to feature some wicked violence, which Justified has become known for. Click over to AICN for a lot of juicy spoilers and check out tonight’s promo below!

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Check out the pre-show rakings tonight and then check out the idols take on Movie classics.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – One girl read another girls diary. Brilliant.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – Axl is forbidden for playing in the big game becuase he’s a disgusting teenage slob. Seems pretty fair. Also Sue gets awarded MVP for cross country which leaves her parents baffled.

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – There is way better stuff on tonight, sorry NBC!

Better With You 8:30 on ABC – Definetly better than it’s given credit for being.

Shedding for the Wedding 9:00 on CW – Mr and Mrs. Biggest loser are revealed in the first season finale.  

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – Hunting killers.

Breaking In 9:30 on FOX – Breaking In did quite well in the post idol slot last week. It’s a decent sitcom so hopefully it can pull a repeat in the numbers.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – Hunting killers with oscar winner Forrest Whitaker and comedienne Janeane Garofalo (left).

The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – I miss Jersey Shore.

Well that’s what’s on tonight, check back tomorrow for recaps and more!

What’s On: REDEMPTION Wednesday!






It all comes down to tonight. One will stand and one will fall. Also Christian Slater’s new show premieres. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday April 6, 2011.

Survivor Redemption Island “The Game Respects Big Moves” 8:00

Tonight one of those two fools above me gets put back into the game right in time for the merge. Does Sarita stand a chance in hell. I’m gonna laugh so hard if Matt defeated 6 people in a row only to lose to a dummy like Sarita. I am shocked Philip made it to the merge. Shocked. A man with so few social skills made it this far. I have a feeling he’s gonna send Rob home tonight – which sucks cause he’s really found his groove this time.

Breaking In “Pilot” 9:30 on FOX

Christian Slater’s third series in as many years. Officially, FOX says it’s about: Contra Security, a high-tech security firm that takes extreme and often questionable measures to sell its protection services is corporate America’s answer to “The A-Team,” giving clients a sense of security by first ripping it away. It costars Bret Harrison (Reaper, V), Odette Annable (formerly Yustman, Cloverfield, You Again) and Smallville’s Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum.

Justified “Brother’s Keeper” 10:00 on FX

Last Week left off with a cliffhanger, Raylan and Carol the Coal executive (Rebecca Creskoff) were heading to Mags Bennett’s (Margo Martindale) party, as were Boyd and Ava. I have a feeling it might be the end for Coover (Brad William Henke). Word on the street is that tonight’s episode is not to be missed. Check out the promo!

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – I’m still flying high on Haley’s Benny and the Jets. Idol becomes 90 minutes.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – This is so 2004.

The Kennedys 8:00 on REELZ – This is by far the smartest thing Reelz has ever done. Its ratings were through the roof – and now people have heard of Reelz.

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – PAGET BREWSTER!!!

Mr. Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – Lizzy Caplan Alert! Mean Girls’ Janice Ian, Party Down’s Casey Klein guest stars as a love interest for Ben tonight.

Law and Order: SVU 10:00 on NBC – Law and Order: LA’s Terence Howard and former Regular Diane Neal both guest star tonight in anticipation of LO:LA’s relaunch and return next week.

Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Boring in the Jersey Shore landscape.

Top Chef All Stars Reunion 10:00 on BRAVO! – Thank god Richard won. I don’t know if I could have handled a Mike Isabella win.

Season (and Probably Series) Finale!!!

Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – This shitty show finally dies tonight.

Season Premiere Alert!

Top Chef Masters 11:00 on BRAVO – I echo Community’s Alison Brie.