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The TV execs have been busy bees lately, and it’s only gonna get busier once networks start picking up fall series – here’s a rundown of the most interesting stories from the last few days:

The Bad News First

Mad Men‘s fifth season has been delayed. There is no beginning in sight for production which should have started next week. Word from the Hamm-ster himself is that the writers room remains empty. This does not bode well.

Well bad is subjective – I’m a moderate fan of Perfect Couples so I’m a little disappointed to learn NBC has decided to shelve it after airing it’s eleventh episode. It’s being replaced by, THE PAUL REISER SHOW. Remember last year about now NBC picked up an unnamed series starring Paul Reiser? Well starting on April 14th you’ll get to see it. It has a similar concept to Showtime’s episodes in that it’s about a fictionalized version of Reiser, who after being off TV for a few years, yearns to make a comeback and enlists his group of friends (played by Eastbound and Down’s Andrew Daly, Angels in America’s Ben Shenkman, Whoopi’s Omid Djalili and All of Us’ Duane Martin) to help him stage a comeback.

and now for a little sunshine


Southland has been renewed for season 4. Southland had a killer (literally) third season, this is great news.

Retired at 35 has been given a second season. It’s not really a surprise, it kills of it’s hot in Cleveland lead in.


Both networks that renewed series above have added a few new one to their schedules. TNT picked up Perception a drama about an eccentric neuroscientist, played by Eric McCormick (Will and Grace), who helps the feds solve crimes. Rachel Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Kelly Rowan (The OC) are on board too.

TVLand picked up Happily Divorced, a comedy written by and starring Fran Drescher It’s the semi autobiographical account  of her 21 year marriage to a gay man (John Michael Higgins) who’s still her friend. They also picked up The Exes. It’s about  three divorced men, played by Wayne Knight (Seinfeld’s Newman), Donald Faison (Scrubs’ Dr. Turk) and David Alan Basche (The Starter Wife), who live in a bachelor pad in a building owned by their hot divorce attorney (Kristen Johnston). This marks a reunion for Johnston and Knight who for 77 episodes played boyfriend and weird alien girlfriend on Third Rock.


What’s On: Unsexy Tuesday!

Hey everyone, it’s a Sunny tuesday where I am and I’m getting ready for a Good Wife free tueday with copious amounts of Xanax. But there are fresh episodes of TV on tonight like Glee and Raising Hope, which are among our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday March 8, 2011.

Glee “Sexy” 8:00 on FOX

Nothin is less sexy than Glee. It’s possibly the least sexy series on the air to have more than 5 sexy girls in the regular cast. Tonight brings back guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow and John Stamos. Even though the last few episodes were better than average I have a feeling tonight will try too hard or be too sappy. I don’t wanna be a hater – Glee just makes it so easy. I am however excited for Gwynies return and a cover of Prince’s kiss.

and a full Gwyneth cover of Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch Me.

Raising Hope “A Cultish Personality” 9:01 on FOX

Cousin Mike (guest star Skylar Stone), who left after the pilot (sometimes castings don’t always work) returns tonight as a reverse poolygamist. He’s one of four husbands to guest star Mary Lynn Rajskub (24, Larry Sanders), and Mary Lynn Rajskub is always a welcome guest star. As evidenced by recent spots on It’s Always Sunny… and Modern Family.

Season 2 Finale Alert!

White Collar “Under the Radar” 10:00 on USA

It’s the season 2 finale, Neal and Peter track down the man they’ve been hunting all season; guest star Andrew McCarthy. DeKay and Bomer are an ideal team and they’re what makes this series work.

Season 3 Finale Alert!

Southland “Graduation Day” 10:00 on TNT

It’s been a rough season, one that’s given actors like McKenzie and Hatosy a chance to give us the best performances of their career. I will miss Nate (Kevin Alejandro) but moreso I have a feeling like its the end for Sherman (McKenzie) and Cooper (Michael Cudlitz).

The Rest:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – You know what? Courtney Crozier is a brilliant genius and I love her. You go girl!

V 9:00 on ABC – It’s the second last episode (ever?) and everyone is talking about the cliffhanger next week. I hope V gets a third season, a cast overhaul and a new showrunner.

Traffic Light 9:30 on FOX – Callie and Adam & Lisa and Mike each deal with obnoxious neighbours in their own way.

The Game 10:00 on BET – The lives of football players’ ladies. It’s a survivor story on how a series can survive cancellation.

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – They should have released this show in the summer so it’s gloominess didn’t coincide with my seasonal depression.

Detroit 187 10:00 on ABC – This ship is sinking fast. Catch it while you can.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Trash, but addictive trash.

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy CentralCharming Tosh makes sad internet people cry with his poking criticism.

Check back tomorrow for more!

What’s On: Friendship Tuesday

What’s going on friends! It’s a lovely tuesday and even lovelier because I get to be here talking to you – MY FRIENDS. And in the spirit of friendship I urge you to befriend The Good Wife – not because it needs viewers, just because you deserve it. The Good Wife as always is among our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday March 1, 2011.

No Ordinary Family “No Ordinary Love” 8:00 on ABC

The alphabet’s worst scripted series gets a leg up tonight by staging a Battlestar Galactica reunion. Two super hot former cylons; Tricia Helfer  and Lucy Lawless show up tonight as the devious Sophie and evil Mrs. X respectively. Lame but, cooler than usual I guess.

Raising Hope “Snip snip” 9:30 on FOX

Tonight’s episode is about gossip; and man I love gossip. Virginia (Martha Plimpton) finds out something juicy about Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) and vice versa and they blackmail eachother to keep it a secret. I posted a clip below, click through to youtube if you want to see more!

White Collar “Power Play” 10:00 on USA

Peter and Neal switch identities to stop a nasty criminal (guest star Richard Schiff) from a collusion scheme. I love episodes that have characters skewering each other, and when the series has a strong sense of humour, like this one, it always works out for the audience’s benefit. Definetly worth checking out!

The Good Wife “The Great Firewall” 10:00 on CBS

My addition to the Good Wife aside, tonight’s episode is gonna be HUGE. On the trial side (CBS says); “[The firm defends a] Chinese dissident, who posted an anonymous blog about democracy in China, and was jailed and tortured by the Chinese government when the site failed to protect his anonymity and turned over his IP address.” The man is played by Lost’s Ken Leung, who advance screenings say is rather brilliant. On the other side of things; Derrick (Michael Ealy) makes a move against Diane, who’s nemesis Viola (Rita Wilson) returns tonight and Eli strives for a way to get Glenn Childs (guest star Titus Welliver) out of the State’s Attorney race. In true Good Wife fashion I imagine there will be a lot of twists and turns along the way.

The rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – 90 minutes. Men sing.

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – I say it every week and I’ll say it again. COURTNEY CROZIER.

NCIS 8:00 0n CBS – Sarah Jane Morris, formerly of Brother’s and Sisters guest stars.

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – Chase (Stephen Colletti) gets a plot tonight. Good for him.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – The mystery of who knocked up Charlotte, Savannah’s sister gets solved tonight. I hope it was Dan (Matt Barr).

V 9:00 on ABC – Erica leads a risky attack against Anna. Doesn’t she always.

The Game 10:00 on BET – A very special episode. Czech it out! (Pictured below)

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – Check out this downer while you still can, it’s not long for this world.

Parenthood 10:00 on NBC – Last week’s episode was brilliant and tonight promises to be the same as Adam and Christina explain Asperger’s to Max.

Southland 10:00 on TNT – It was chilling when Sammy went after Nate’s killer last week. Tonight’s penultimate episode should be just as awesome.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – I think tonight is the night I’m gonna try this. Tonight’s the night!

Tosh.0 10:00 on CC – Sometimes I feel bad for those ridiculed by the Tosh. HA! I could’t even type that wit a straight face.

20/20 10:00 on ABC – I’m on a drug and its called Charlie Sheen.

Thats the haps for tonight. Check back tomorrow for more!

What’s On: Hug Your Favourite Storm Trooper Tuesday!

Remember to hug your favourite clone of Jango Fett today. Love thy Stormtrooper like you love thy brother! On other notes, I hope tonight’s Party episode of Glee isn’t lame, almost as much as I know America Fererra will be a great addition to the Good Wife’s cadre of guests. They among other are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday February 22 2011.

The highlights:

Glee “Blame it on the Alcohol” 8:00 on FOX

I have a feeling Glee is gonna handle partying in the most extremely lame way but I’ll tune in to see a cover of the Human League’s Don’t You Want Me and to see the Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza.

V “Birth Pangs” 9:00 on ABC

In the tail end of V’s 10 episode second season, all the plots ramp up. Last week was particularly bloody as Krycek Erica’s ex met a bullett-y end. I know V plans to end on a cliffhanger and that it’s probably the end for V, but it’s just getting good; I especially like the union of Diana (Jane Badler) and Lisa (Laura van der Voort).

Traffic Light “All The Precedent’s Men” 9:30 on FOX

I am very much a fan of the American version of Israel’s Ramzor (which in Hebrew literally means Traffic Light). It’s light and funny without being cliched and sentimental without being cloying. It really deserves a chance so check it out. Need more convincing? Check out the featurette below!

The Good Wife “Last Shot” 10:00 on CBS

Diane (Christine Baranski) represents Kurt McVeigh (guest star Gary Cole), some times he’s her ballistics expert sometimes he’s her lover, but tonight he’s her client and they’re in front of sleepy Judge Jerry Stiller. Also Eli (Alan Cumming) makes a special connection with guest star America Fererra who plays Wendy Scott Carr’s (guest star Anika Noni Rose) illegal nanny. Look like a good one, it’s written by creators Robert & Michelle King as are the best episodes.

Parenthood “Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew’s Therapist” 10:00 on NBC

At the end of last week’s episode Crosby (Dax Sheppard) slept with Gaby (guest star Minka Kelly), Max’s autism therapist. Tonight the repercussions are felt throughout the family and from the promo it looks like were gonna get some solid A work from the severly underrated Monica Potter . Also Amber (Mae Whitman) implodes as her dad’s presence intensifies. Looks like a real doozy!

Here’s the rest of what Tuesday has to offer for you amusement:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – Two words. Courtney. Crozier.

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – Pauley Perrette makes me want to blow my brains out. Fine not Pauly Perrette, Abby Scuitto.

No Ordinary Family 8:00 on ABC – Hate it to death. Like hate it to blody f’ing death!

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – Brooke and Julian take steps to adopt and the recently awful Leven Rambin (Mark Sloane’s awful daughter on Grey’s) is the baby mama.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – Dan Patch (Matt Barr) returns with a new lady in tow much to Marti and Savannah’s dismay.

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – Renee Felice Smith is a welcome upgraded regular to the ensemble.

Raising Hope 9:01 on FOX – Virginia’s cousin Delilah (guest star Amy Sedaris, pictured) comes to make her claim on Maw Maw’s house.

The Game 10:00 on BET – Sistah sistah dont know how much I missed ya!

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – It’s sarcoidosis. It’s always sarcoidosis. Oh wait that’s not this show that’s House. Sorry. I’m watching last night’s awesome House and it’s makin’ me much more excited than this downer.

Southland 10:00 on TNT – Moretta’s death continues to be felt throughout the dept.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Smash hit! So sad…

Tosh.O 10:00 on Comedy Central – Come for the ridicule stay for the cheekbones.

White Collar 10:00 on USA – Kelly Kapowski Alert!!! I need to fix my electric pul down volleyball poster.

Well that the haps for Tuesday. Check back later folks.

What’s On: Voicemail Tuesday. “Will, I need a moment of your time”

a.k.a. Michael Emerson Guest Spot Tuesday!

It’s an exciting day for us Good Wife addicts as the press release from CBS indicates a certain voicemail that has been haunting us Will/Alicia fans all season. But it’s exciting for more reasons; Michael Emerson, the Emmy winning Lost star who played villain Benjamin Linus for 5 years, does a guest spot on a weekly series. In fact, this is his first guest appearance since Lost’s season 2 finale before he was promoted to a regular. There’s other good stuff on tonight too which along with Parenthood are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday February 15, 2011.

Ooh La La:

Glee “Comeback” 8:00 on FOX

Well well well… last week, after a Superbowl episode that stank like shit, Glee came back with Silly Love Songs which was probably this season’s strongest episode so far. Can Glee make it two in a row? Probably not, but it’ll be nice to see them try. Sam starts a Bieber cover group and the gang sings “Somebody to Love” and “Baby” as well as the mightily anticipated cover of Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me” sung by Mercedes and Rachel. Also Sue suffers from depression after losing her star Cheerios. It’s scheduled to go a minute long if your recording set DVR’s accordingly.

V “Siege” 9:00 on ABC

Lisa meets her grandmother Diana for the first time tonight and potentially finds the 5th column an new shipboard ally. While it’s not the best show on TV or even one of the very good ones, it’s damn fine entertainment. The snob in me tells me I deserve better but the 12 year old in me tells me it’s awesome. It’s also scheduled to go a minute long if your recording set DVR’s accordingly.

Parenthood “Amazing Andy and his Wonderful World of Bugs” 10:00 on NBC

The aformentioned Michael Emerson guest appearance is upon us. He plays the titular Amazing Andy, who joys Max (Max Burkholder) to no end at his birthday party. Minka Kelly also guest stars as Gabby, Max’s therapist and John Corbett is back again as Miles and Amber’s father. The promo is below, and it makes no mention of Emerson, just Kelly and Crosby’s (Dax Shepard) affair with her.

The Good Wife “Net Worth” 10:00 on CBS

Based on the story behind the Social Network, F Murray Abraham and Rita Wilson guest stain in the episode about an internet billionaire who is suing the producers who made a movie that shows him in a negative light. But on way more interesting grounds Will and Alicia finally have that talk about the voice mail. That voice mail. Chris Noth, Anika Noni Rose, Titus Welliver, Kate Burton, Dallas Roberts, Jill Flint and Rene Auberjonois also guest star.

La Petite Merde:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – Gimme a C. C. Gimme an O. O. Gimme a U R T N E Y C R O Z I E R. I love that girl. What a winner.

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – Old ladies get their panties wet for Mark Harmon.

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – The gang celebrates Valentine’s day in the usual cheesy romantic and verbally post-modern throwback soap opera way.

No Ordinary Family 8:00 on ABC – The kids mess up and clone their father, yeah that’s what we need; two Michael Chiklis’ operating WAAAAAAY below potential.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – (pictured above) Marti and Vanessa go to the Mats against the Lancer University Sporst department, mainly Bill Marsh (Aaron Douglas) and Red Raymond (Jeff Hephner).

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – Star Trek Enterprise’s Connor Trineer guest stars tonight on NCIS:LA a day after playing homophobic dad on Pretty Little Liars.

Raising Hope 9:01 on FOX – Jimmy wages a war on germs. Maw Maw is shunned thusly.

Traffic Light 9:30 on FOX – (pictured right) Out of all the relationship series currently on TV, this one is the strongest. The pilot was both touching and hilarious and it’s a VAST VAST improvement than it’s timeslot predecessor, Running Wilde.

The Game 10:00 on BET – This is a ratings juggernaut, I’m happy the Game found it’s home and it’s audience.

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – Melora Hardin, The Office’s Jan Levinson was supposed to play Lights’ (Holt McCallany pictured left with Catherine McCormack who got the part) wife. One can dream…

Southland 10:00 on TNT – Ryan Atwood Alert! See Ben McKenzie all grown up and rolling with the force.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Ratings juggernaut the second of the night.

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Tosh takes on Oprah. Two weeks later he’ll turn up dead from a **wink wink** heart attack. Oprah claims another adversary.

Detroit 1-8-7 10:00 on ABC – Maybe If I’d have started it I could have loved it, but now, it’s merely the end to ABC magic night of disappointments.

Well that’s it for today. What do you think will happen with Alicia and Will? They won’t just kiss again – if she goes for it, she’s gonna GO FOR IT.


What’s On: Long Island Iced-Tuesday

It’s cold out, but it’s also sunny, the perfect day to drink Long Island Iced Teas and get shit faced while watching TV. I officially proclaim today, Long Island Iced Tuesday, so grab the vodka, tequila, triple sec, gin and rum and settle in for a night of tubery! Here are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday February 8, 2011.

The Best:

Hellcats “Remember When” 9:00 on The CW

In the last episode (that was kind of a nail-biter) all the seasons seemingly unrelated subplots converged. The legal case, Jake’s (Caprica’s Ryan Kennedy) blackmail, and the continuing battle against athletic director Bill Marsh (Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas) are coming together in the most interesting and unsuspecting ways (Jake robbed the pharmacy as a prank, Marsh covered it up, framing Travis who’s case Marti’s working on). It’s easy to be hard on this show, but it has it’s charms. Tonight we learn how the Hellcats became the Hellcats.

Raising Hope “Romeo and Romeo” 9:00 on FOX

Man I love me my Martha Plimpton and I missed her during Hope‘s lengthy winter hiatus. Jimmy makes friends with another single Dad at playgroup, but their relationship strains when Jimmy realizes that Virginia is his new friends maid. Sounds like another winner.

Traffic Light “Pilot” 9:30 on FOX

A relationship series, much like NBC’s imperfect Perfect Couples, tracks three guys in different stages of relationships. David Denman, Nelson Franklin (both of The Office) and Brit Kris Marshall (American bound romantic Colin Frissell from 2003’s Love Actually) play the men and while reviews haven’t exactly been glowing, they’re far more positive than it’s predecessor Running Wilde. Bonus, it stars the plucky and sexy Liza Lapira (Dollhouse’s Ivy) as Denman’s wife.

The Good Wife “Real Deal” 10:00 on CBS

Alicia gets tripped up but a spy within her firm when she goes up against  a returning Michael J. Fox as Parkinson’s afflicted attorney Louis Canning. I like this spy-espoinage business, it adds another layer of mystery and intrigue to an already mysterious and intriguing series. When it rains it pours!

Parenthood “Just Go Home” 10:00 on NBC

Last week’s episode was a particularly strong one, high Adam was very funny. The Bravermans impress me more and more with each passing week. Crosby and Jasmine enter a rough patch in their relationship and start pre-marital counseling and Drew brings his father around (guest star John Corbett) much to his mother’s dismay.

Here’s the rest of tonight’s fare, grab another Long Island Iced Tea and sit back.

Glee 8:00 on FOX – Did you see the superbowl episode? Of course you did. I hated it. Like really hated. I couldn’t possibly care what tonight’s is about. I really wish this show would stop condescending. Wow…

No Ordinary Family 8:00 on ABC – …this really is a shitty time slot…

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – … no wonder NCIS gets all the viewers, asides from starring a certified (and hilariously 80’s in the pic to the right) dream boat like Mark Harmon, it’s up against crap like he above and…

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – this ,which is like in it’s thousandth season or something. The only beacon of light in the slot for me is…

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – … Courtney Crozier (bottom), that bubbly determined angel. Go Girl! Shed those lbs!

V 9:00 on ABC – It’d be cool if this got a third season, but it’s not looking likely which is a shame because this season is streets ahead of the first.

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – The team intercepts microchips or something or some bull shit terror threat.

Detroit 1-8-7 10:00 on ABC – People who love this show really, really love it. It’s run of the mill police for me, but to each their own.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 10:00 on Bravo! – my joke writer is off today so [insert plastic boob joke here]

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Tosh challenges the evolution of dance guy to a dance-off.

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – The lights are almost out for Lights Out. Too easy.

Southland 10:00 on TNT – Saving this was the best thing TNT’s done in a long time.

The Game 10:00 on BET – Proof of If you build it they will come as The Game continues to get more ratings on BET than it ever got on The CW

White Collar 10:00 on USA – Lando Calrissian Alert! Billy Dee guest stars tonight! Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Billy Dee!

What are you going most excited for tonight? For me it’s Good Wife and Raising Hope.


What’s On: Davis-Baker Wedding Tuesday!

There’s a lot of good stuff on tonight – but what better way to begin February Sweeps than a wedding? And as is usually the case on OTH, weddings are  campy, cheesy, over-melodramatic – potentially dangerous affairs – but we’ll get to more on that below. Tonight has a jam-packed 10pm rumble slot and new naval mysteries it’s a wonderful night for a wedding. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday February 1 2011.

One Tree Hill “The Other Half of Me” 8:00 on CW

Now I know no TV snob is supposed to favor the One Tree Hill – and I don’t, not really – it’s just sometimes it’s nice to pop back in and say hi to old friends. And OTH always have wild weddings. Let’s take a look at past nuptials.

Nathan & Haley (wedding 1) – Naley’s surprise elope by the river with only her parents in attendance (off screen season 1, on screen 2). Rated: Cute!

Keith & Jules (Emily) – The woman Dan paid to destroy his brother as revenge for sleeping with his wife, leaves Keith at the altar. (Season 2) Rated: Dramatic!

Nathan & Haley (wedding 2) – Pregnancy mystery, and a boy-crazy Rachel Gattina causing an accident leaving her, Cooper (Michael Trucco) and Nathan’s lives in the balance. (Season 3) Rated: Tense!

Lucas & Lindsay – A nailbiter for many reasons; Peyton’s debate as to whether to stop the wedding, psycho-pants nanny Carrie kidnaps Jamie, and Lucas’ fratricidal father Dan shows up. In the end all was okay, as murderer Dan (Paul Johannson) makes another notch in his belt disposing Carrie and returning Jamie to Naley and Lucas didn’t marry the awful Lindsay (Michaela McManus). (Season 5) Rated: Awesome!

Lucas & Peyton – Peyton was nearing the end of her dangerous pregnancy as her wedding day arrived. Lucas’ mother Karen (Moira Kelly), Andy and Lily return for Lucas’ wedding and Haley is ordained to marry them. Skills even has Jamie on a leash to avoid any Nanny Carrie-like incidents. (Season 6) Rated: Fitting!

Here’s the promo for Brooke and Julian:

V “Unholy Alliance” 9:00 on ABC

Anna goes to the Vatican to try and convince the world’s religious leaders to accept the V’s in her search for the human soul. With word that V’s ten episode season is ending with  cliffhanger – renewal or not – I hope more people tune into this campy treat! The promo below has Diana (Jane Balder) biting off someone’s head. Awesome.

NCIS:LA “Lockup” 9:00 on CBS

Sam (LL Cool J) goes undercover in a prison tp get close to a terrorist that’s behind bars and Dr. Getz (former regular Peter Cambor) returns changed from his time away. Deeks and Kensi are my 2nd fave set of TV partners (after Danny and Jackie on Blue Bloods).

SouthLAnd “The Winds” 10:00 on TNT

Last week’s Southland was a complete shocker with Detective Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) killed abruptly in one of the more tense action scenes in TV – for more detail check out my recap. Tonight has everybody reeling with the effects and feeling the pain in more ways than one.

The Good Wife “Silly Season” 10:00 on CBS

Tonight’s Good Wife looks unbelievable – Chris Noth, Titus Welliver, Anika Noni Rose, Michael Ealy, Scott Porter, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Dreama Walker all return to their recurring roles tonight, in what promises to be an interesting episode as both the battle for State’s attorney and Lockhart/Gardner ramp up.

The Rest:

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – A lot of old ladies get old lady wood watching Harmon solve crimes.

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – Go Courtney! You are a ray of sunshine! This is my sister’s fave series so every so often I get caught up in an episode, but beaming Courtney has me all a flutter I may just tune in tonight to see her shed her lbs.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – Now that Marti and Savannah have made up, it’s time to focus on the cheerleading series’ legal plotline. That’s right, this is a LEGAL-SLASH-CHEERLEADING series.

RuPaul’s Drag Race 9:00 on VH1 – Probably the bitchiest reality series on TV. Should be on every reality junkie’s must list.

Detroit 187 10:00 on ABC – Aisha Hinds, who plays Lt. Mason is just one many above average actors in this average cop series.

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Watch Daniel Tosh humiliate someone who already humiliated themselves on the internet. I will.

Parenthood 10:00 on NBC – Julia throws a bachelorette party for Jasminewelcoming her to the clan and Haddie moves in with her grandparents when Christina refuses to accept her relationship with Alex (Michael B. Jordan). Does that young man look familiar WIRE fans? Michael B. Jordan, in the pic with Sarah Ramos, played Wallace on the first season of The Wire. Mind blown? He was also in last night’s nifty Social Network inspired season 3 finale and was good there too. I rewatched the first season of The Wire last week and SPOILER ALERT Wallace’s death stung even harder the second time around, I just keep hearing D’Angelo cry to Stinger “Where’s Wallace, Sting? WHERE’S WALLACE?

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – I’m gonna wait till FX makes a renewal decision before I get invested with a family of character played by actors I enjoy.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Music TV’s white trash ratings bonanza is so enthralling FX blames this for stealing it’s grim boxing drama’s viewers. Yeah fucking right.

The Game 10:00 on BET – BET’s afro-american football themed ratings bonanza is so captivating FX blames this for stealing it’s grim boxing drama’s viewers. Same sentiment as above.

White Collar 10:00 on USA – Neal and Peter go deep into the jewelry smuggling business. Don’t care, I come here for the Kelly Kapowski.

Well that’s it! With whom do your affections lie tonight?