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Editor’s Note

BONES SPOILER UPDATE***** If you MUST know, yes Brennan did sleep with Booth and Bones is pregnant with his baby. JAW F’N DROPPED! RIGHT?

Posts have been scant the last few days, but my vacation is now over and I’m back behind the screen. I have A LOT of catching up to do. What’s On columns will start today but recaps of Game of Thrones and the Killing will probably go up later today or tomorrow, ditto for the EVENT, but it might even take longer as my precious MacBook Becky is having some technical difficulties and PC’s give me hives. Once the geniuses are done with her everything will go back to normal.


The Delightful Annables

So I’m in Vegas, I’d met a friend and her boyfriend for dinner and drinks, at 1 we part, say our goodbyes and as I headed back to my hotel, I bumped into Dave Annable AKA Brothers and Sister’s Justin Walker and his wife Odette Annable (nee Yustman, star of Cloverfield, You Again and currently on Fox’s Breaking In). The Annables were sincerely some of the nicest celebrities I have ever met (unlike Aaron Eckhart, more like David Boreanaz). I spoke to them for a few minutes, they could not have been kinder and happier to talk to a fan of their work. I harp on Brothers and Sisters but through it all Justin was pretty much the most consistently good thing in the series, and I urge you all to watch Mrs. Annable’s new series which is getting better week after week. Damn I wish I had a camera. 

The Barefoot CUNTessa

I hate to be profane (that’s a lie), but in the face of an article I read, ‘Cunt’ is simply the only word that will suffice.

So Ina Garten, known to many as the host of the Food Network’s The Barefoot Contessa, received a request through the Make-A-Wish Foundation from a 6 year old boy with cancer. The request for for Garten to cook with the boy, who’d spent his days in the hospital watching her show.

In fact, Enzo (the boy) hadn’t just appealed to Garten once, he did twice. The first time he was met with an ambiguous answer with her rep saying something along the lines of; as much as she would like to, she can’t possibly grant every request she receives. Enzo and Make-A-Wish reached out again to the booming sound of a “Definite No”.

No one is asking Ms Garten to grant every request she receives, it’s just this seemed like one of the no-brainers. I imagine as a celebrity chef, one is constantly sought for private functions and appearances and it can get frustrating I’m sure, but this wasn’t any requestl; it wasn’t some rich kid who wanted a Barefoot Contessa Super Sweet 16, it wasn’t some mother pushing her child to select Garten, it wasn’t a faker (like the Gumble 2 Gumble Family Guy episode. It was Make-A-Wish. Cunty right?

I know it’s harsh for me to call Garten a cunt. I have no idea what goes on in her life, what legitimate reasons she would have for denying the wish. I’m not familiar with her charity work or her politics, just her series. I don’t know her – and part of me regrets jumping to this judgement based on a single action –  But then I think about how if there was a sick or dying person out there who’s wish was to spend time with me, I’d be honoured. I’d make it work. I’m just disguasted that the New York resident couldn’t hop the turnpike to Jersey for the visit. Scheduling conflicts my ass. People don’t have scheduling conflicts for years at a time. If you want something to work – you make it work.

I hope I’m wrong, that the article which sites TMZ as a source is incorrect, I hope I’ll have to write a retraction after I read how AOL and TMZ got it all wrong. I just don’t think I will. I hope this hurts her career irreparably.


EW has got the first look at Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman costume.

She stars alongside Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley in David E. Kelley’s reboot on NBC, and she looks smokin’.

The Geek in me isn’t super crazy about the pleather pants. The guy in me tells the geek to shut it. The Geek however does like her Lasso of Truth, the indestructible bracelets and Palicki’s whole Amazonian-vibe package.

The is the Friday Night Lights vet’s second series since leaving. She starred in the critically acclaimed bomb LoneStar.

Palicki isn’t the only superhot FNL vet playing a Super-Lady in a fall reboot. Yesterday the first shots of Minka Kelly (along with Rachael Taylor and Annie Izoleh) from the Charlie’s Angels remake.

I think they look great.

I hope both of these pilots make it to series, it’s an especially bloated pilot season so we’ll see but both have a lot of positive buzz.

What do you think?


Picture Book Recap!

“Now that’s how you kill your mother”

V’s second season came to a bloody end last night, rather spectacularly with enough CGI and glorious carnage to keep any red blooded male happy! Not only was it nasty and shocking, but the most obnoxious character in television (literally) was slaughtered in a beautifully executed death.

I’ll sum up the boring stuff in that the Fifth Column had a plan to assassinate Anna by staging her daughter’s kidnapping and setting up Lisa to kill her mother. The plan hinged on Lisa being capable of killing her mother, a plan involving many V’s including Marcus and a freed Diana. However when the time came to kill her mother she froze and let Anna manipulate her using those cursed human emotions. Lisa’s epic fail at matricide paves way for the ensuing bloodbath. Sidebar – I totally thought Anna was going to kill Lisa when she entered the warehouse and blame the fifth column for the murder.

Anna’s first act upon returning to the ship with her traitor daughter in tow was impaling her mother Diana as she was announcing her glorious return.

I have to say it’s a little disappointing to have the original series star Jane Badler on board for the entire season only to have her stew and plot in a cell for 9 episodes before getting impaled. After killing her mother and discarding her like a used condom, Anna turns to her unmatricidal daughter Lisa and says “That’s how you kill your mother”. Oh Snap.

Not enough death for you? Me neither. So right after Anna re-seizes control, Ryan goes on a hunt for his daughter – the motivation for literally every move he made throughout the series – and finds his rapidly aging brainwashed half-breed daughter. She was not very happy to see him, her mind filled with Anna’s anti-Ryan propaganda. Within seconds her tail was out and against her father pleas she started to strangle him. The look in Ryan’s eyes as his daughter was killing him was priceless and is indicative of how good the Morris Chestnut really is. The moment his neck snapped my jaw dropped. V was going for broke, and I was reaping all the benefits. Goodbye Ryan Nichols. The screencap below is right after he died. LOVE IT.

Anna still needs Lisa to have sex with Tyler and give birth to the next generation of Vs, right? WRONG! Anna doesn’t need Lisa one bit – she’s been incubating one hell of a nasty future Queen in an egg that no joke looks EXACTLY like enormous veiny nutsac. Look:

Gigantic scrotum right?

Last night we were privy to the birth of the new V princess which gave us our first views of the Vs minus any skin at all. It was gross. In the best possible way.

Anna was pleased with her new daughter and ordered Joshua to make her look exactly like Lisa so that she may mate with Tyler.

Anna didn’t kill Lisa 1, rather she imprisoned her in the same place she held Diana and tortured her with watching Lisa 2.0 and Tyler get it on.

Except when Anna said torture she really meant torture as Lisa 2.0 had different plans for Tyler. LIKE KILLING HIM

I’ve constantly belittled and hated on Tyler and Logan Huffman, the actor that plays him; Tyler was both the obnoxious martyr and the damsel in distress. He was a whiny, indignant, cloying teenager. Even his hair was horrible.

Logan Huffman had NO chemistry with Laura Vandervoort. He was prone to tricks from the Shane West school of eye acting and he had a face I constantly wanted to punch. During the first season I complained one of the reason for the reboot’s failure was the inability to relate to Tyler, and disliking Erica for having a stupid son. I am so happy Tyler is dead. So goddamn happy – If he’s not on my year end list of deaths I’ll be shocked. If V continues, it’ll be better simply because Tyler is dead. Elizabeth Mitchell would be great as the mother out for vengeance for her son’s death – it would add a real depth to her character. Gosh Im- Im just so happy!


Where’s Tyler’s insanely overprotective mother when his son was being seduced and murdered? She had a bag thrown over her head and was taken to see Lars Tremont, played by guest star Marc Singer, the other star of the original V, he’s the mysterious leader of an international group of government agents set on stopping the Vs.

They have a super secret head quarters a mile under Manhattan, where they’ve taken Erica. This is kind of a game changer (not that killing the protagonists only child isn’t) that brings a whole new layer to the series. If V were to be granted a third season, this new agency would open the plots up to more international settings (not that it matters when the show is a green screen addict) and bigger stories.

The episode ended with a few cliff-hangers.

Anna was able to synthesize the voice of the hostage taker and discovered it was Chad Decker (Scott Wolf). Last we saw him he was being lead into Anna’s lion’s den to an unknown and most likely painful fate.

Hobbs disappeared after Lisa’s botched the assassination attempt. Where is he?

Anna decided to bliss the world, but wasn’t strong enough so Amy, fresh off murdering her father helps in the bliss. Anna cried blood forEVER. It was so giddily gross. Morena Baccarin makes a blood soaked face as sexy as Anna Paquin.

And Erica emerged from the underground lair to find the world gazing up in awe and basking in the light of the bliss. Including Father Jack! AHHHH

I hope V survives. If the last 25 minutes of last nights episode were any indication V wants to live. Plus it set up having DOUBLE the Vandervoort when we were introduced to Lisa 2.0. And if Fringe’s Fauxlivia Dunham and The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce prove that all evil Dopplegangers do is make things better, especially when they’re gorgeous bombshells. If it was the end, it went out in a blaze of glory killing THE most hated (Tyler), and one of the most loved characters (Ryan) in totally go for broke awesome ways.

Dear V Producers: If this was indeed your last episode, I can’t thank you enough for giving me and those like me the satisfaction of seeing Tyler die. You listened to us, and we’re thankful.

And one more time to relish the joy!
So satisfying.

Umm… Yes Please.

So yeah, that’s Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) dressed up as Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) for Community’s Pulp Fiction themed episode called “Critical Film Studies” on March 24; in which the gang thows Abed a birthday party themed with his fave film. The episode was also reported to be a semi-crossover/love letter to ABC’s Cougar Town. I don’t know what that means but I like it. If Shirley above is any indication we’ve got hot stuff comin’ through. Want one more ? Fine.

Yup, that’s Britta as Uma’s Mia Wallace and Chang as Bruce Willis’ Butch. Oh man with this and the news that the finale is going to a 2 parter paintball episode focusing on ANNIE, my hard-on for Community just keeps growing.

Want the pics to keep to yourself? Buy this week’s Entertainment Weekly, that’s who’s they are.

Guest Star of the Night was…


Last night on two of TV most watched and different series, Twitter played an important guest starring role. Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory are two of the biggest hits on TV and last night both featured major plots revolving around the 140 character phenomenon.

Twitter as ‘The Critic’

Last night, TBBT had Sheldon asking Penny for acting lessons in order to improve his teaching methods. It was a neat plot line for the classic-style sitcom. Twitter provided some good laughs – while Sheldon was teaching, the guys found his student’s twitter feeds and relished in the horrible things they were saying about Dr. Cooper’s teaching.

Twitter as ‘Pedagogue, Reuniter & Lifesaver’

On Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Bailey had begun to live-tweet her surgeries and had developed a following of both doctors and students, who can offer tips or ask questions. This didn’t sit well with the Chief who ordered Miranda stop – of course she didn’t and just as he confronted Miranda during a surgery she wasn’t supposed to be tweeting from. Then the patient started to crash, and a lifesaving tweet came from in from a doctor. Well after that it was like Chief Webber and twitter were BFF’; he was taking questions from students and even got contacted by an old colleague who said via twitter something along the lines of how it was great to be in the OR with him again.

It’s not abnormal for two series set in current times to make use of twitter, in fact an The 21-Second Excitation, a TBBT episode from earlier this season has Sheldon following Wil Wheaton’s tweets after the Star Trek star stole their seats. But where that was a side joke to the whole plot, last night Twitter took the main stage and it didn’t feel forced or out of place.

Were they not fictional, Twitter would be a big part of The Big Bang gang’s lives. Spoilers, geek stalking, comic, movie, videogame release details – I know people who are very much like TBB boys and they regard twitter as a gift. And while it was more a catalyst than a plot point on TBBT, twitter felt right in the show and not at all forced.

Okay so fine, Twitter definitely felt a little forced in Grey’s Anatomy, where it was the focus of an entire plot instead of a medical problem, but in a time where the internet and twitter are constantly revolutionizing the way business is done, why not medicine? The other aspect of the Grey’s twitter use I approve of is how people of an older generation have a hard time acclimating to how fast the world has changed in so little time. It’s something I go through with both my parents and my grandparents. Last week at dinner my Bubby explained to my mother what a tweet was, because she follows the tweets of a cousin of our in Wisconsin. Like my Bubby, the Chief also had a hard time adjusting to twitter, but in the end like her he loved it. And why not, all old people want is more ways to keep tabs on their kids.

So far this twittering on TV business is OK with me. I have a feeling it’ll keep itself in reason. We’ll never see Olivia Dunham or Raylan Givens or Jax Teller reading tweets, that would signal the end of days. But if Twitter pops up in say The Good Wife, which relishes its digital age currentness, or 90210, which is a hot bed for twitterisms, it’s perfectly fine

But let’s not forget Twitter is also the beast that birthed Shit My Dad Says, a crime that needs time to be forgiven, and CBS is currently developing another Twitter based series; Dear Girls Above Me. It doesn’t look like Twitter is going anywhere so it’ll be interesting to see how the communication system fairs in TV appearances from now on.