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FALL 2011: The Axe Continues To Fall ABC’s Brothers & Sisters! Mr. Sunshine! V! & 3 More Cancelled

The Grim Reaper went nuts at ABC today, most notably canceling Brothers & Sisters after 5 seasons. The worst news of all is that the season finale, which left many plot lines up in the air was in fact the series finale.

The veteran series which has continued to fall in the ratings (despite it’s high production cost) let go of six cast members at the end of last season including Parks and Rec’s Rob Lowe and Emily Van Camp (who has a pilot called Revenge in contention at ABC). Ryan Devlin who plays Seth should be bummed, after leaving Cougar Town and getting replaced on Shit My Dad Says, his character knocked up Kitty (Calista Flockhart) and he was set to become a regular next season. Also unless Fox’s Breaking In gets resurrected again (which might happen, it was resurrected once before) this means the newlyweds Dave Annable from Bro & Sis and Odette Annable will both be simultaneously unemployed. There was talk of Brothers and Sisters returning for a final short season to tie up storylines but ABC decided the to go with a clean slate.

ABC also cancelled V after it’s second season, the sci-fi series had a lackluster second season but went balls out in the game changer finale, killing off three characters including the protagonist’s teenage son. It’s disappointing that this remake never really found its footing. From the beginning it struggled with it’s pacing and structure; it wasn’t entirely sure what kind of series it wanted to be. Add to that the awful Logan Huffman and truthfully on ABC V never really stood a chance. I’m still happy they killed Huffman off in the finale.

ABC also cancelled 3 freshman hourlongs Detroit 187, No Ordinary Family & Off the Map. This should surprise no one who’s seen them. 

ABC also cancelled Mr. Sunshine, the series starring Matthew Perry and Alison Janney about a man who runs a stadium and goes through a mid life crisis. The series was hilarious, it just never found it’s audience despite being placed in the prime post-Modern Family slot. 

The axe keeps swinging. One the heels of NBC’s cancellation of THE EVENT, NBC has also opted not to renew Law & Order:LA for a second season. The troubled series never really found an audience, it underwent an creative overhaul in the winter, cut three castmembers, turned Alfred Molina from a ADA into a Detective and even brought back in Alana De La Garza from the cancelled mothership.  I’ll keep updating you as they keep chopping.


What’s On: REDEMPTION Wednesday!






It all comes down to tonight. One will stand and one will fall. Also Christian Slater’s new show premieres. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday April 6, 2011.

Survivor Redemption Island “The Game Respects Big Moves” 8:00

Tonight one of those two fools above me gets put back into the game right in time for the merge. Does Sarita stand a chance in hell. I’m gonna laugh so hard if Matt defeated 6 people in a row only to lose to a dummy like Sarita. I am shocked Philip made it to the merge. Shocked. A man with so few social skills made it this far. I have a feeling he’s gonna send Rob home tonight – which sucks cause he’s really found his groove this time.

Breaking In “Pilot” 9:30 on FOX

Christian Slater’s third series in as many years. Officially, FOX says it’s about: Contra Security, a high-tech security firm that takes extreme and often questionable measures to sell its protection services is corporate America’s answer to “The A-Team,” giving clients a sense of security by first ripping it away. It costars Bret Harrison (Reaper, V), Odette Annable (formerly Yustman, Cloverfield, You Again) and Smallville’s Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum.

Justified “Brother’s Keeper” 10:00 on FX

Last Week left off with a cliffhanger, Raylan and Carol the Coal executive (Rebecca Creskoff) were heading to Mags Bennett’s (Margo Martindale) party, as were Boyd and Ava. I have a feeling it might be the end for Coover (Brad William Henke). Word on the street is that tonight’s episode is not to be missed. Check out the promo!

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – I’m still flying high on Haley’s Benny and the Jets. Idol becomes 90 minutes.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – This is so 2004.

The Kennedys 8:00 on REELZ – This is by far the smartest thing Reelz has ever done. Its ratings were through the roof – and now people have heard of Reelz.

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – PAGET BREWSTER!!!

Mr. Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – Lizzy Caplan Alert! Mean Girls’ Janice Ian, Party Down’s Casey Klein guest stars as a love interest for Ben tonight.

Law and Order: SVU 10:00 on NBC – Law and Order: LA’s Terence Howard and former Regular Diane Neal both guest star tonight in anticipation of LO:LA’s relaunch and return next week.

Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Boring in the Jersey Shore landscape.

Top Chef All Stars Reunion 10:00 on BRAVO! – Thank god Richard won. I don’t know if I could have handled a Mike Isabella win.

Season (and Probably Series) Finale!!!

Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – This shitty show finally dies tonight.

Season Premiere Alert!

Top Chef Masters 11:00 on BRAVO – I echo Community’s Alison Brie.

What’s On: Blais of Glory Wednesday!

Tonight marks the end of one of my favorite season of Top Chef ever – its a battle of Good (Richard Blais) vs Obnoxious (Mike Isabella). I really wanted Antonia to beat him last week and was shocked she didn’t. I can’t stand Mike Isabella. That’s not the only good vs obnoxious battle on tonight, Survivor got Steph going up against good christian Matt. Matt needs to lose and soon, I can’t take much more of this bland golden boy bullshit (its so Brett from Samoa – BORING!). Also on hand tonight are new episodes of both Criminal Minds, Mr Sunshine and the newly renewed Justified, check out our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday March 30 2011.

The Best:








Survivor: Redemption Island “It Don’t Take a Smart One” 8:00 on CBS

The promo below promises the “most extreme smackdown ever” hmmm… okay – we’ll see I guess. What I am loving is the gameplay going on – this has been one of the more active seasons (in terms of gameplay) as opposed to more passive seasons (like the last one) and that makes me excited. Most people are there to play the game and I am really enjoying Rob vs. Philip, becuase as obnoxious as he is, it makes him a great person to align with, no one will want to give Philip a million dollars – in fact people will probably just want to see him lose, like Russell (no one voted for Natalie or Sandra, they just voted against Russell).

Mr. Sunshine “The Assistant” 9:31 on ABC

Roman becomes Alice’s assistant. Sounds good to me, mainly becuase I think Andrea Anders (Alice) is a very funny actress who’s being slightly squandered, I’m excited for her to get an ‘A’ plot, and more excited it’s opposite Nate Torrence’s hilarious Roman. Check out Andrea Anders in these very Rated R (ie NSFW) hilarious outtakes from her previous gig on Better Off Ted.

Justified “The Spoil” 10:00 on FX

Damn this is good, even it’s weaker outings are better than most other TV and Margo Martindale is simply the most capable and gifted guest Justified’s ever seen, she’s terrifying and I can’t get enough. Last episode we were introduced to Rebecca Creskoff’s Mining Company Character, who Raylan is tasked with protecting tonight. She goes up against Mags Bennett and Raylan and Boyd are caught in the middle. From what I understand tonight’s is supposed to be great, but next week’s is supposed to be the best yet.

Season Finale Alert!!!

Top Chef: All Stars “Finale” 10:00 on Bravo!

Last week was a mad intense nailbiter, there was nothing more in I wanted in the world than to have Antonia Lofaso in the finals against Blais – I can’t stand Mike Isabella, I didn’t think he should have been picked over Bryan Voltaggio or Kevin Gillespie for All Stars. If Richard Blais loses I’ll feel as if this whole season has been a waste – seriously Mike can’t win. I mean he better not – the problem I see is that he’s in Blais’ head with three back-to-back wins and Blais tends to live or die by his neuroses. We’ll see how they fare tonight (after Justified though). PS – I miss Carla. Beef tongue beef tongue…

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on Fox – Check this weeks rankings here!

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – I miss when challenge winners got to guest star on Veronica Mars.

Shedding For The Wedding 9:00 on CW – Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Makeover makeover, makeover makeover, makeover makeover.  MAKEOVER! (Gosh I miss clone high)

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – The first Prentiss free ep… I hope it’s good. (But I know it’s not)

Criminal Minds: Dropping Deuce 9:00 on CBS – Poo!

Off The Map 10:01 on ABC – I think literally everyone on that cast can do better. Everyone.

The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Housemate Dustin used to do gay porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Law & Order:SVU 10:00 on NBC – Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost and V) guest stars as a devious piano teacher and oscar winner Jeremy Irons also guests as a psychiatrist that helps Benson and Stabler solve the case. JSYK – Mitchell played a seriously scary pedophile and child murderer in 2006’s Running Scared. Check out the scene below. “You wanna hug your sister?” Shudder…

Nuts huh? I’m gonna tune in cause when Mitchell goes bad – she goes for broke.

What’s On: Who will find Redemption Wednesday?

Can little Krista stop Matt’s insane winning streak? Probably not, but I’ll enjoy watching her try. We got a fun night of television ahead so lets not hesitate and get to our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday March 23, 2011.

The Best:







Survivor: Redemption Island “Their Red Headed Stepchild” 8:00 on CBS

Will Rob & Co. finally get Philip out this week? Will Stephanie’s bestie survive to fight another day? Also on tap? A violent challenge! Sweet! Check out the promo below.

America’s Next Top Model “Rachel Zoe” 8:00 on CW

Wow. Playing with a baby snow leopard and reading someone’s diary? How Shakespearian!

Modern Family “Boy’s Night” 9:00 on ABC

ABC says: “Phil and Claire have some trepidation when they find out that Luke has befriended their crotchety old neighbor, Mr. Kleezak; Jay’s attempt to avoid sitting through a symphony concert with Gloria and Manny lands him in the middle of Mitchell and Cameron’s “boys’ night out”; and Haley has her own adventures in babysitting with Lily” No promo, just a cute video! This will go to 9:31 so set DVRs accordingly.

Justified “Save My Love” 10:00 on FX

Last week Winona took one 100 dollar bill from the evidence lock-up, had it stolen in a bank robbery, and involved Raylan in the cover up. Tonight, the shit hits the fan as Justified continues it’s stellar second season.

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Tonight is Motown night, which is 100 percent about song choice and arrangement. We’ll see who prevails. Also check back soon for pre-show rankings.

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Looks so easy. But I have a chair i broke in frustration that says otherwise.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – TV’s most underrated sitcom. Spring cleaning brings back some painful memories.

Shedding for the Wedding 9:00 on CW – JUST STOP IT.

Mr Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – Just keep chugging along finding you’re groove. You are worth it, little buddy! Fred Savage guest stars as himself tonight!

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – I SAID STOP IT.

Hot in Cleveland 10:00 on TVLand – Law and Elka.

Off the Map 10:00 on ABC – Jenna Bans is an evil, evil woman for subjecting the world to this barf.

The Real World 10:00 on MTV – When Dustin got mad at nerdy Mike for kissing the girl he likes in truth or dare it was pathetic. His thug accent was hilario to the maxx. What a loser.

Top Chef: All Stars 10:00 on BRAVO! – I cannot stand Mike Isabella. Please lose tonight!

Retired at 35 10:30 on TVLand – Congrats on a second season renewal!


What’s On: Goodbye Emily Prentiss Wednesday


The title says it all. Even the most casual viewer of CBS’ Criminal Minds loves Prentiss and Paget Brewster who plays her. Tonight is her last episode – will she die? Probably not as if her sitcom pilot fails she may be back, her swan song also marks the return of JJ in a very-special episode. Tonight’s also a reality junkie’s dream with 8 hours of unscripted fare including Post-Russell (!) Survivor, which including a few other choices are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday March 16 2011.

What’s Juicy:


Survivor: Redemption Island “I Hate My Tribe” 8:00 on CBS

It was one week ago tonight, I sat in my room with unbridled anticipation as I watched the Redemption Island challenge last week – part of me wanted Russell to win, to keep that crazy-eyed bastard in the game and part of me wanted that arrogant sonofabitch to get what he deserved, a disheartening loss to a child and a rookie. I gasped when Russell was about to win and his LAST BLOCK fell short. And finally when he lost, and that look of sorrow and dejection crept upon his face I started to cackle, not just a little bit – but hysterically. Tears were flowing down both of our faces but for wildly different reasons – and I knew what me heart wanted. As much as I love watching Russell not win a million dollars, watching him get voted out, and then humiliated on redemption was pretty good too. Tonight, Caliban-esque Philip continues his reign of obnoxious terror. PS I hope Christine stays, Matt is be-YOND yawn-city.

Criminal Minds “Lauren” 9:00 on CBS

All season we’ve been learning more and more about Emily Prentiss’ (Paget Brewster) past as an undercover for Interpol and the begrudged psycho named Doyle that she put away who’s out to get her. Tonight is a bead deal episode of Criminal Minds for three reasons:

1. This is Emily Prentiss’ (and her portrayer Paget Brewster) last appearance on the series. (Unless her new sitcom pilot goes belly up, but yeah she was fired and then rehired, and then she quit. Go girl – no one deserves to be treated like that. Brewster has had a knack for making good decisions ever since she dumped Joey for Chandler after the whole Velveteen Rabbit ordeal)

2. Tonight marks the return of AJ COOK as JJ JAREAU. Amazing! I F’n LOVE JJ (In fact; the producers firing of her and demoting of Brewster at the end of last season is the reason I stopped watching religiously)

3. Tonight’s episode is directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Reid) which made filming Brewster’s last episode and Cook’s return all that more special.

Justified “Blaze of Glory” 10:00 on FX

Sometimes I ask myself if I’ll feature Justified in this section every week, is it overkill? No. When a show is THIS GOOD you need to pimp it at every turn. Last week was the season’s best so far, finally getting Ava (Joelle Carter) into the mix. We knew living with Boyd would have consequences, but we also knew that rule about no criminal activity wasn’t gonna last either. But tonight’s episode looks a little lighter than most – and it seems to heavily feature the main woman in Raylan’s life (at least for now), his ex-wife Winona (Natalie Zea). I hope there’s some Bennett business too – Margo Martindale is destroying the world as Mags – she simply cannot be beat – the scene in which she injures her idiot son to prove a point to Dickie (Jeremy Davies) was some of the best work on TV – BAR NONE.

Top Chef: All Stars “Island Fever” 10:00 on BRAVO!

The final four catch fish to cook at a banquet. I totally thought tonight was the final episode – but there’s even two more after this one! Check out the preview!

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Watch Casey kill it and Karen make me want to die.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – Doesn’t Andre Leon Tally have better things to do than judge this shitshow?

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Idaho (insert joke here).

Shedding For The Wedding 9:00 on CW – News Flash – I’m Crazy (tries to eat mic)

Mr. Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – One of the weaker outings so far – but still better than most crapulance.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – Beau Garrett from Tron Legacy is pretty.

Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – If you like this show – you’ll love it’s current stars on new projects – it’s pilot season and people can’t get off this sinking ship fast enough. Martin Henderson and Rachelle LeFevre (right) booked the same pilot – BFFAEAEAE!

The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – In a world where Jersey Shore exists, this is too watered down to be anything but meh.

Hot in Cleveland 10:00 on TVLand – Betty White will live forever, Vatican Warlock Assassins tend to be immortal.

Retired at 35 10:00 on TVLand – Jessica Walter is better on Archer. PS – how funny was watching Cyril and Mallory write her novel in Archer last week? Genius. “You cannot call the sexy burly slave Cassius”

What’s On: Good vs. Evil Wednesday!

Not even the rain pouring down can damper my joyous wednesday mood and I am in this mood for one reason – Russell on Redemption Island. I’m really looking forward to watching this slimy rat fight to stay in the game, not threaten, not manipulate – FIGHT. Which is something he’s rarely had to ever do to stay in the game. Damn 8:00 can’t come soon enough. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday March 9, 2011.

The Best:


Survivor: Redemption Island “Don’t You Work For Me?” 8:00 on CBS
I’m digging the format of having the redemption duel at the beginning and tribal council at the end and while I already miss Probst’s utterance of “Wanna see what you’re playing for?” since rewards are out, I’m super stoked for tonight’s redemption battle. I believe Russell will win, but you never know – all it takes is one rough challenge to eliminate a fave. And Philip. I’ve encountered many a people like Philip in my comings and goings and I see only two options when dealing with his type – bring them into the fold and make them feel special as long as you need them or drive them insane with no respect and ridicule till they self destruct. We’ll see what happens.
Mr. Sunshine “Crystal On Ice” 9:30 on ABC
Crystal (Alison Janney) fears a certain Ice Dancing Group and their impending arrival and Ben (Matthew Perry) takes Roman (Nate Torrence) in. I finally caught the unaired episodes of Better Off Ted and I’m still waiting for them to make good use of Andrea Anders in this series. She was brilliant in Ted. Still aren’t watching this? Why not? Check out the promo!
Justified “Cottonmouth” 10:00 on FX
Easily one of the best series on television right now. Just hearing the first few beats of the infectious theme song gets me so pumped for Raylan and Co. Tonight, as the promo would suggest, Boyd’s seemingly back to his criminal ways. Amazing. Check out the promo for Cottonmouth and check it out at ten on FX.
25th Season Premiere Alert!
The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV
No this isn’t the Trishelle classic, MTV is back in Sin City for their 25 year of sticking strangers in a house and watching them fall apart. I’m sure I’ll check in semi-regularly, If mainly to see the newest crop of people who will be competing in MTV’s RealWorld/RoadRules Challenges.
The Rest:
American Idol 8:00 on FOX – A 2 hour installment in which the top 13 perform. Check back later for the rankings going into the finals.
America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – You wanna be on TOP!
Minute to Win It 8:00 on NBC – Desmond and Penny are reunited and the oceanic 6 finally make it off the island.
Shedding for the Wedding 9:00 on CW – Sam and Dean encounter one hell of a nasty demon while looking for the Colt.
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – Janeane Garofalo used to be haha funny and now she’s just over-acting funny.
Top Chef: All Stars 10:00 on BRAVO! – Finale part one. Just so y’all know, when this season was announced I said they should have the finalists cook against the chef’s that beat them. And it appears I am a TV GOD.
Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – Simply the worst.
Hot in Cleveland 10:00 on TVLand – Hot in nowhere.
Retired at 35 10:30 on TVLand – Retire it now.
Man I was bitchy today….I guess it’s just that it’s noon and I have to wait 8 hours for Survivor. OMG – Imagine Russell stays till Rob gets voted out and then they battle on redemption island? I have a feeling like he’ll stick around a while though…

What’s On: Redemption Island Showdown Wednesday!

Wow. How amazing was last night’s Good Wife? Twisty, enigmatic, funny and compelling – I’m still riding the euphoria wave, and I’m gonna ride it all the way to the first Redemption Island showdown, which among others is our first recommendation for tonight, Wednesday March 2, 2011.







Survivor: Redemption Island “Keep Hope Alive” 8:00 on CBS

I am super stoked for tongiht’s first redemption island showdown. My money’s (and my hopes and prayers are too) on Franwhatsit beating nice Christian Matt. I was at aprehensive about this redemption island crap but it’s winning me over – it’s certainly no Exile Island thank god. Check out the promo where Sarita says it’ll be the biggest blindside ever, I think she’s an idiot.

Criminal Minds “Valhallah” 9:00 on CBS

If your a fairweather fan like me, tonight is an episode to tune into. All season in anticipation of Paget Brewster’s exit, details have been emerging about her character’s past with Interpol. All that comes to a head tonight as the team tracks a European kill squad with ties to Prentiss.

Modern Family “Two Monkeys and a Panda” 9:00 on ABC

Tonight’s edition of ModFam was written by Carol Leifer. Who you ask? Leifer is a comedian and writer, she wrote a bunch of episodes of Seinfeld where she was the basis for the character of Elaine Benes. She’s one damn funny lady and tonight’s episode will be too; Cam looks into Lily’s backround and finds some disturbing info, Claire plays peacemaker between Alex and Haley and Jay buys two crypts side by side and freaks Gloria out. Sounds like a 10.

Justified “For Blood or Money” 10:00 on FX

It’s the first episode to focus on Rachel Brooks (played capably if not very seen by Erica Tazel) and going after the brother in law that killed her sister. Meanwhile Raylan and Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale) go toe to toe as he gets closer to the big picture operation the Bennetts are running.

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – The top 12 women perform for 90 mins.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – This one’s for the bees.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – PAtricia Heaton’s Raymond co-star Doris Roberts returns as Brick’s nasty math teacher.

Better With You 8:30 on ABC – Better than nothing.

Minute To Win It 9:00 on NBC – I can totally stack knuts upright holding only a pencil while a 20 year old sorority girl shrieks in my face.

Shedding for the Wedding 9:00 on CW – The biggest loser for people who found chubby love/ a Mike & Molly season 4 plot line.

Traffic Light 9:30 on FOX – I wondered why FOX didn’t give this the slot last night and now I know. It’s a damn funny show. Watch it!

Mr. Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – Good News: This may have been the funniest episode yet. Bad News: Andrea Anders is still tragically underused.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – I preferred cast Beau Felton member in 2010’s Tron: Legacy.

Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – Watch Justified instead of this pathetic brainrotting mess.

Hot in Cleveland 10:00 on TVLand – Elka does something wild and everyone else had to deal with the consequences,

Retired at 35 10:00 on TVLand – I guess I’m gonna give this show a chance – I’m feeeling kinda throback-y and I also wanna watch ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey while I’m at it.