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What’s On: The Sunday of Beginnings and Endings

My vacation is over, and just in time as summer TV is really ramping up. I’m really excited for both premieres tonight; TNT’s Spielberg produced alien invasion drama, Falling Skies and the 3rd season return of my favourite not-so-guilty pleasure, Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. But it’s a bittersweet evening as both The Killing and Game of Thrones end their freshmen runs tonight, both series were renewed for second seasons already and for damn sure are among our recommendations for tonight, Sunday June 19th 2011.

3rd Season Premiere Alert!
Drop Dead Diva
 “Hit and Run” 9:00 on Lifetime

Last season ended with Grayson getting hit by a car and seeing Deb when he looked at Jane. OMG – you can bet that tonight’s third season premiere will begin with a musical fantasy number where Brooke Elliot gets to show off her fancy pipes. Perfect summer fluff!

2 Hour Series Premiere Alert!
Falling Skies
 “Live & Learn” & “The Armory” 9:00 on TNT

Let’s hope that Falling Skies succeeds where both V and the Event failed. TNT’s anticipated invasion drama has the pedigree of Steven Spielberg a bona fide TV star leading man’s (people who doubt Noah Wyle’s talent probably don’t know John Carter very well) triumphant return to TV. It looks more like Battlestar than anything else, which really is what every sci-fi series should try to be.

Season Finale Alert!
Game of Thrones
 “Fire and Blood” 9:00 on HBO

Last weeks phenomenal “Bealor” ended with the beheading of Ned Stark (series star Sean Bean) and tonight the ramifications of that are felt throughout the seven kingdoms. Arguably the best series on the year so far (though Justified gives it a run for it’s money), I really hope this gets some emmy love. 

Season Finale Alert!
The Killing
 “Orpheus Descending” 10:00 on AMC

Did Richmond kill Rosie Larsen? Did Jamie do it for him? Beau Soliel was one of the series strongest entries to date, and with Jamie Ann Allman (Aunt Terry) signed on for the second season it looks like we’ll see the Larsens next season in some way. I loved this season of the killing despite it’s midseason slump and erratic pacing (Missing, the tenth episode which focused on Holder and Linden’s relationship should have been in the first third of the season) and I have an especially strong fondness for the brilliant cast especially the magnificent Enos. Here’s to a good first season and hopefully an even better second!

The Rest:

The Daytime Emmys 8:00 on CBS – So it’s the people from Y and R competing against Days of our Lives? What are soaps are even left??

The Glee Project 9:00 on Oxygen – Who will win? White Mercedes? Gay Male Mercedes? The Irish Moron? Stupid Deadlocks Guy? 

Law and Order CI 9:00 on USA – Bye Bye franchise.

The Next Food Network Star 9:00 on Food – I miss Aarti Party!

The Glades 10:00 on A&E – It’s too hot to even think about watching this.

In Plain Sight 10:00 on USA – Are Mary and Marshall doing it yet?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians 10:00 on E! – OMFG.

The Protector 10:00 on Lifetime – This Ally Walker starrer is benefitted from a killer supporting performance from Tisha Campbell-Martin, worth it for her alone, at least once.

Treme 10:00 on HBO – I didn’t think Treme could get any better, but it’s second season has been even stronger than it’s expertly crafted first. 


Happy Holidays from the Kardashians!

Clan Kardashian’s Holiday card is by and large the funniest thing I’ve seen this holiday season. It’s not like the Kardashians have a history of being subtle over the holidays, its just this super-glam fancy card is well…  I don’t know… kinda perfect.

I can’t believe Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s archvillain Scott Disick made the cut this year. Kris Jenner must have been on something pretty strong.

And how frikkin cute is Mason?

Check out a few of their old (and hilarious) holiday cards…

Which one's Brody Jenner?

Ryan Seacrest-Kardashian?

Son's of Kardasharchy, Brentwood Original.