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What’s On: Thursday

Hey everyone. So sorry I missed the What’s On yesterday. There was a lot going on round here. To make up for it, and because it’s a jam-packed thursday, and because they might not be so consistent in the coming weeks, everything is THE BEST tonight.

Bones ‘The Doctor in the Photo” 8:00 on FOX

Bones gets serious y’all! Dr. Temperance Brennan takes the Jeffersonian’s newest case very personally when she draws a lot of parallels between the victim, a lonely brilliant doctor, and herself. I’m excited for the Booth/Brennan relationship stuff, I’m not usually a ‘shipper but Boreanaz really shines when he’s playing vulnerable. I met him once and he was awesome. Just saying. Promo is below.

The Vampire Diaries “By the Light of the Moon” 8:00 on The CW

Uh-Oh… it’s a full moon in Mystic Falls tonight, which means we’re gonna get to see baby werewolf Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) transform for the first time, with a helping hand from new BFF vampire Caroline!  Speaking of New BFF’s, Damon and Alaric are suspicious of a woman looking for Mason while Katherine and Stefan play mind games in the crypt.

Community “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” 8:00 on NBC

Abed takes us and the study group on a magical stop-motion animation Christmas special (much like Rudolph). Goddamn that’s a good idea. I have really high expectations for tonight; like this is a new sitcom christmas classic. Damn the promo looks good.

The Big Bang Theory “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis” 8:00 on CBS

Amy Farrah Fowler becomes attracted to someone… Leonard? Sheldon? Meanwhile Wolowitz and Koothrappali try to determine between the two of them who would be the greater superhero. I’d say Wolowitz; but only because I’d underestimate him more. Here’s a quick little promo!

30 Rock “Christmas Attack Zone” 8:30 on NBC

Tonight is a jam packed Christmas special! Elaine Stritch! Alan Alda! Will Forte! Elizabeth Banks! Tracy trying to fix his image!  Liz fixing Jenna’s realtionship! Jack keeping secrets from his mother! It really is a joyous time. There’s a whole NBC thursday promo below the Office so take this for now…

The Office “Classy Christmas” 9:00 – 10:00 on NBC

OH. EM. GEE. Amy Frikkin’ Ryan’s back y’all! Damn. I got a dose of Amy on tuesday on In Treatment and now I get more! Ryan’s Holly Flax made such an impression in her short season 5 arc, I could not be more excited. NBC thursday promo belomo!

Nikita “All The Way” 9:00 on CW

Birkhoff comes across the program Nikita and Alex use…. UH OH. Melinda Clarke is my fave by far.

Fringe “Marionette” 9:00 on FOX

How good was last episode? I’m just happy to have Olivia back on our side! And her first case has her hunting Dr. Frankenstein sorta… Check the promos below for deets. I’m gonna embed a buttload…

The Mentalist “Jolly Red Elf” 10:00 on CBS

I really missed the Mentalist last week – It feels like it’s been gone forever. Tonight has Rigsby and Van Pelt working together while Jane goes undercover in Alcoholics Anon. Yup, definitely sounds like a Christmas episode. Check out the promo…

Burn Notice “Dead of Alive” 10:00 on USA

I don’t watch Burn Notice religiously, but it’s existence is something that I see as sort of a necessity; it’s just so damn cool. Donovan’s Voice overs, Anwar with a gun, hell anything with Campbell, and with the news from the other day about Bruce Campbell’s Sam getting a spin-off prequel TV movie, I remain a happy camper.

Season Finale Alert!

The Apprentice “Welcome to the Club” 10:00 on NBC

This season has not been as lame as its ratings have reflected. But its still mighty lame. The apprentice is much better when its celebs. Tonight Clint and Brandi go head to head. Odds are on Clint to take it unless he majorly screws up.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “Dee Gives Birth” 10:00 on FX

The fact the Deandra Reynolds was allowed to conceive is proof enough to me that god doesn’t exist. But like it or not (AND LOVE IT I DO) tonight Sweet Dee gives birth.

The League “Kegel the Elf” &” The Sacko Bowl” 10:30 & 11:00 on FX

It’s the end of the season – Jenny and Ruxin are vying for the Shiva while Andre and Taco duel it out for the Sacko, Kevin learns to read lips by watching porn. Pete buys a Crown Vic and is mistaken for a cop. Rafi Returns to exact revenge on The League. If you know what the above means you’re probably really excited.

Whew…. thats a lot of juice. Check back in the next few days for recaps and reviews.


It’s Always Sunny: “You want to take me to a spa.ghetti?”

Charlie: what is your spaghetti policy?
Dee: Are you hearing this? He doesn’t belong in a place like this.

this week on Always Sunny, Frank tells the gang it’s Charlie’s birthday, and in an attempt to make them less ‘cynical’ convinces them to throw him a surprise party based on ideas from Charlie’s dream journal and appearances from his friends from under the bridge.

The above quote came from Dee’s attempt to bring Charlie to redeem 2 coupons at a spa. Having never heard of the word spa, Charlie, king of the rats, assumes it is short for spaghetti.  The scene with Charlie trying to watch a “third dimensional” movie was priceless – and him sneaking spaghetti in Dee’s purse had me remembering the good times I had sneaking food into cinemas with my late grandmother.

My favorite part of the episode was when Dee, Dennis, and Mac visit Duncan and Charlie’s other friends from under the bridge to invite them to the party (pic above.) OBVIOUSLY THESE ARE PEOPLE FRANK WOULD ASSOCIATE WITH!!!!

In the end, Frank lied about it being Charlie’s birthday in a pathetic attempt to trick the others into planning his own party.  They, naturally, did not learn a lesson about being less cynical and didn’t even wish Frank ‘happy birthday’ when he confessed to his luau lies.  Instead they walked Charlie down a bar full of his dreams – denim chicken, toothbird, and an assortment of WORM HATS –‎”And then the third one — and this is the best one, Charlie — is a hat for your worm, if you want him to be fancy.”

extra points:

– frank and charlie in the sauna

– dennis buying himself a shirt with mac’s money

– charlie’s realization that he is, in fact, a rat.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Without further adieu…”

Still flourishing in their new school teacher/janitorial roles, Dee and “The Professor” Charlie, are making themselves known at the local high school.  After Dr. Meyers (Dee’s old drama teacher) breaks his hip, Dee is left to substitute teach his class and ‘shape America’s youth.’

in her substitute role, Dee gives a hilarious monologue and goes so far as telling the kids she will take them on a field trip to NYC. * the only thing that could have made this scene better is if Dee had broken out into ‘if you wanna be somebody’ from Sister Act 2.

Charlie “The Professor”, a.k.a the janitor, becomes enamored with eating garbage and a particular juggalo (fan of insane clown posse) student who is being picked on for wearing stupid face paint.  Charlie and Dee both get denied by the perfectly cast principal Dave Foley who tells Dee – rather bluntly – that she is a substitute teacher and will in no way be able to take the kids to NYC.  Additionally Foley has to practically beg Charlie to not bathe the juggalo … or watch him bathe himself 🙂

In order to be a hip and with it teacher, Dee enlists Dennis, Mac, and Frank (cough bad idea cough) to organize a film screening at the bar.  She was expecting to show the students Othello (which the bar boys thought would help solve their blackface debate (is it racist or not?) but in a surprise twist they screen LETHAL WEAPON 5, a movie starring Mac, Dennis, Frank, and a poorly cast Charlie — which is both hilarious and hilariously racist.  Frank films a love scene so awkward it came directly out of Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM, and dennis and mac switch roles midway through the movie, having Mac choose to don ‘black face’.  The debate was closed, blackface is NOT a good idea — and Charlie and Dee were fired from the jobs they never should have had in the first place.

next teacher to get the can: NaOnka on Survivor Nicaragua!