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The REAL BAU is back together! PRENTISS IN! SEAVER OUT!

Prentiss is back in the BAU!

Paget Brewster is joining AJ Cook, and like her, has inked a deal to return to Criminal Minds full time starting next season. The fan favourite’s NBC pilot, My Life is an Experiment, didn’t get picked up which has freed up Brewster to return to Minds like co-star AJ Cook.

Not coming back next season is Rachel Nichols who joined the cast earlier this season as cadet Ashley Seaver. She joined mostly to fill the void left by Cook’s departure. 

Thomas Gibson, who plays the team leader Aaron Hotchner is the only castmember yet to ink a deal. 

I stopped watching Criminal Minds on a regular basis at the beginning of the 6th season, pretty much in protest of how they tinkered with a formula that was working fine and essentially banished their women. I’m pleased to see they’ve come to their senses. 


Hired! Ashton Kutcher Replacing Charlie Sheen

After much speculation Les Moonves and Nina Tassler have selected Ashton Kutcher to fill the void left by Charlie Sheen’s firing. A few days ago Hugh Grant had all but signed on the dotted line but backed away from the deal at the last second, not wanting to do 24 episode work load.

Kutcher, who’s had mainstream film success in a string of romantic comedies including Valentine’s Day and No Strings Attached is returning to episodic television for the first time since leaving That 70’s Show in 2005.

He’s getting a million dollars an episode. Thats 24 million dollars for a year. Jesus.  

HIRED! Seth Gabel Joins Fringe Full-Time!

Seth Gabel, who has been guest starring on Fringe since his character Lincoln Lee was introduced in the season 2 finale has been promoted to a full fledged regular. We even got to meet his “our-universe” counterpart in a March episode. 

If you ask me this is brilliant news, Gable and his counterpart Lee have been welcome additions to the Fringe world, I particularly like how he and Peter had a little investigative bromance in “Stowaway”. We last saw Lee helping Fauxlivia give birth to Peter’s baby. 


Spotted, two of the most unbearable characters are getting the axe from the upper east side. I can barely contain my excitement because…


It’s not really surprising considering how off to the side both Vanessa and Jenny Humphrey have been this season. Also Momsen came under fire when she was publically slammed by guest star Tim Gunn for unprofessionalism. Since the beginning Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen have been awful vortexes of entertainment; both their wooden acting and their stupid distracting characters, all they need to do is give Nate a decent plot for the first time since the first season and this could be right back on track. This is very, very good news.


In the wake of firing two people Gossip Girl has hired Kaylee Defer who is currently guesting as Cousin Charlie, Serena’s cousin from Miami, to appear on the series full time starting in the fall. If she’s gonna take Jenny’s spot and be the new younger blonde troublemaker I wonder who they’ll hire to play the next boring bohemian frigid loser. Defer is the first cast member to be added to the series since the beginning, previously a contract offer was extended to Connor Paolo (Eric Van Der Woodsen), but he declined citing not wanting to be tied down to a project. Don’t know if this is good news yet, Charlie’s third episode is about to air and so far she’s proven nothing more than they typical crazy cousin.

TV News to Know!

Borgias Renewed!

The Jeremy Irons period drama about the Italian power hungry family has been given a second season by showtime. It’s not the strongest series on Showtime but performs decent enough in the ratings. The series follows Rodrigo Borgia, who uses power and influence to consolidate power in Italy. The series also stars Francois Arnaud (who particularly shines as the conflicted eldest Borgia child Caesare), Joanne Whalley (Willow, the ex mrs Val Kilmer) and Colm Feore.

Elizabeth Harnois to Solve Crimes on CSI Full Time!

Elizabeth Harnois, perhaps best known for playing Shelly the Clean Teen on One Tree Hill has joined the cast of CSI full time. She’ll play Ecklie’s estranged daughter, an LAPD officer who helps the team track down Nate Haskell (a recurring Bill Irwin) in the final episodes before returning next season full time.

And because I feel like we deserve it, here’s a pic of Josh Holloway from Community’s season finale.


AJ Cook Returns to Criminal Minds for TWO YEARS!!!

Last year around this time CBS made the decision to fire AJ Cook, it was part of a huge cost cutting strategy that also saw Melina Kanakaredes, Eddie Cibrian, Liz Vassey and Peter Cambor all found themselves without jobs along with the casts of Ghost Whisperer, New Christine, Gary Unmarried, Numbers and Cold Case.

The Criminal Minds staff got hit hard, not only was Cook fired but co-star Paget Brewster was fired too, she’d star in half the episodes and leave at the end of this season. During all this Criminal Minds got a spin-off and the flagship’s Kristen Vangsness, the spunky Penelope Garcia, got hired as a regular on Suspect Behavior and was effectively collecting two pay-cheques. Then in December, Brewster was effectively re-hired for the rest of the season and Rachel Nichols was hired to play cadet Ashley Seaver.

It was a wildly unpopular decision. At the start of this season JJ was promoted and sent to work in the Pentagon, she left after two episodes. She came back for her co-star Paget Brewster’s send-off.

And now she’ll guest star in the season’s two final episodes before becoming a full-fledged regular in the fall for CM’s 7th season and the 8th if it should happen (it will).

This comes on the heels of a similar deal attempt. Weeks ago CBS tried to re-enter negotiations with Brewster and were pretty much told to self-fornicate, Brewster is headlining a sitcom pilot on NBC called My Life as an Experiment along with Canadian comedian Jon Dore (The Jon Dore Show) and legend Donald Sutherland. Should the pilot not work out there is always a chance Brewster might return to Minds.

Criminal Minds could use JJ back, an original cast member, the series felt odd without her. JJ not being a field agent was relegated mostly to background, she was the one stuck making sad eyes with the families, hopefully upon her return she’ll get to see a little more action.


Jonathan Cake!

Cake, a Brit, is mostly known for his work over there, but has appeared on Law & Order, American Embassy and Chuck. He’ll appear in the last 4 episodes as a guest and starting next season (if there is one, Desperate Housewives has yet to be renewed – but it probably will see it’s 8th) he be a full fledged regular.

He is the 4th man, after Steven Culp, Roger Bart (also starring counts!) and Kyle McLachlan.

Word from the network is he’s going to be playing a police detective who comes to the lane to investigate a crime late in the season and becomes quite taken with Bree. No idea if he’ll tie into season 8’s mystery – but it’s been done before, in season 3 with Maclachlan’s Orson. Infact, just to keep track,

Mysteries by season:

  1. Mary Alice’s Suicide.
  2. The Applewhites – New Neighbours.
  3. Orson’s involvement with Monique Porier’s Murder. – New Man.
  4. Katherine Mayfair’s Secret – New Neighbours.
  5. Crazy Dave Williams Vengeance Scheme – New Man.
  6. The Bolen’s Secret/Fairview Strangler – New Neighbours.
  7. Paul Young’s Vengeance Scheme – Returning Crazy Neighbour.

What will Jonathan Cake and season 8 bring us? Who knows.. but odds are it won’t be as good as a returning Paul Young.