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What’s On: The Sunday of Beginnings and Endings

My vacation is over, and just in time as summer TV is really ramping up. I’m really excited for both premieres tonight; TNT’s Spielberg produced alien invasion drama, Falling Skies and the 3rd season return of my favourite not-so-guilty pleasure, Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. But it’s a bittersweet evening as both The Killing and Game of Thrones end their freshmen runs tonight, both series were renewed for second seasons already and for damn sure are among our recommendations for tonight, Sunday June 19th 2011.

3rd Season Premiere Alert!
Drop Dead Diva
 “Hit and Run” 9:00 on Lifetime

Last season ended with Grayson getting hit by a car and seeing Deb when he looked at Jane. OMG – you can bet that tonight’s third season premiere will begin with a musical fantasy number where Brooke Elliot gets to show off her fancy pipes. Perfect summer fluff!

2 Hour Series Premiere Alert!
Falling Skies
 “Live & Learn” & “The Armory” 9:00 on TNT

Let’s hope that Falling Skies succeeds where both V and the Event failed. TNT’s anticipated invasion drama has the pedigree of Steven Spielberg a bona fide TV star leading man’s (people who doubt Noah Wyle’s talent probably don’t know John Carter very well) triumphant return to TV. It looks more like Battlestar than anything else, which really is what every sci-fi series should try to be.

Season Finale Alert!
Game of Thrones
 “Fire and Blood” 9:00 on HBO

Last weeks phenomenal “Bealor” ended with the beheading of Ned Stark (series star Sean Bean) and tonight the ramifications of that are felt throughout the seven kingdoms. Arguably the best series on the year so far (though Justified gives it a run for it’s money), I really hope this gets some emmy love. 

Season Finale Alert!
The Killing
 “Orpheus Descending” 10:00 on AMC

Did Richmond kill Rosie Larsen? Did Jamie do it for him? Beau Soliel was one of the series strongest entries to date, and with Jamie Ann Allman (Aunt Terry) signed on for the second season it looks like we’ll see the Larsens next season in some way. I loved this season of the killing despite it’s midseason slump and erratic pacing (Missing, the tenth episode which focused on Holder and Linden’s relationship should have been in the first third of the season) and I have an especially strong fondness for the brilliant cast especially the magnificent Enos. Here’s to a good first season and hopefully an even better second!

The Rest:

The Daytime Emmys 8:00 on CBS – So it’s the people from Y and R competing against Days of our Lives? What are soaps are even left??

The Glee Project 9:00 on Oxygen – Who will win? White Mercedes? Gay Male Mercedes? The Irish Moron? Stupid Deadlocks Guy? 

Law and Order CI 9:00 on USA – Bye Bye franchise.

The Next Food Network Star 9:00 on Food – I miss Aarti Party!

The Glades 10:00 on A&E – It’s too hot to even think about watching this.

In Plain Sight 10:00 on USA – Are Mary and Marshall doing it yet?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians 10:00 on E! – OMFG.

The Protector 10:00 on Lifetime – This Ally Walker starrer is benefitted from a killer supporting performance from Tisha Campbell-Martin, worth it for her alone, at least once.

Treme 10:00 on HBO – I didn’t think Treme could get any better, but it’s second season has been even stronger than it’s expertly crafted first. 


What’s On: Three Show Sunday

There are only three shows on tonight – I mean not just three, I’m sure there’s a lot of reality crap on a bunch of cable networks, but there are only three shows on tonight worth watching, and lucky us, they’re three of the best shows on TV; HBO’s Game of Thrones & Treme and AMC’s The Killing, which are all super strong recommendations for tonight, Sunday May 29th 2011. 

Game of Thrones “You Win or You Die” 9:00 on HBO

Last week’s ep was a stunning entry that concluded with the fantastic death of Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) the hands of Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), and with that the first of what I suspect will be many regular character’s deaths. “HERE IS YOUR CROWN!” With four episodes left (including tonight’s) you can bet the plot’s gonna move at breakneck speed. Tonight we find out what Stark plans to do with the knowledge that Joffrey is the result of nasty twincest and not the son of a king.

Treme “Feels Like Rain” 10:00 on HBO

The second season of Treme is a vast improvement of the first, mainly in terms of story telling, it’s as if the first season was an origin story and now the real juice can start. I am 100 in love with Jenette DeSautel’s (Kim Dickens) story, and last week’s returning guest appearances from Tom Collichio and Eric Ripert only made it better. Steve Zahn and Lucia Micarelli have incredible chemistry and she’s by far the most talented musician of the regular cast – I also have been impressed with how understated Sonny (Michael Huisman) has been this season, he’s far less obnoxious and less cliche prone this season. David Morse’s promotion was also much welcome, last season had the justice system from the side of it’s agitators and it’s more balanced this season, plus his scenes with Oscar winner Melissa Leo are phenomenal. The only plot I’m not in love with is Jon Seda’s Nelson Hidalgo – and not the character mind you, Seda is suave and has great energy in the role, it’s just the plot feels disjointed from the rest. Minor gripe for a great show. No promo, just a great scene from last season’s finale.

The Killing “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” 10:00 on AMC

Last week seemed to tie up the terrorism/Bennett suspect subplot, I have a feeling the murder investigation will start to tie in to the mayoral campaign this week. I’m also so fearful for the Larsens for suffer the ramifications of last weeks shocking ending. 4 more episodes including tonight and no renewal yet – which is driving me crazy, The Walking Dead was renewed after few weeks and for AMC standards The Killing is a hit, it’s numbers are on par with flagship show Mad Men. It’s last few episodes have dragged a little but I have faith that the season’s endgame is gonna be spectacular.

A Bunch of random other crap:

Something called Mob Wives is on at 8:00 on VH1, it sounds pretty ridiculous. Why publicize you’re a mob wife.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is premiering on TLC at 9:00, as someone who’s very interested in Roma culture I’m thinking this might actually be cool. There’s another episode on right after the premiere.

What’s On: The Force of Family Guy Sunday!

Sunday night is full of network finales and cable goodies, here are our recommendations for tonight,  Sunday May 22 2011.

Season 6 Finale!
American Dad
 “Gorillas in the Mist” 7:30 on FOX

Seth McFarlane’s best 22 mins starts off the night with a Dian Fossey trib?

Season 22 Finale!!!
The Simpsons “The Ned-liest Catch” 8:00 on FOX

The photo below says it all:

First Season Finale!
Bob’s Burgers “Torpedo” 8:30 on FOX

I really enjoy this series, the clip below is great and if you want more (and you should) click through to FOX’s youtube page. 

9th Season Finale!
Family Guy “It’s A Trap, part 1 & 2” 9:00 on FOX

Tonight’s two parter has been available on DVD and Bluray for months, in the event you haven’t seen it (like myself it’s on tonight!)

4th Season Finale
The Celebrity Apprentice “7-UP Finale” 9:00 on NBC

Marley Matlin or John Rich… Honestly I still can’t believe he fired Star Jones over Meatloaf a few weeks back. Catch up before tonight below!

First Season Finale!
The Borgias “Nessuno (Nobody)” 10:00 on SHO

While it’s nowhere near as good as it thinks it is, the last episode was actually quite entertaining and bloody. Tonight the nine episode first season ends.

Not a finale, but still super-awesome:

Game of Thrones “A Golden Crown” 9:00 on HBO

Treme “Slip Away” 10:00 on HBO

The Killing “Undertow” 10:00 on AMC

The Rest: 

The Billboard Music Awards 8:00 on ABC – Do the people winning even care?

Army Wives 9:00 on Lifetime – They stand together.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 9:00 on CBS – Tom Selleck and his mustache co-star in yet another Jesse Stone telefilm. 

Law & Order: CI 9:00 on USA – The final season of Goran and Eames continue. 

Breakout Kings 10:00 on A&E – The best of the rest, always violent, well written and a lot of fun. 

In Plain Sight 10:00 on USA – Tonight’s episode is called “Meet the Shannons” might we be meeting more of Mary’s dysfunctional clan?


Will Rob Mariano win the title that’s eluded him 3 previous times? I’d sure like him to, but I have a feeling he’s made too many enemies and for the second time he’s gonna lose for the same reason. But who know’s if he’ll even make it, with 8 people still in contention for the title and the million it’s anyone’s game – well not Natalie’s. Depserate Housewives also closes their seventh season tonight, a season that’s been better than the last few with much thanks to the many season one throwbacks. With new episodes of The Killing, Game of Thrones and Fox’s animated series, it’s a jam packed rainy sunday. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Sunday May 15, 2011.

The Best:

American Dad “Flirting With Disaster” 7:30 on FOX

Francine gets a job at the CIA which you would think would put a stop to Stan’s flirting, but instead it becomes a flirting competition between the competitive couple. Fox usually doesn’t post promos so enjoy!

Season Finale Alert!
Survivor: Redemption Island “Seems Like A No-Brainer” 8:00 and “Reunion” 10:00 on CBS

Rob, Philip, Natalie, Ashley and Matt, Andrea, Mike and Grant. I want Rob to win, but I mean – he should have won All-Stars. I hope Matt doesn’t make it back in from the redemption crew, he drives me absolutely crazy. 

Season Finale Alert!
Desperate Housewives “And Lots Of Security” & “Come Over For Dinner” 9:00 to 11:00 on ABC

Season 7 comes to an end tonight and what a season it’s been! Paul Young came back to Wisteria Lane and brought some life back into the series, which had an awful season last year. But thanks to Young (a devious Mark Moses), the addition of Renee (Vanessa Williams), the Carlos banishing Bree, it’s been one helluva season, with my only major criticism being Lynette’s plots are a merry-go-round of misery and she’s completely unsympathetic and in this current fight she’s having with Tom, I’m on Tom’s side and I can’t help but think that Lynette’s being a hypocritical bitch. The first chunk of the season which focused on Young’s dastardly plan to devalue the street, but following the suicide of his wife Beth (for those keeping track that’s two of his wives who’ve shot themselves in the head) the focus of the plot turned to Felicia Tillman (Harriet Sansom Harris) and her scheme to get revenge on Paul, and when we last left the show Susan was about to be arrested for poisoning Paul. Usually housewives hints at the upcoming plot of the next season in the finale, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go.

Game of Thrones “The Wolf and The Lion” 9:00 on HBO

Aiden Gillen, who played Tommy Carcetti on The Wire, has been really impressive as the devious Petyr Baelish AKA ‘Littlefinger’ it’s not too far a cry away from the wily politician he played on The Wire, but the period suits him. He’s giving Peter Dinklage a run for his money as the prime scene stealer. The previous episode ended with Catelyn Stark taking Tyrion Lannister captive believing he tried to have her son killed. 

The Killing “Stonewalled” 10:00 on AMC

As the investigation hits a slump so does the series, here’s hoping it can find the tension that made it must-see-TV right out of the gate.

The Rest:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 8:00 on ABC – Ty is short for Tygert. I’m serious. 

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Special Night. 

The Simpsons 8:00 on FOX – Lisa solves a mystery.

Bob’s Burgers 8:30 on FOX – Lobsterfest is the title and I am already salivating. 

The Celebrity Apprentice 9:00 on NBC – Only an idiot who thinks he can be president would fire Star Jones and let Nene Leakes quit. 

Family Guy 9:00 on FOX – Bonnie crosses a line on a trip to France. 

Law & Order:CI 9:00 on USA – Now that Law and Order:LA is cancelled and this is on it’s last season there will be one Law & Order on TV for the first time in 11 years. 

Army Wives 9:00 on Lifetime – BRING ON DROP DEAD DIVA. Forget this shizz.

Season Finale Alert!
The Cleveland Show
 9:30 on FOX – The Cleveland show heads to comicon, I guess they’ve given up on trying to get black people to watch and are going for the nerds.  

The Borgias 10:00 on SHO – Francois Arnaud’s Caesare is the standout by far, and it’s actually getting more interesting week after week. 

In Plain Sight 10:00 on USA – Mary always gets her man, or so the promos would have you believe.

Breakout Kings 10:00 on A&E – Am I the only one really, really enjoying this show? 

Treme 10:00 on HBO – Congrats to the Treme team for their third season renewal!

More of FOX’s Animation Promos

American Dad

Bob’s Burgers

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show

What’s On: Desperately Good Sunday

Everything is DESPERATELY GOOD tonight, HBO, AMC, USA premeries and of course Season 7 of ABC’s long running and still capable hit Desperate Housewives which begins our recommendations for tonight, Sunday May 1 2011.

The Best:

Desperate Housewives “I’ll Swallow Poison on Sunday”9:00 on ABC

Desperate Housewives’ Season 7 has really been a treat for fans. There’s the multiple season long arcs dating back to the first season – which is 12 years ago in Desperate time – I’ve loved Paul’s (Mark Moses) revenge scheme, which has over the course of the season turned into Felicia Tillman’s (Harriet Sansom Harris) revenge scheme. The 12 year old death and cover-up of Carlos’ mother Juanita by the Van de Kamps has really given Bree and Gaby an some oomph in the tail of the season and is giving them way better material than the other ladies, it’s always been said this show is at it’s best when the housewives are at play. And lets not forget the addition of Vanessa Williams which was a stroke of brilliance – she may be underused but she’s been a joy to watch all season. Tonight has Gaby and the kids living with Bree (!)  and introduces new series regular Jonathan Cake as Det. Chuck Vance, his contract is to guest in the last few episodes and be a regular next season – though the series has yet to be officially picked up for season 8, it’s just a matter of hammering out contracts at this time. Check out the promos and clips for tonight’s episode below! There’s sooooo many!

The only animated series on Fox, as the Seth McFarlane trio that should have aired tonight were a three-way crossover with a tornado at the center of it, in light of the events in the southern US Fox will air those episodes in the fall. 

The Simpsons “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony” 8:00 on FOX

Tonight, Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure-Stu-Simpson ads another last name when she marries Fat Tony and turns into a bitchy housewife. Fat Tony (frequent guest star Joe Mantegna) flies the family out to the jersey shore for a bitch-tervention.

Game of Thrones “Lord Snow” 9:00 on HBO

One of the most expensive and ambitious efforts HBO has ever undertaken and in such a short time has proven its worth; it’s TV gold. Tonight, Catelynn, reeling from the botched assassination of her son digs deeper into the his accident and the conspiracy of the Lannisters. Jon Snow, fresh on the wall gets his skills tested much to the amusement of Tyrion Lannister (the amazing Peter Dinklage) and Ned acclimates his kids to his new location. It’s as great as Entourage is terrible.

Season 10 Premiere Alert!

Law and Order: Criminal Intent “Rispetto” 9:00 on USA

CI begins its tenth and final season on USA tonight. Vincent D’Onofrio is back, so is Katherine Erbe. Unquestionably the series’ stars, though the ranks have included Chris Noth, Saffron Burrows and Jeff Goldblum, they left in the season nine premiere which had Eames (Erbe) firing Goren (D’Onofrio) and then quitting herself. 

Season Premiere Alert!

In Plain Sight “The Art of the Steal” 10:00 on USA

One of the better shows on USA much due to the two really strong leads. Mary McCormack is top notch as Mary Shannon, her comic timing is near perfect and she’s mastered Mary Shannon’s ballsy meets wacky. She’s got great chemistry with Fred Weller, who’s equally fun as Marshall the Marshall. Light, breezy, nice TV for a spring sunday. 

The Killing  “What You Have Left” 10:00 on AMC

I am OB-SESSED with the Killing. I spend whole commutes to work trying to decipher the web of clues, think beyond – try to see the big picture and I’m stymied. At the same time I’m entranced by the world of the murder and the effect Rosie Larsen’s death is having on the the world small; the Larsen family, and big; the mayoral campaign. I still have a feeling this has to do with the Mayor’s waterfront project. And maybe Jamie did it.

Treme “Everything I do gonh be funky” 10:00 on HBO

Last weeks season 2 premiere made me laugh, cry, squirm and continue to marvel at the fact that HBO stands behind quieter but none the less equally masterful television. I’m really interested to see where Jon Seda’s developer storyline heads and I’m all for the David Morse’s addition to the regular cast. And of course Treme’s strongest asset is it’s soundtrack, the infectious New Orleans Jazz that fills the series with it’s breath was back in full force in season 2. Check out this nifty HBO featurette “Behind the Song”

The Rest:

The Amazing Race 8:00 on CBS – I was sad to see the cowboys go – anyone else feeling a Jen and Kisha win?

America’s Next Great Restaurant 8:00 on NBC – The first season ends tonight, and my belly hopes Jamawn’s Soul Daddy wins – but I have a feeling it’s gonna be Spice Coast. 

Extreme Makeover Home Edition 8:00 on ABC – To weepy for nice spring days.

Celebrity Apprentice 9:00 on NBC – Tune in for Nene Leakes vs. Star Jones.

Army Wives 9:00 on Lifetime  -Returns from it’s mini hiatus.

Undercover Boss 9:00 on CBS – The chancellor of UC Riverside goes undercover in the second season finale. 

Breakout Kings 10:00 on A&E – Lots of fun and definitely worth 45 minutes of your time. Criminal Minds but lighter and less morbid. But still with plenty of action and gratuitous violence. 

The Borgias 10:00 on Showtime – It may have a good cast, beautiful sets and costumes and an academy award winning writer, but The Borgias is a snoozefest. 

Brothers and Sisters 10:01 on ABC – I just found out today that Sarah is not William Walker’s child? The drama NEVER ENDS. Hopefully ABC will end it for them in a few weeks. 

Winter Will Come Again! Game of Thrones Renewed!

and only after one glorious episode!

HBO announced that it is renewing it’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones for a second season less than 48 hours after the first episode aired.

This was a no brainer, Thrones is easily HBO’s best series since the Sopranos, and leagues more entertaining than its most recent drama edition Boardwalk Empire.

Ratings for the premiere were decent, and those combined with potential DVD and blu-ray sales were enough incentive to renew the drama which was a considerable investment for HBO to undertake.

The premiere was great and it had one of the most shocking cliffhangers, check out our Recap and Review here. I can hardly wait till sunday for episode 2.

Game of Thrones Recap & Review


HBO finally unleashed upon us its much anticipated Game of Thrones and boy was it ever worth the wait. It’s essentially perfect television. Now I’ve only seen the pilot, but it was enough to have me never miss an episode, it’s the best new series to come along since The Walking Dead. The pilot was never boring, it moved along briskly and introduced its many characters and central plots smoothly and with ease. It’s ambitious sprawling plot could have relied on the viewer being able to maintain an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the world, but instead it’s easy to follow without ever pandering, or condescending to its audience.

To attempt to summarize the juicy immense history would be pointless, basically it’s a battle of warring houses for the throne of Westeros. The catalyst of the pilot is the death of the king’s top advisor which sets in motion the events of the pilot which has the King (Mark Addy) seeking out his old friend Ned Stark (Sean Bean) to take his fallen aides place.

The cast is outstanding, one of the best ensembles ever established on TV. Sean Bean’s Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark is the main character and anchor of the series, a lord of the north, husband and father. Stark is the moral center, a towering former warrior rewarded for his loyalty with land and title. Bean’s performace is understated but by no means simple. It takes a skilled actor to make a warrior compassionate but have him still be terrifying. Bean’s Stark is that warrior; his dedication to his family, his love for his bastard son, his alleigance to his king all make him a force to be reckoned with. Michelle Fairley also does strong work as Cate Stark, Ned’s wife, conflicted about her husband’s loyalties and a fiercely protective mother to 5 children, I especially like Maisie Williams as younger tomboy daughter Arya.

Mark Addy who most recently slummed it for years in the CBS shitcom Still Standing, is excellent as the fat king, worried for his safety and desperate to keep his grasp on the throne. The King’s duplicitous wife Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey, below) and her twin Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) are the closest thing this series has to a straight up antagonist. With a glance Headey betrays her Queen’s calmness and gives hints of the nastiness beneath and golden boy Jamie is gleefully and cavalierly evil. Their imp brother Tyrion played by the great Peter Dinklage (above) is the series’ secret weapon. A hedonist, who’d taken to craftiness to make up for his literal shortcomings. Dinklage was born to play Tyrion the way Arnold was born to play the Terminator, he steals every scene he’s in often adding a bit of lyrical whimsy to his lines. 

But that’s not all, across the narrow sea, the heirs of the House Targaryen who held the throne until King Robert. Harry Lloyd plays Viserys Tangaryen as an blonde, blue eyed, effeminate power hungry sociopath. He was effectively creepy when engaging in mild incest and telling his sister she’s to be married to a warrior in exchange for his armies. Emilia Clarke (on the right)  plays his sister Daenerys, a wide eyed young woman unhappy being married off to a Dothraki warrior named Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa, above left), but does it anyway, her mission to return her nomadic house to the throne that was taken away when her nad her brother were just children.

Not all the performances were great, Kit Harrington has yet to find his comfort zone as Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow. He’s a little to broody and emo for a show of this level, but I have faith in him finding a balance along the way, he’s still new to acting. Jason Momoa doesn’t have the luxury of that excuse. I’ve never been a Jason Momoa fan, I’ve found him to be wooden and unexpressive since 2004’s North Shore. Lucky for him as the warrior Khal Drogo, he doens’t have to emote. Other than an ideal aesthetic for the character, Momoa adds nothing. I’m not rooting for him to fail and I’m actually hopeful that he’s able to pull his shit together.

There was plenty to love; asides from the great characters and engaging plot there was backstabbing, sex and violence galore in the premiere. And a lot of incest. If Viserys grazing his sisters’ breast wasn’t creepy enough, you get the Lanniseter twins engaging in dirty twin sex. The nudity isn’t gratuitous or distracting (like in Starz’ Spartacus), rather it only serves to move the plot forward and propel the motives of the chacters.

Though there is a lot of competition on TV right now (Justified, The Good Wife, Fringe, The Killing) but if thrones manages to keep the pace set in its stunning and awesome premiere it may just end up as the best series on television.