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Showtime joins in the fun! Jackie Renewed! Tara Axed!

I guess the cable nets have been feeling left out and Showtime decided to partake in the festivities, starting with canceling The United States of Tara, which is in my opinion one of the worst series on TV. I love Toni Collette, but I felt the dialogue, especially from Diablo Cody, was awful. I’m super happy this died and hopefully the talented cast can join projects worthy their talents. The third season finale that airs June 20 will be the series finale.

Nurse Jackie which is Tara’s airing companion got renewed for season 4. Mad props to Edie Falco.



With less cancellations and pick ups than other broadcast networks (CBS didn’t have that many slots to fill) the biggest surprises were time slot shifts for The Good Wife, which moves from tuesday at 10 to sunday at 9 and CSI, which for the first time in as long as I can remember is moving from it’s thursday at 9 home to wednesday at 10 pm. Tuesday at 10 is now home to Unforgettable about a detective who remembers everything and Person of Interest, (that’s them filming above) the new drama from JJ Abrams takes CSI’s old slot. Michael Emerson seems to be evoking shades of Ben Linus in the creepy promo.

2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings takes the coveted post How I Met Your Mother slot. 

The supernatural medical drama A Gifted Man joins Blue Bloods on friday and the new sitcom, How To Be A Gentleman starring David Hornsby (Rickety Cricket) and Kevin Dillon.

Robert DeNiro’s crime drama The 2-2 will find a spot on the schedule for mid-season. Take a look at their schedule below with new shows bolded.  

8:00 How I Met Your Mother

8:30 2 Broke Girls
9:00 Two and a Half Men 

9:30 Mike & Molly

8:00 NCIS

9:00 NCIS:LA
10:00 Unforgettable

8:00 Survivor

9:00 Criminal Minds
10:00 CSI (new time)

8:00 The Big Bang Theory

8:30 How To Be A Gentleman
9:00 Person of Interest
10:00 The Mentalist

8:00 A Gifted Man
9:00 CSI:NY

10:00 Blue Bloods

8:00 Ruled of Engagement (new time)

7:00 60 Minutes

8:00 The Amazing Race
9:00 The Good Wife (new time)
10:00 CSI:Miami

Details courtesy of CBS, no promos yet, I’ll update when they’re released.

The new series include three new dramas and two new comedies:

PERSON OF INTEREST, a crime thriller from renowned executive producer J.J. Abrams starring Jim Caviezel, Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson.

UNFORGETTABLE, starring Dylan Walsh and Poppy Montgomery as a former detective with a rare condition that enables her to remember virtually every detail from every day of her life.

A GIFTED MAN about a preeminent surgeon whose life changes forever when his deceased ex-wife returns, starring Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Ehle.

2 BROKE GIRLS, a comedy about two strikingly different young waitresses who form an unlikely friendship, starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs.

HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, starring David Hornsby and Kevin Dillon, about a refined magazine columnist and his very unrefined personal trainer.

FALL 2011: The CW Renews One Tree Hill & Nikita, Cancels Hellcats & Picks Up 3 New Series!

One Tree Hill will be on forever it seems, the veteran drama, which began on The WB has been renewed for a 9th season. The CW also gave a greenlight to a second season of Nikita, which closer to the end of the season became kind of lame but ended things rather spectacularly with a killer game changer of a finale. 

On the otherside of the coin the CW has cancelled the underperforming Hellcats, the cheerleading/legal series starred Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale. 

Asides from giving a pick-up to the Sarah Michelle Gellar thriller, The Ringer, which was initially developed for CBS, the CW has also granted series orders to early frontrunners The Secret Circle a supernatural drama about witches from Kevin Williamson starring Life Unexpected’s Britt Robertson and Hart of Dixie, a medical dramedy about a young doctor (Rachel Bilson) who inherits a rural practice. Also picked up was the reality series H8R a series that pairs celebrities with their biggest haters. 

FALL 2011: CBS Cancels Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Renews CSI:NY

I guess not every procedural on CBS can have a spin-off.

In anticipation of releasing their fall schedule on wednesday CBS has announced the spin-off starring Forrest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo has been axed.

CSI:NY Renewed!

The only other show considered to be on the bubble, CSI NY has been renewed for season 8. 

All the EYE’s other series, the CSIs, the NCISs, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods and La Mentalist should be coming back but CBS has been awfully quiet this season with only a few pickups and cancellations, which is the polar opposite from last year’s culling who’s casualties included The Ghost Whisperer and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

FALL 2011: CBS Cancels Shit, The Defenders and Mad Love

Like all the other broadcast nets CBS is trimming all the fat and cutting its bubble series. What this means more than anything else is that William Shatner is up for grabs. CBS cancelled the underperforming Shit My Dad Says, along with the Jim Belushi/Jerry O’Connell legal series The Defenders and the sitcom Mad Love, which despite it’s great cast couldn’t tell a joke to save it’s life. 

CBS’ two other bubble series Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and CSI:NY are expected to find out their fates soon but unless CBS is going for a cancel bonanza like they did last year when well performing series The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer among others were cancelled, which is maybe why CBS has made the least moves this season. 

FALL 2011: The Bubble Continues to Pop, 2 More Series Axed.

In keeping with the theme of canceling every bubble series in sight (except Chuck, which got a final 13 ep order rather than a cancellation) ABC has cancelled it’s underperforming wednesday comedy, Better With You. The series starred Joanna Garcia (Reba) and Debra Jo Rupp (That 70’s Show). It was actually quite funny despite it’s laugh track, Josh Cooke and Jennifer Finnigan were especially fantastic as tightly wound couple Maddie and Ben. With it’s laugh track and conventional sitcom style, it never really fit in on ABC’s wednesday night. 

Oh also, not that you care, but shockingly NBC has cancelled Outsourced, a series they likely kept on the air just to spite everyone who hated it. Which was everyone.

FALL 2011: The Axe Continues To Fall ABC’s Brothers & Sisters! Mr. Sunshine! V! & 3 More Cancelled

The Grim Reaper went nuts at ABC today, most notably canceling Brothers & Sisters after 5 seasons. The worst news of all is that the season finale, which left many plot lines up in the air was in fact the series finale.

The veteran series which has continued to fall in the ratings (despite it’s high production cost) let go of six cast members at the end of last season including Parks and Rec’s Rob Lowe and Emily Van Camp (who has a pilot called Revenge in contention at ABC). Ryan Devlin who plays Seth should be bummed, after leaving Cougar Town and getting replaced on Shit My Dad Says, his character knocked up Kitty (Calista Flockhart) and he was set to become a regular next season. Also unless Fox’s Breaking In gets resurrected again (which might happen, it was resurrected once before) this means the newlyweds Dave Annable from Bro & Sis and Odette Annable will both be simultaneously unemployed. There was talk of Brothers and Sisters returning for a final short season to tie up storylines but ABC decided the to go with a clean slate.

ABC also cancelled V after it’s second season, the sci-fi series had a lackluster second season but went balls out in the game changer finale, killing off three characters including the protagonist’s teenage son. It’s disappointing that this remake never really found its footing. From the beginning it struggled with it’s pacing and structure; it wasn’t entirely sure what kind of series it wanted to be. Add to that the awful Logan Huffman and truthfully on ABC V never really stood a chance. I’m still happy they killed Huffman off in the finale.

ABC also cancelled 3 freshman hourlongs Detroit 187, No Ordinary Family & Off the Map. This should surprise no one who’s seen them. 

ABC also cancelled Mr. Sunshine, the series starring Matthew Perry and Alison Janney about a man who runs a stadium and goes through a mid life crisis. The series was hilarious, it just never found it’s audience despite being placed in the prime post-Modern Family slot. 

The axe keeps swinging. One the heels of NBC’s cancellation of THE EVENT, NBC has also opted not to renew Law & Order:LA for a second season. The troubled series never really found an audience, it underwent an creative overhaul in the winter, cut three castmembers, turned Alfred Molina from a ADA into a Detective and even brought back in Alana De La Garza from the cancelled mothership.  I’ll keep updating you as they keep chopping.