What’s On: Fluffy Tuesday

I’ll be the first to call USA’s standard programming Fluff, but it’s uber-successful fluff. The characters are always quirky and easy on the eyes, and the series themselves are mainly episodic but retain fickle viewers by keeping an ongoing plot-arc over the season. White Collar and Covert Affairs, both returning tonight are no exception to the fluff rule, but in terms of summer programming, they’re just fine, and till Pretty Little Liars comes back next week it’s the only scripted fare on tonight. Here’s what’s on tonight, Tuesday June 7th, 2011.

Third Season Premiere!
White Collar
 “On Guard” 9:00 on USA

Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill’s Peyton, starts her regular gig tonight after guest starring last season as a love interest for Caffrey. Last season ended with the beginning of a new season long arc involving stolen treasure pitting Neal and Peter against each other – Peter thinks Neal stole it, he didn’t but got sent a note regarding it’s whereabouts.

Second Season Premiere!
Covert Affairs
 “Begin the Begin” 10:00 on USA 

I have less of a fondness for this series which despite a decent concept (Alias except mythos-lite) it’s just far too bland to love, also my extreme hatred of Heroes’ Mohinder Suresh has made it impossible for me to even consider liking his character on this. Even more infuriating is they have the great Anne Dudek (House & Big Love) and reduce her (and the considerable talent that she brings) to a pointless side character, meant to anchor Perabo’s lead to the real world.

The Rest:

Masterchef 8:00 on FOX – I had calamari at Judge  Joe Bastianich’s Vegas restaurant  B&B Ristorante and it was god awful, oily, salty and overall inedible so it’s hard to take him seriously here. It was that bad. 

America’s Got Talent 8:o0 on NBC – Summer is here, clearly.

The Voice 9:00 on NBC – The Frenchie redemption continues.

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Tosh berates the pathetic for our amusement. 

Sports Show with Norm MacDonald 10:30 on Comedy Central – The season finale. Norm is one of the best comedians around and without his gambling issues we’d probably never see him trying to squeeze a dime out of Comedy Central. 


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