What’s On: Teen Angst Monday

Lots of teens got lots of angst, it is the summer – all the heat and hormones are makin’ em crazy, and we’re reaping all the benefits, here are our especially angsty recommendations for Monday June 6, 2011.

3rd Season Finale!
Secret Life of the American Teenager “…or not to be” 8:00 on ABC Family

ABC Family says: Adrian and Ben prepare for the imminent arrival of their daughter. When Adrian experiences discomfort, the couple – believing she is about to go into labor – are instructed by their doctor to leave for the hospital. Ben and Adrian agree not to call anyone until they know more, but as word spreads she is in the hospital, family and friends gather there to share the joyous occasion. But the couple learn some devastating news that will change their lives forever and will need those closest to them for support. – I had a feeling that there was only room for one baby on the show. 

Series Premiere!
Switched at Birth “This is not a pipe” 9:00 on ABC Family

A series about two teenage girls that were as the title suggests, switched at birth. It stars Vanessa Marano (Luke’s daughter April from Gilmore Girls) and newcomer Katie Leclerc as the two who were switched at birth, one grew up in a privileged family, the other with a single mother and became deaf at a young age, and because there’s a deaf character, you can bet Marlee Matlin has her grubb little paws all over this in some way or shape.

Teen Wolf  “Second Chance at First Line” 10:00 on MTV 

While this iteration of Teen Wolf is nothing extraordinary, it’s definitely not bad. Tyler Posey (grown up from playing J. Lo’s son in Maid in Manhattan) is a capable lead, and the supporting cast all holds their own with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) as the standout. It’s a step up from MTV’s previous effort, Skins and has the potential to be a great summer fun

The Rest:

Masterchef 8:00 on FOX – Ramsey makes this interesting, I just wish Fox was starting the summer with Hell’s Kitchen instead. 

The Bachelorette 8:00 on ABC – One woman in a sausage market for two hours. 

Single Ladies 9:00 on VH1 – Put your hands up!

Law & Order: LA 10:00 on NBC – After this NBC has only one more to burn off.


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