What’s On: Thursday Bites!

NBC, moreso than other networks, has a recent history of shelving fully ordered series like The Jake Effect, The It Crowd, Day One and just this year, Friends With Benefits, which is why tonight is so exciting. NBC is finally letting it’s anthology romantic dramedy Love Bites out into the world. A year ago this series was actually announced as part of NBC fall 2010 schedule, airing thursday at 10, but a series of behind the series snafus including star Becky Newton, who’s character is supposed to be a virgin, got pregnant after filming the pilot, the exit of series star Jordana Spiro (TBS demanded she return to My Boys, and then cancelled it), the quitting of creator Cindy Chupack and shelving and episode order cutting, leading to most wondering if the show would ever see the light of day. Well today it does get to see the light of day, it premieres in the slot it should have premiered in 10 months ago and co-stars Becky Newton (Ugly Betty’s fabo Amanda), Greg Grunberg (Alias, Heroes) and Constance Zimmer (Entourage’s Dana Gordon), check it out along with our other recommedations (including the return of CHILDRENS HOSPITAL!) for tonight, Thursday June 2, 2011:

The Best:

Mega Delayed Series Premiere Alert!
Love Bites “Firsts” 10:00 on NBC

Tonight’s episodes follow three vignettes; first, when Annie (Newton) gets attention for being pregnant, her friend Cassie (Krysten Ritter, Breaking Bad) pretends to be a virgin to get extra attention. In the second, faithfully married Judd (Greg Grunberg) finds himself on a flight with Jennifer Love Hewitt (guesting as herself), who happens to be at the top of his celebrity exemption list and finally, Carter (Kyle Howard, My Boys) has to deal with hisfiancee Liz (Lindsey Price, the original 90210) who’s having an intimate relationship with a vibrator. Was one of the most anticipated series, we’ll see if it’s any good tonight. The promo below was for the original pilot which had Californication’s Pamela Adlon in the Zimmer role and is probably a good indication of the feel of the show but yeah, what you see tonight will be totes diff.

3rd Season Premiere!
Childrens Hospital “Run, Dr. Lola Spratt, Run” 11:59 on Adult Swim

Childrens Hospital is back to fix us with the healing power of laughter. This show probably has the best comedy ensemble on TV, I just wish they had 22 minute episodes. It’s probably the most ridiculous comedy on the air, and that’s a huge compliment. Never seen it? Check out the first webisode (which served as a defacto pilot when it moved to tv along with the second webisode) which I’ve embedded below.

The Rest:

So You Think You Can Dance 8:00 on FOX – The L.A. auditions.

Call Me Fitz 9:00 on 101 Network – The Canadian pay-cable series starring Jason Priestley as a morally bankrupt car salesman who contends with a new salesman who claims to be Fitz’s conscience. 


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