What’s On: Three Show Sunday

There are only three shows on tonight – I mean not just three, I’m sure there’s a lot of reality crap on a bunch of cable networks, but there are only three shows on tonight worth watching, and lucky us, they’re three of the best shows on TV; HBO’s Game of Thrones & Treme and AMC’s The Killing, which are all super strong recommendations for tonight, Sunday May 29th 2011. 

Game of Thrones “You Win or You Die” 9:00 on HBO

Last week’s ep was a stunning entry that concluded with the fantastic death of Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) the hands of Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), and with that the first of what I suspect will be many regular character’s deaths. “HERE IS YOUR CROWN!” With four episodes left (including tonight’s) you can bet the plot’s gonna move at breakneck speed. Tonight we find out what Stark plans to do with the knowledge that Joffrey is the result of nasty twincest and not the son of a king.

Treme “Feels Like Rain” 10:00 on HBO

The second season of Treme is a vast improvement of the first, mainly in terms of story telling, it’s as if the first season was an origin story and now the real juice can start. I am 100 in love with Jenette DeSautel’s (Kim Dickens) story, and last week’s returning guest appearances from Tom Collichio and Eric Ripert only made it better. Steve Zahn and Lucia Micarelli have incredible chemistry and she’s by far the most talented musician of the regular cast – I also have been impressed with how understated Sonny (Michael Huisman) has been this season, he’s far less obnoxious and less cliche prone this season. David Morse’s promotion was also much welcome, last season had the justice system from the side of it’s agitators and it’s more balanced this season, plus his scenes with Oscar winner Melissa Leo are phenomenal. The only plot I’m not in love with is Jon Seda’s Nelson Hidalgo – and not the character mind you, Seda is suave and has great energy in the role, it’s just the plot feels disjointed from the rest. Minor gripe for a great show. No promo, just a great scene from last season’s finale.

The Killing “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” 10:00 on AMC

Last week seemed to tie up the terrorism/Bennett suspect subplot, I have a feeling the murder investigation will start to tie in to the mayoral campaign this week. I’m also so fearful for the Larsens for suffer the ramifications of last weeks shocking ending. 4 more episodes including tonight and no renewal yet – which is driving me crazy, The Walking Dead was renewed after few weeks and for AMC standards The Killing is a hit, it’s numbers are on par with flagship show Mad Men. It’s last few episodes have dragged a little but I have faith that the season’s endgame is gonna be spectacular.

A Bunch of random other crap:

Something called Mob Wives is on at 8:00 on VH1, it sounds pretty ridiculous. Why publicize you’re a mob wife.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is premiering on TLC at 9:00, as someone who’s very interested in Roma culture I’m thinking this might actually be cool. There’s another episode on right after the premiere.


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