What’s On: New York Tuesday!

Sorry I skipped yesterday folks, got into an angry bird trance and it was 9:30 when it broke… we’ve all been there. Last night had the finales of House, The Chicago Code and The Event and tonight’s got Glee, and a bunch of ol’ reality shows. Here’s the haps for tonight, Tuesday May 24 2011.

Glee “New York” 9:00 on FOX

New Directions has worked very hard, dealt with a bazillion personal issues, and had to fight against a middle aged woman – that’s right, there’s a middle aged woman who’s sole purpose it seems in life is to destroy a bunch of misfit kids, destroy their spirit, when all they really have is their spirit.While wildly praised Sue Sylvester is pretty much Glee’s biggest flaw, and the attempts to humanize her have failed miserably. I can’t believe Jane Lynch left Party Down for this (fine technically she signed on to Glee first, but still…). Anyway tonight the gang heads to NYC to face Vocal Adrenaline and various other teams for the National title. Patti Lupone, Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Groff and Charice guest star. Also tonight’s ep includes a song titled ‘Still Got Tonight” which is off Matthew Morrison’s debut album and written by American Idol winner Kris Allen, along with a bevy of other NYC inspired songs/cliches. 

The Biggest Loser “Finale” 8:00 on NBC

It comes down to older white guy, those twins or sisters or whatever – I think they’re Italian and that other lady, she was friends with Courtney. Frankly it’s been a no go for me since my girl Courtney Crozier got eliminated. 

Dancing With The Stars 9:00 on ABC

Who will win the coveted(?) mirrorball. Kirstie Alley, or those two people who aren’t Kirstie Alley?

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Watch these two kids battle it out before the bloated finale tomorrow.

16 & Pregnant 10:00 on MTV – “Kayla”

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Jaw bones aren’t everything… oh wait they are..damn.

The Voice 10:00 on NBC – OVER IT!


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