What’s On: Red John Thursday

There’s a lot of finale’s on tonight with the remaining series ending tonight; the star studded Office finale, a double dose of Parks and Recreation, Did Bones bone Booth?, the Shonda lady-doc finales, Big Bang and of course The Mentalist’s two hour Red John extravaganza. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Thursday May 18, 2011.

3rd Season Finale!
The Mentalist “Strawberries and Cream, parts 1 & 2” 9:00 on CBS

Like all season finales of The Mentalist tonight’s 2 hour finale focuses on Red John, the prolific serial killer that murdered Jane’s family. One recurring character is going to be named Red John’s accomplice and as if that wasn’t enough, Patrick Jane is going to come face to face with the big bad himself. The mystery of the mole inside CBI/murderer of cop-killer Todd Johnson has been one of the more interesting ongoing arcs on a procedural, but that’s always been the Mentalist’s strong point. Hints have pointed at CBI director Gale Bertram (guest star Michael Weston), in the episode Red Queen he quoted William Blake which Red John quoted to Jane in the during their encounter in the second season finale. I think that was a red herring and believe the mole to be Craig O’Laughlin (guest star Eric Winter), having him turn out to be the mole would be the most convenient way to free up Van Pelt for a reunion with Rigsby. 

4th Season Finale!
The Big Bang Theory “The Roommate Transmogrification” 8:00 on CBS

Bernadette receives her PhD making Howard the only one in the group who isn’t a doctor. Also Raj moves in with Sheldon after he hears Leonard soil Star Trek by role playing with Priya.

6th Season Finale!
Bones “The Change in the Game” 9:00 on FOX

The finale aired on one random Canadian network yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Bones and Booth go undercover on Max’s (Ryan O’Neal) bowling team to solve a murder. Meanwhile Angela goes into labour. The promo teases a huge bombshell and I can safely tell you it’s something you didn’t see coming. My jaw frikkin’ dropped (if you MUST know and you should really watch it, but if you MUST click here)

7th Season Finale!!!
Grey’s Anatomy “Unaccompanied Minor” 9:00 on ABC

It was one year ago that Grey’s changed the course of their downhill fate by capping off two horrible cloying season with a game changer, and while tonight’s finale will not pack the same punch the betrayal at the tail of the last episode is definitely a game changer. Meredith and Alex’s relationship has been so consistent, real and fun, I’ll be genuinely sad to see it gone. I can’t believe Alex narc’d on her… now I kinda don’t want him to be Chief Resident (and I totally did before, I have a feeling it’ll be Avery… or Yang). If the promo below is any indication McDreamy can’t handle being Mclied to. I hope he doesn’t leave for realsies – I thought the up and down of their relationship was dunzo. 

7th Season Finale!!!
The Office “The Search Committee, parts 1 & 2” 9:00 on NBC

Ray Romano, James Spader, Catharine Tate, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett and Jim Carrey are all in contention for the vacant spot left by Michael Scott’s departure. Kathy Bates guest stars too. I have a feeling that season 8 will have a series of rotating bosses but you never know, they could hire from within, Andy and Darryl are both up for the job too. And don’t rule out any of the guest stars either, well except Arnett who’s new show is on NBC’s fall schedule and Romano who works full time on TNT’s Men of a Certain Age. I’d love if it was Gervais, but the Brent character is far too mean for this crew. Jim Carrey would be great too but he has a semi lucrative film career kinda so I’d doubt he’s stay on full time.

3rd Season Finale!

Parks & Recreation “The Bubble” & “L’il Sebastian” 10:00 on NBC

The best sitcom on NBC ends its shortened second season tonight. The delay between season two and three was excruciating, but I need not fret for season 4 which comes back in the fall (it’s 30 Rock that’s taking the pregnancy break this year). The first episode has everyone in the office unhappy with Chris’ new changes. Leslie is caught off guard when Ben has a meeting scheduled with her mother (guest star Pamela Reed). The second episode is about the death of a beloved character. Tom, tasked with setting up the funeral, makes a big life decision. GIVE ME 24 EPISODES NEXT SEASON NBC!!! Who’s Li’l Sebastian?

4th Season Finale! 
Private Practice “… to change the thing I can” 10:01 on ABC

Audra McDonald’s last episode as a series regular. Oceanside Wellness is threatened as are its doctors and they have to decide whether to fight to fix and save it or go their separate was. I’m gonna check in tonight, I normally don’t but I saw a season three Grey’s Anatomy ep and damn it I miss Addison. Another reason to tune in? Benjamin Bratt starts tonight before becoming a full fledged regular.

The Best:

American Idol 8:00 0n FOX – I hope Lauren Alaina goes home. Haley Reinhart killed Led Zeppelin.

Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – The last of the spring editions, summer wipeout comes soon. 

5th Season Finale
Rules of Engagement 8:30 on CBS – Next year this anchor’s saturday night. Saturday night? What is this? 1992 on NBC? If I want to watch sitcoms on saturday I’ll go back in time and check out Empty Nest and Golden Girls. 

Secret Diary of a Call Girl 10:30 on SHO – Secret Diary of I DONT CARE. NOT TONIGHT, SWEETHEART!


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