What’s On: Few Finale Wednesday!

It’s a relatively quiet night for TV, with ABC’s comedies ending next week, only a few series are ending tonight among them the latest cycle of ANTM, Criminal Minds and the soon to be Hargitay-free, Law and Order: SVU. Here’s the finale’s and the rest of what’s on tonight, Wednesday May 18, 2011.

16th Season Finale!
America’s Next Top Model
“Season Finale” 9:00 on CW

Who’s gonna win Molly or Brittani? That is the question on everyone’s mind, although the CW says that “disaster strikes for one of the models”… could be good…

6th Season Finale!
Criminal Minds
 “Supply & Demand” 9:00 on CBS

The discovery of two bodies in a trunk leads the BAU to a human trafficking ring, meanwhile the team faces budget cut and an uncertain future. Nicholas Brendan returns as Kevin Lynch, Garcia’s BF and AJ COOK RETURNS AS JJ JAREAU! 

12th Season Finale!
Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit “Smoked” 10:00 on NBC

Someone is dying tonight on SVU as the investigation into a purse snatching turned murder reveals something much more sinister. Imagine they killed of Stabler (Chris Meloni) that would be KA-RAAAZY!

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – The top three perform.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – The Hecks try to cure Brick of his irrational Bridge fear. 

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Does this ever take a break? I feel like it’s on every day.

Modern Family 9:00 on ABC – Jay has a horrible botox incident and Cam wants Mitchell to stop making fun of him.

Cougar Town 9:31 on ABC – Jules gives Travis some tough love when she helps him with his breakup. Who else is bored with ANYTHING Travis?

Happy Endings 10:00 on ABC – Dave hunts down the guy that ruined his wedding.

South Park 10:00 on Comedy  Central -I’ll let the promo do all the talking. 

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – maybe now that this is cancelled Janeane Garofalo can try a comedy. You know, cause she’s a comedienne.

The Real World 10:00 on MTV – Screw this, bring on Jersey Shore 3! 

Top Chef Masters 10:00 on BRAVO! – Hate this and I can’t stand Curtis Stone. 

Workaholics 10:30 on Comedy Central – I really will watch this someday. Maybe. Is it good? Anyone?

Happy Endings 10:30 on ABC – I have a-mah-zing news, we get two new eps of this new comedy tonight. Dave and Alex, proving they can co-exist go to a concert with the gang. I have a feeling these two episodes were holdovers from the beginning of the season.


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