The Killing Episode 8 Recap

“Stonewalled” seemed to propel the plot in a forward direction giving us (and the Detectives) a few more clues and despite the circumstances I’m pleased with how incredulous Linden was at the concept of Rosie’s murder having to do with a terrorist plot (I have some thoughts as to the reason for the direction (or rather misdirection) the investigation headed). Richmond’s story continued to inch forward with the speed of a fat tortoise, and the Larsen’s continued to be a portrait of misery – but an exceptionally compelling and uneasy one.

The Larsens This week’s Larsen storyline was more straightforward in terms of arc. The episode started with Stan taking care of his boys while Mitch sat in Rosie’s bedroom, now a mausoelum. She’s trapped in her depression, which is natural, but life still has to go on, she still ahs two kids. Offering to take them to school, she loads them in the car, turns it on, but forgets something upstairs leaving her two young sons in a car, with the engine running, in a closed garage while upstairs the news of the leaking of the crime scene photos puts Mitch into a trance. Thank god sober Aunt Terry showed up and opened the garage.

I think because the series airs weekly we forget that only one day actually passes in each episode and to the Larsens, Rosie’s only been dead a week, in fact it was only when Stan told Mitch she needed to move on and she responded by saying it’s only been a week that it even struck me how little time had actually passed for the Larsens. As a punishment, or rather consequence I guess, Stan cleared out Rosie’s room, attempting to remove Mitch’s distraction. Stan might noty have been right to clear out Rosie’s room like he did, but there needed to be some reaction or consequence for Mitch’s neglegence. It didn’t matter in the end, Mitch recovered the boxes and set to return Rosie’s room to it’s original form.

Richmond’s Mayoral Campaign With Richmiond’s Campaign being relegated to 5 words (Dead girl in a car) and his precious All-Stars program dead, he decided it was finally time to take the offensive rather than bend over with a smile, which has been his mode d’emploi since the beginning. Armed with an injunction he tried to use the system to revive his program, but he was thwarted by Adams again as the judge is an old frat buddy of the incumbant. Despite the fact that Jamie had a smoking gun set to destroy Adams, still Richmond didn’t want to win by playing dirty.

Jamie took some time to meet with that rogue billionaire and mutual Adams enemy at what seemed like a Hobofight. He assured the investor that Richmond has what it takes to win, all he needed was a private detective, everyone has dirt. But he was playing the billionaire, telling him what he wanted to hear. Jamie was right when he told Gwen that if she really knew Darren she knew he was too weak to win the election, to do what needed to be done. Luckily for his campaign this co-incided with the parole hearing for the woman who drunk drove and killed Richmond’s wife. The hearing sent him over the edge and he called Jamie to release the scandal, which was that Adams is paying for an apartment for his young secret lover.

If tonight did anything it just reinforced my belief that Jamie is the killer, his do or die attitude and his slimy and sneaky ways.

The Murder Mystery Oddly enough this plot was fairly linear and episodic last night too. The hour began where the previous one ended with Holder and Linden investigating the tip they anonymously got at the mosque only to fine themselves in the middle of a federal terror investigation. But when they were on the ground subdues, Linden saw a pink T-shirt she thought was Rosie’s and tried all manners of bureaucratic measures before resorting to conning her way into the evidence van and snapping a picture of the shirt.

But there were more snags in her case, for one she couldn’t trust Holder who’d been having clandestine meeting with an unknown man and second someone in the investigation seems to be continually leaking evidence. There was a particularly tense and forboding scene between Linden and Mitch where she was lambasted for letting the evidence get out. Mitch’s trust in the police keeps diminishing week after week, I have a feeling this is going to lead to a Laura Linney in Mystic River-ish twist. It was nice to see some resolution as both of these mini-mysteries got solved. For a while I thought that it was Holder leaking info, that had something to do with Mayor Adams but it was revealed last night that Linden’s son, frustrated at the inconsistency of his life shared the case pictures with his friends online and is the source of the leak. Meanwhile the man Holder turned out to be meeting was his AA sponsor. After learning that he’s in recovery and that he’s not the source of the leak, Linden was finally able to look at holder as an equal.

Holder used a friendly Judge to get a wire tap on Ahmed’s phone meanwhile Linden brought the picture of the shirt to Mitch who confirmed that it was Rosie’s.

Also Ahmed was called by the principal and told not to come back to work, so he stewed at home and at the end of the episode was seen speaking in Arabic to who we can only assume is Mohammed, letting him know that the passports would be ready tomorrow. Is Bennett a child killer or a Terrorist? And which one would be better for Richmond’s campaign?

Who Killed Rosie Larsen? The likelyhood of Bennet being anything more than a red herring or at the most an unknowing accomplice is decreasing everyweek he remains in the investigation’s spotlight. I still believe that had Rosie and Bennet never had a creepy mentor/mentee relationship she’d still be alive, but Bennet’s involvement seems about as likely as Stan’s now. My money is still on Jamie as the killer, I don’t know exactly why yet but it seems like Rosie may have been in posession of something or someknowledge that would have destroyed the campaign.

Still not meeting the promise that it showed in its first three or four hours but getting back on that path. With only 5 episodes left, the storyline’s endgame better start revving it’s engines and setting things in motion for a great tail end, it can’t really afford more tension and clue free hours.

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen?


2 responses to “The Killing Episode 8 Recap

  • lee

    I highly doubt Jamie is the killer.

  • lee

    The characters are more 3-dimensional and less straight forward than that- i.e. more realistic. Jamie is sneaky in a way that suits his profession and is less bound by “fair” rules of play, yes, but that hardly puts him in the spotlight as a possible suspect.

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