The Killing: Catching Up Before Tonight’s Episode!

There was no Killing Recaps the last two weeks, things were really insane for a while but they’ve calmed down. I though I’d take this opportunity to catch up on the recaps we’ve missed in anticipation of tonight’s episode “Stonewalled”, which will be recapped tomorrow.

I actually found The Killing to be hitting a sort of mid season slump, the last two episodes, while still of the highest quality, lacked the bravado and tension of the first few. Let’s break down the plots:

The Larsens I am becoming increasingly uneasy with Stanley Larsen’s retransformation into a crook, not uneasy in terms of not liking the plot, but Brent Sexton’s performance is at the same time so quiet and seething but incredibly strong. Belko (Brent Sexton III) his friend and employee asked him whether he wanted to know who at the school the police were looking into. I found Belko’s insistence and continuing offers to be suspect. If I were Stan I would have wondered why Belko was so persistent. Belko came through and let Stan know they were looking at Bennett, who arrived at the wake. Stan then offered to drive Bennett home and the 6th episode ended with Bennett in Stan’s car.

I predicted that if The Killing were granted a second season – and it strayed from the Dutch original which only followed Sarah Linden in the second season – that it would end with Stanley taking the life of who he thought to be Rosie’s killer, and an ongoing plot of the second season would be a cat and mouse game between him and the cops. I had a feeling Bennett was going to be fine, it’s too early in the series for him to die and with Mitch’s main arc seeming to be just how miserable and neglectful she can be, the other kids need Stan.

Stan didn’t kill Bennett in the end, just scared the shit out of him. I really enjoyed watching him squirm while Stan stood in the rain outside the car deciding what action to take. Killer or not he’s still a pervy predator.

Meanwhile Linden and Holder were all over trying to find Stan and Bennett – more on their discoveries in their own section – with Holder stationed at the Larsen’s. Mitch’s best scene from the last two weeks was confronting Belko on his part in Stan’s revenge plan – her role has been so scant and reserved to isolated bouts of misery, I’m wondering if there’s an arc in sight or if it’s merely “misery porn.” We learned that Mitch wouldn’t marry Stan and have kids with him while he was still a crook, he up and quit and became a hard working family man.

Eventually grief gets easier, but this series chronicles a day in an episode, so it won’t any time soon. 

Darren Richmond’s Campaign The Richmond campaign continues to be the plotline that’s dragging the most. When it was leaked that Bennett was a suspect, it was obvious that his involvement with Richmond’s All-Stars program was going to infect the campaign and it took almost no effort on Mayor Adam’s part to goad Richmond into talking about Bennett during the debate and for the campaign to be as Jamie put it “5 Words; Dead girl in a car.”

The next episode really didn’t feature much Richmond except that he found out Mayor Adams, in light of Bennett’s association to All-Stars, and Richmond’s refusal to fire him whether he’s guilty or not, was moving to have the city remove funding from the All-Stars program. Richmond found out just in time to appear before the city council and make a heartfelt plea, but it fell upon deaf ears and his precious program bit the dust.

I really hope that Rosie’s murder ties into the Waterfront and Richmond further, either that or scale back the plot’s screentime, especially since it’s looking like unless Adams’ killed her himself, he can’t win. 

The Murder Mystery The investigation is beginning to stall, and as much as I understand that any murder investigation would have it’s slower days, I just wish it was more engaging. I actually miss the episodes that took place at the school and investigated Rosie’s friends. Like I mentioned earlier, Holder and Linden were trying to find Bennett, Holder was stationed at the Larsens and Linden went to the Ahmeds’ house to wait for Bennett and took the opportunity to question his wife (Ashley Johnson) some more. We discovered that Rosie came over the Ahmeds to return the Qu’ran that she borrowed, but it wasn’t Mrs. Ahmed that let her in, it was Bennett’s friend Mohammed. 

Linden’s still not in California, duh. She’s not gonna go until this case is wrapped up, especially since she seems to have some sort of ‘thing’ for dead young girls. I wonder how much screentime will be dedicated to this snoozer of a sub-plot. 

The 7th episode ended with Linden and Holder using the Mohammed information and investigating a warehouse, when the FBI busted in and arrested them. If Rosie’s death has something to do with a terrorist plot, I’m gonna be pissed, it’s more convenient and mass accommodating and doesn’t really seem right. 

The Killing hasn’t really been living up to the promise it showed in the first three episodes, there’s something more unsettling about setting the investigation in a high school than where it’s been heading. I hope that the endgame of the season builds up more tensions and introduces more clues. 

Who Killed Rosie Larsen? Belko’s suspect stock has been rising, he’s been evasive and misleading. Who is his man at the school? Maybe he’s connected to the campaigns through his connection to organized crime, maybe he was Rosie’s secret older boyfriend (I actually believe that Bennett wasn’t sleeping with her). Also rising in suspicions is Aunt Terry (Jamie Anne Allman, wife of Prison Break and True Blood star Marshall Allman), she’s been boozing a little too hard to be completely guiltless. I’m still sold on Jamie as the killer, but at this point it’s mainly due to the fact we haven’t been lead there yet and how creepy and wily performance. 

Check back tomorrow for a recap of episode 8!

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen?


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