FALL 2011: The Axe Continues To Fall ABC’s Brothers & Sisters! Mr. Sunshine! V! & 3 More Cancelled

The Grim Reaper went nuts at ABC today, most notably canceling Brothers & Sisters after 5 seasons. The worst news of all is that the season finale, which left many plot lines up in the air was in fact the series finale.

The veteran series which has continued to fall in the ratings (despite it’s high production cost) let go of six cast members at the end of last season including Parks and Rec’s Rob Lowe and Emily Van Camp (who has a pilot called Revenge in contention at ABC). Ryan Devlin who plays Seth should be bummed, after leaving Cougar Town and getting replaced on Shit My Dad Says, his character knocked up Kitty (Calista Flockhart) and he was set to become a regular next season. Also unless Fox’s Breaking In gets resurrected again (which might happen, it was resurrected once before) this means the newlyweds Dave Annable from Bro & Sis and Odette Annable will both be simultaneously unemployed. There was talk of Brothers and Sisters returning for a final short season to tie up storylines but ABC decided the to go with a clean slate.

ABC also cancelled V after it’s second season, the sci-fi series had a lackluster second season but went balls out in the game changer finale, killing off three characters including the protagonist’s teenage son. It’s disappointing that this remake never really found its footing. From the beginning it struggled with it’s pacing and structure; it wasn’t entirely sure what kind of series it wanted to be. Add to that the awful Logan Huffman and truthfully on ABC V never really stood a chance. I’m still happy they killed Huffman off in the finale.

ABC also cancelled 3 freshman hourlongs Detroit 187, No Ordinary Family & Off the Map. This should surprise no one who’s seen them. 

ABC also cancelled Mr. Sunshine, the series starring Matthew Perry and Alison Janney about a man who runs a stadium and goes through a mid life crisis. The series was hilarious, it just never found it’s audience despite being placed in the prime post-Modern Family slot. 

The axe keeps swinging. One the heels of NBC’s cancellation of THE EVENT, NBC has also opted not to renew Law & Order:LA for a second season. The troubled series never really found an audience, it underwent an creative overhaul in the winter, cut three castmembers, turned Alfred Molina from a ADA into a Detective and even brought back in Alana De La Garza from the cancelled mothership.  I’ll keep updating you as they keep chopping.


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