FALL 2011: ABC Renews 2!

Happy Endings gets a Happy Ending! Body of Proof proves it’s worth!

Happy Endings, the hilarious and edgy new sitcom on ABC has gotten a season 2 renewal. The series starring Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Damon Wayans Jr, Eliza Coupe, Casey Wilson and breakout Adam Pally has soft ratings but lots of support from within the network. Damon Wayans Jr. had another pilot, Fox’s The New Girl just go to series so his role in that will be recast.

This is fantastic news, as far as I’m concerned Happy Endings is the best new sitcom in 2011 so far.

ABC also renewed its high rated Body of Proof. While I enjoy Body of Proof, I have 2 problems with it; Dana Delaney is better than the material and secondly, I hate seeing cops from the Wire play cops on other series. It’s just me. But I’m happy for the Proof gang which includes Jeri Ryan and Geoffrey Arend aka Mr. Christina Hendricks.


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