What’s On: Thursday’s Season Finales!

A few finales, some character death, and a double dose of Parks and Recreation. May is pretty much my favorite month so far (at least until Sept when all my babes come back to me) Here are our recommendations for tonight, Thursday May 12, 2011.

What’s Hot:

Second Season Finale Alert!
Community “For a Few Paintballs More” 8:00 on NBC

Last weeks “A Fistful of Paintballs” was one of Community’s strongest efforts yet, it was the perfect followup to last years masterpiece Modern Warfare. The use of Paintball to explore and parodize sub genres within the Action genre is genius. We ended last week with that crazy Ice Cream lady sending in commandos to take out everyone so no one can claim the $100,000 prize. If the 30 second promo is any indication, this will be momentous, and I’m not talking about the Magnatude cameo. POP POP!

Second Season Finale Alert!
The Vampire Diaries “As I Lay Dying” 8:00 on CW

Last week was truly a bloodbath, and Jeremy and Elena were effectively left with no parents as Aunt Jenna and Uncle John (Elena’s biological father) died. We last left Damon with his Tyler inflicted wolf bite slowly infecting him and killing him as surely as it did Rose (Lauren Cohan). I’m more interested in seeing how the plot with Caroline and her mother Sherriff Forbes (Marguerite McIntyre) turns out.

11th Season Finale Alert!
CSI “In A Dark, Dark, House” 9:00 on CBS

Langston comes face to face with the Dick and Jane Killer, Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin) and someone is gonna lose their life. My bet is on Conrad Ecklie kicking the bucket, (Elizabeth Harnois joins full time next season as his daughter), or Langston’s wife (guest star Tracee Elise Ross)

First Season Finale Alert!
Nikita “Pandora” 9:00 on CW

Since the mid season rejiggering the series while gaining a little focus has lost the grittiness that made this series unique. Actually it’s quite lame now, it has been since Michael and Nikita got together. It’s been a rough first season and while the series is still on the bubble, advance word is that it’s poised for a renewal over Hellcats and that teh season two pitch meeting with the network executives went really, really well. I’m hoping for a good cliffhanger to keep me going until the fall. Check out a promo for tonight.

Bones “The Hole in the Heart” 9:00 on FOX

Booth goes up against sniper Jacob Broadsky (guest star Arnold Vosloo) and someone loses their life in the battle. SPOILER ALERT**(Hart Hanson told TVline that the victim is a beloved recurring, and is therefor likely Vincent Nigel Murray played by Ryan Cartwright as he’s the only recurring listed on the press release. I don’t know what’ll have people talking more, the character death or the fact that it looks like after many years of “will they” or “wont they” they will. Also Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars, Big Love) guest stars.

Parks and Recreation “The Fight” & “Road Trip” 9:30 & 10:00 on NBC

Oh Frabjous Day! NBC, in an effort to have all their series end around the same time is unloading two episodes tonight and two next week. First, when Ann is offered a government job by Leslie but seems less than enthused, Leslie takes offense commencing their first fight since becoming friends. Meanwhile Tom invited everyone to the Snake Lounge for the premiere for his new drink Snake Juice. The second episode, called ‘Road Trip’ has Chris sending Ben and Leslie to Indianapolis. Watching thses two comic pros try and deny their feelings will be pure joy. Also in the second episode, Ron teaches a new student about his views on government. Since NBC is a big ass I don’t have promos, just some of the best clips from the last few weeks.

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Are Randy and J. Lo trying to sabotage Haley? I’m glad homegirl fought back a little last night.

The Big Bang Theory 8:00 on CBS – Howard tells his mother he’s engaged to a shiksa. You can imagine how she’ll react..

Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – Ugh.

Rules of Engagement 8:30 on CBS – Classic Sitcom Trope #56: Wife makes more than husband, effectively emasculating him.

Grey’s Anatomy 9:00 on ABC – The fight for chief resident takes some shocking turns as one doc betrays another.

The Office 9:00 on NBC – Episode Title: Dwight K Schrute, (Acting) Manager. Sounds good, but for the last few years Dwight’s plots have gone from odd to increasingly over the top. I have a feeling this will follow in that trend.

The Mentalist 10:00 on CBS – Tonight’s ep is a lighter one before the two hour season finale that will bring the season long arc of who’s Red John’s mole inside the CBI and the murderer of Red John friend and cop killer Todd Johnson.

Private Practice 10:01 on ABC – Orphaned Betsy shows up at the ER leaving Oceanside asking questions about her foster care.

That’s the haps for tonight, check back tomorrow for more TV goodness!


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