FOX has been making decisions left right and center and it’s fall line up is really taking shape. Let’s start off with the bad news. 

Lie To Me, Human Target, Traffic Light, Breaking In & The Chicago Code have been axed.

Christian Slater is 0 for 3 in 3 years. Breaking In, the freshman comedy starring Bret Harrison, Odette Annable and Michael Rosenbaum has been cancelled. And Shawn Ryan, The Chicago Code’s EP, is 0 for 2 in one year, reported exclusively that The Chicago Code would not be returning for a second season. Traffic Light, one of the better relationship series to emerge from the recent outpouring has also been axed. It airs its last episode next week.

Human Target, despite adding Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery for it’s second season has been denied a third season. That’s like 3 billion in 10 years for Chi McBride.

Lie To Me, probably my favourite series of the bunch, was the one I was hoping would make it through. I really loved Tim Roth’s wild performance, but I suppose it’s third season was it’s gift. It looks like this year Fox spared no charity. 

Still no word on Fox’s other bubble series Bob’s Burgers.

House Renewed for (likely final) 8th Season!

On the heels of contract renewals for Omar Epps and Robert Sean Leonard, House has been renewed. Hugh Laurie, Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson are all set for next season. Lisa Edelstein and Jesse Spencer have yet to ink contracts. Oh an also in a move that surprised no one…

Bones Renewed for 7th Season!


Bob’s Burgers Renewed for 2nd Season!

So to recap

IN: Glee, Fringe, Bones, House, Raising Hope, American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and the 5 sunday animated comedies. 

OUT: Lie To Me, Human Target, The Chicago Code,  Traffic Light, Breaking In.

Fox orders Alcatraz, The Finder, The New Girl & I Hate My Teenage Daughter to Series. 

JJ Abrams time travel series starring Jorge Garcia (Hurley on Lost), Parminder Nagra (ER’s ), Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy above with Garcia), Santiago Cabrera Alcatraz got picked up to series along with the Zooey Deschanel comedy The New Girl, I Hate My Teenage Daughter starring Jamie Pressley and Finder, the Bones spin-off that had it’s backdoor pilot a few weeks ago. 

Still in contention for a pick-up is Ethan Hawke’s CIA series Exit Strategy and Keifer Sutherland’s supernatural procedural Touch. 



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