Spotted, two of the most unbearable characters are getting the axe from the upper east side. I can barely contain my excitement because…


It’s not really surprising considering how off to the side both Vanessa and Jenny Humphrey have been this season. Also Momsen came under fire when she was publically slammed by guest star Tim Gunn for unprofessionalism. Since the beginning Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen have been awful vortexes of entertainment; both their wooden acting and their stupid distracting characters, all they need to do is give Nate a decent plot for the first time since the first season and this could be right back on track. This is very, very good news.


In the wake of firing two people Gossip Girl has hired Kaylee Defer who is currently guesting as Cousin Charlie, Serena’s cousin from Miami, to appear on the series full time starting in the fall. If she’s gonna take Jenny’s spot and be the new younger blonde troublemaker I wonder who they’ll hire to play the next boring bohemian frigid loser. Defer is the first cast member to be added to the series since the beginning, previously a contract offer was extended to Connor Paolo (Eric Van Der Woodsen), but he declined citing not wanting to be tied down to a project. Don’t know if this is good news yet, Charlie’s third episode is about to air and so far she’s proven nothing more than they typical crazy cousin.


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