What’s On: Future Friday!

Fringe’s phenomenal third season comes to an end tonight, and it’s been quite a ride through space and time. It’s not the only thing on tonight but it’s sure likely to be the best. Check it our along with our other recommendations for tonight, Friday May 6, 2011.

Fringe “The Day We Died” 9:00 on FOX

With a 22 episode 4th season a guarantee you’d think I’d be able to relax but with death on the horizon and a doomsday future to contend with I cant seem to sit still. Tonight takes us 15 years into the future where Peter gets to glimpse into the world post dimensional war. We got some Observers, a grown up Ella (guest star Emily Mead) and an appearance from Lord of the Rings and Deadwood’s Brad Dourif. Someone is gonna lose their life. Logic would dictate it’s either gonna be Broyles, Astrid or Nina, but you never know…

Camelot “Three Journeys” 10:00 on STARZ

This series can be at times unbelievably frustrating and cliched and at other times be incredibly satisfying. I like the campiness of Eva Green’s Morgan, raising an army to take back her throne. I was apprehensive at first about making Arthur a golden boy but in the end Jamie Campbell Bower does the role no shame. I’m not a fan of Sinead Cusick’s ridiculous evil nun Sybil or Tamsin Edgerton’s modern-ish Guinevere. It could stand to take a few notes from Spartacus in terms of melodrama but it’s off to an interesting start. Here’s the promo for tonight.

The Rest:

Kitchen Nightmares 8:00 on FOX – Ramsey answers the call of the needy.

Friday Night Light 8:00 on NBC – For those without DirecTV.

Flashpoint 8:00 on CBS – The fourth season premiere of the Canadian cop drama.

Shark Tank 8:00 on ABC – Whatevs.

Smallville 8:00 on CW – The countdown to the end of Superman on TV (for at least a while) continues.

CSI:NY 9:00 on CBS – Mac begins to unravel at the seams after the death of his pet dragon.

Supernatural 9:00 on CW – Castiel tells Bobby and the brothers all about the war in heaven.

Blue Bloods 10:00 on CBS – Called “Cellar Boy”, sounds weak.


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