What’s On: Bloody Harlan Wednesday

The second season of Justified comes to a close tonight and all indications point to the finale being a bloody and violent affair. Season 2 was a lot more focused and and streamlined than the first which had more of a case-of-the-week feel. The Bennetts, including Mags (Margo Martindale), Doyle (Joseph Lyle Taylor) and Dickie (Jeremy Davies) have been some of the best villains on TV in a long time, and the seasons plots have had sprinkles of Givens creator Elmore Leonard’s patent style of coolness with doses of Coen Brothers. It’s easily the best series on television right now (but The Killing and Game of Thrones have a chance at giving Justified a run for it’s money). Check out our recommendations for tonight,  Wednesday May 4 2011 .

The Best:

Season Finale Alert!

Justified “Bloody Harlan” 10:00 on Justified

Damn I’m gonna miss Justified after tonight, this season’s felt like its gone by extremely fast, it’s been a thrill ride. It started with The Bennetts and two amazing performances from Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies, Loretta Macready (Kaitlin Dever, one of the best child actors in existence), Rachel’s backstory episode, Black Pike Coal and Carol Johnson (Hung’s Rebecca Creskoff), Winona’s stealing 100 grand and Raylan helping her cover it up, the fallout of that act on Art and Raylan’s relationship, Gary (William Ragsdale) and the unwelcome return of Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns), Boyd’s welcome return to his old ways, Boyd and Ava’s relationship, the surprising return of the presumed dead Johnny Crowder, and the third act war between the Givens, Bennetts and Crowders (that probably comes to a bloody end tonight) have made this season better than we lowly telephiles deserve. And all this is just made better by an astonishing and subtly seething lead performance by Timothy Olyphant who is probably the best lead on TV right now. Check out the promos for “Bloody Harlan” and get ready for one hell of a finale!

Survivor “You Mangles My Nets” 8:00 on CBS

So the survivor finale will start with a whopping 8 people still in contention for the million and the title of Survivor, which is why there are so many people still left, it was nice of the survivor team to get through predictable tribals in one. Tonight the old Omatepe (or is it Zapatera? I never know…) is forced to start hacking off limbs. I really hope that God-boy is dunzo tonight, I don’t know how much more I can take, let’s hope Ralph knocks him out tonight, which features the obligatory “love from home” challenge where contestants compete for time with loved ones, I love this challenge because someone’s feelings are almost ALWAYS hurt. Amaze-balls!

Breaking In “Take the Movie and Run” 9:30 on FOX

The Contra team is contracted to got to Comic-Con and protect the only copy of the much anticipated (and fake, BOO!) sequal Goonies 2. When the movie is stolen the team looks to geek boy Cash (Alphonso McAuley) as the prime suspect. Honestly if I was tasked with protecting Goonies 2 I’d probably steal it too. Truffle Shuffle!!!

South Park “Funnybot” 10:00 on Comedy Central

Congrats to South Parks Trey Parker and Matt Stone on their 14 Tony Nominations for Mormon: The Musical. That’s amazing, I can’t wait to see it. Last week’s premiere was hilarious, especially as I dealt with the Mac Geniuses just that day. Tonight has Jimmy and Timmy holding the Special Ed Comedy Awards, naming Germany the least funny place on earth and enraging the Germans. Expect A LOT of Holocaust jokes tonight. Check out a clip from tonight’s episode!

Happy Endings “Of Mice & Jazz Kwon Do” & “Dave of the Dead” 10:00 & 10:30 on ABC

Happy Endings was a surprise for me, I didn’t expect to fall head over heels in love with it. For starters I hated Zachary Knighton on Flashforward, but I guess it just wasn’t his niche, a friendship (slash-relationship) sitcom was (which is funny becuase the best thing about Flashforward, Christine Woods, struggled in NBC relationship comedy Perfect Couples earlier this year), I also didn’t think Elisha Cuthbert was meant for a sitcom, but both she and Knighton are not only at home, they hold their own in the talented comedy ensemble. The jokes fly fast and furious and range in a broad mix of pop culture, physical comedy and edgy dark humour. Just a few weeks ago Penny (Casey Wilson) proclaimed she’s too much of a Nazi to date Hitler, it was the perfect punchline to a hilarious B-Plot and just a hint of the humour that comes regularly on Happy Endings. Check out a clip from tonight’s first episode and a few choice clips from the last few weeks.  


The Rest:

Minute to Win It 8:00 on NBC – Ugh no

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Honestly I don’t care anymore. I wish I did but I cant’s seem to be bothered.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – Frankie wishes for a kid free mother’s day but gets more than she bargained for.

Better With You 8:30 on ABC – Joel tries to bargain to get Mia the baby carriage she dreamed of.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – Tyra scares me.

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – The BAU is not the same minus Prentiss.

Modern Family 9:00 on ABC – Claire and Gloria go for a hike with the kids, Phil and Jay stay home and cook for the family while Cam worries about being seen as the Mother. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day. 

Cougar Town 9:31 on ABC – Jules tries to prevent herself from meddling with Travis’ life.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – Why does Janeane Garofalo feel the need to wipe funny memories of her from the world’s brain.

Law & Order: SVU 10:00 on NBC – Lori Singer (Ariel from Footloose!) guest stars, as does John Stamos (above).

The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Dustin Zito’s gay porn past revelation gave MTV and the Real World the highest ratings since the last time they were in Las Vegas.


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