What’s On: Martha Plimpton Tuesday!

Martha Plimpton is possibly one of the finest actresses on television right now, in the last couple of seasons she guest starred on Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Make It In America and The Good Wife, stealing scenes wherever she went. This season she’s been the exclusive property of Fox on Raising Hope, until tonight when she makes her triumphant return to The Good Wife as Lockhart/Gardner nemesis Patti Nyholm. Watch her at 9 on Fox and at 10 on CBS, which are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday May 3 2011.

The Martha:

Raising Hope “Everybody Flirts … Sometimes” 9:01 on Fox

The magnanimous Plimpton is hilarious and right at home as Virginia Chance on Raising Hope. She’s got great timing, is on fire with zingers and has good chemistry with Garret Dillahunt. Tonight Burt’s flirting becomes a problem and the rest of the Chance family takes on flirting to get ahead. Check out all the promos!

The Good Wife “In Sickness” 10:00 on CBS

The promo and the clip for tonight’s episode focus on the fallout from the Leela Bombshell, the devastating revelation that Peter slept with Kalinda, Alicia’s best friend. The second video (which is kinda spoilery) touches on the fallout and is kinda intense. As much as I’ve been waiting to see how Alicia deals with the fallout, I’m more excited to see the return of Plimpton who’s Nyholm appeared in the season one episodes “Heart” and “Crash” where she used being pregnant and nursing respectively to manipulate the court and win her case (she never did though) tonight at first she goes up against the firm but then in classic Good Wife twisty fashion she becomes their client when she’s dismissed from her firm.

The Non-Martha:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – Non Courtney Crozier Biggest Loser Sucks.

NCIS “Baltimore” 8:00 on CBS  – Its an origin episode chronicling how DiNozzo was recruited by Gibbs. Check out the promo.

Glee 8:00 on FOX – Rumors are going around McKinley High. Maybe Brittany’s new web series is to blame.

Dancing With The Stars 9:00 on ABC – One more pair loses their chance at the mirrorball.

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – Hetty is leaving?!? NO!

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – I can’t believe Marty kissed her professor (Gale Harold). Series star Aly Michalka’s real life sister AJ guests and sings a duet with her sister.

The Voice 9:00 on NBC – I kinda love it…. love it a lot.

Traffic Light 9:30 on FOX – Denman and Lapira (right) shine in this relationship sitcom.

Body of Proof 10:01 on ABC – Are John Carroll Lynch and Sonja Sohn taking turns?  They haven’t been on screen together since the second episode.


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