What’s On: Born This Way Tuesday

Apparently Glee’s Gaga-ish tribute to being yourself was so good, it needed to be expanded to 90 minutes. Knowing Glee it probably won’t be that good, but will have a decent laugh or two. With Parenthood done for the year and the Good Wife off for a few more weeks, quality wise, tonight is a little scant, but it does bring us the premiere of NBC’s new singing competition; The Voice, which along with Glee are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday April 26 2011.

Glee “Born This Way” 8:00 on FOX

Lauren and Quinn fight for Prom Queen. Now, one a personal note, I was Prom King, and my Prom Queen was the size of Lauren Zises (now she’s thin like a toothpick). She was voted Queen because when it came down to it she deserved it most. She was friends with everyone, pretty much the class clown and has a voice like Christina meets Dolly. It’s not that far fetched, I also have a feeling tonight the Karofsky plot will come to a close tonight. Also Emma deals with her OCD and Santana (who’s sexual identity crisis has been by FAR the most interesting) has something scandalous up her sleeve. Also – it seems according to the promo that Kurt Hummel is back at McKinley!

The Voice “Blind Auditions Part 1” 9:00 on NBC

You’ve seen the ads everywhere, you can barely escape them. They creep up during the 100th episode of 30 Rock, on subway rides in magazines and tonight it pays off, becuase NBC has beaten me into submission. I will watch The Voice – at least tonight. If you recall in season 2 of Idol there was a promising singer named Frenchie Davis who was eliminated after boobalicious pics of her popped up on the web, well she auditioned for the voice and hopefully we get to hear her and her magnificent pipes tonight.


The Rest:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – It’s only an hour long tonight. (Shock face)

Dancing With The Stars 8:00 on ABC – This however is two hours, the first a catch-up of the season and the second an elimination.

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – Nathan is seeking revenge for something. Seeing as I left Tree Hill with Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – Marti continues to search for her father and I continue to struggle with my shameful liking of this show.

Raising Hope 9:30 on FOX – I caught Martha Plimpton on Law and Order: CI yesterday. Damn she can do anything.

Body of Proof 10:01 on ABC – Last week’s Christina Hendricks infused ep was the best yet. Hopefully it stays on that track.


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