TV News to Know!

Borgias Renewed!

The Jeremy Irons period drama about the Italian power hungry family has been given a second season by showtime. It’s not the strongest series on Showtime but performs decent enough in the ratings. The series follows Rodrigo Borgia, who uses power and influence to consolidate power in Italy. The series also stars Francois Arnaud (who particularly shines as the conflicted eldest Borgia child Caesare), Joanne Whalley (Willow, the ex mrs Val Kilmer) and Colm Feore.

Elizabeth Harnois to Solve Crimes on CSI Full Time!

Elizabeth Harnois, perhaps best known for playing Shelly the Clean Teen on One Tree Hill has joined the cast of CSI full time. She’ll play Ecklie’s estranged daughter, an LAPD officer who helps the team track down Nate Haskell (a recurring Bill Irwin) in the final episodes before returning next season full time.

And because I feel like we deserve it, here’s a pic of Josh Holloway from Community’s season finale.


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