Editor’s Note

BONES SPOILER UPDATE***** If you MUST know, yes Brennan did sleep with Booth and Bones is pregnant with his baby. JAW F’N DROPPED! RIGHT?

Posts have been scant the last few days, but my vacation is now over and I’m back behind the screen. I have A LOT of catching up to do. What’s On columns will start today but recaps of Game of Thrones and the Killing will probably go up later today or tomorrow, ditto for the EVENT, but it might even take longer as my precious MacBook Becky is having some technical difficulties and PC’s give me hives. Once the geniuses are done with her everything will go back to normal.


One response to “Editor’s Note

  • What’s On: Red John Thursday « tvocrats: snobbery at its finest

    […] The finale aired on one random Canadian network yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Bones and Booth go undercover on Max’s (Ryan O’Neal) bowling team to solve a murder. Meanwhile Angela goes into labour. The promo teases a huge bombshell and I can safely tell you it’s something you didn’t see coming. My jaw frikkin’ dropped (if you MUST know and you should really watch it, but if you MUST click here) […]

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