The Event Recap: “I’m talking about making you President”

The Event was super lame last night, even though Dempsey shot himself in the head and Sophia tricked the VP into becoming an assassin the episode wasn’t really that interesting. But even though we got one of the Event’s duller hours there was still much to laugh at, which brings us to…

The WHAT?!? List
Chronicling the events in the EVENT that drive us crazy.

There’s just a few big ones today and not the usual 10, a lame episode begets a lame recap.

Manipulative Sophia Sophia played VP Jarvis like a fiddle enlisting him to assassinate the President by poison. It took very little convincing on Sophia’s part but that’s becuase everyone is treating him like a ‘red-headed step child’ and keeping him for appearances. Once again Elias let his anger cloud his judgment and he kept the VP maligned. From then on it was simple for Sophia. Had she known how poorly he was being treated she may have enlisted him earlier. We left off with the President about to be killed (with poisoned  sweetener) by an anxious Jarvis. Sophia’s plan is to use ice cores(?) to kill the population. Hopefully they contain a creature indigenous to NGC253, like Godzilla or a Cloverfield and not some lame killer virus.

Sean the Sentinal Dempsey lit a house on fire as a test for Sean. Seems a little elaborate but okay. Sean of course passed (cause what can’t he do) and Dempsey let Sean in on the conspiracy. The Sentinals have been here for more than three millenia, they can forsee events because of the tapestry? Honestly this bit was confusing. Basically there is a prophecy (for lack of a better word) that a non-sentinal (Sean) will be the one to stop Sophia. Then he gave Sean a bag and shot himself in the head. Wait what? Yeah. He tells Sean that he’s gonna save the world, gives him a bag and then shoots himself in the head. Utterly ridiculous. I didn’t buy any of this for a second. Why shoot himself? Does Hal Holbrook have a movie to film or something? It was shock for the sake of shock, regardless of plot,  which is something I cannot appreciate. PS did you notice how many times Holbrook said the word ‘event’ before he shot himself. It was like a lot. PPS did you notice Vicky’s sadface when Leila called Sean. Someone’s got a crush…

Christina Martinez, putting the Alien in illegal alien. Since last week when Sen. Lewis (Virginia Madsen) was mole hunting in the White House, Christina, the president’s barely seen wife (despite being a regular) was suspected of being a sleeper Alien. Her backstory didn’t match up and Lewis noted how she doesn’t seem to age. Martinez questioned his wife who told him an incredibly believable story about how her parents lied about being Cuban to seek asylum in the US and that her parents are illegal aliens from the Dominican. Once she confessed she started bawling and had Elias comfort her, and once he hugged her, she looked away ominously indicating her extra-terrestrial nature. It’s a smart storytelling move to have someone be a regular, hide in the background only to have their betrayal be the game changer (Hiding O’Malley in the background of Grey’s season 5 made his finale twist more awesome). PS did you notice how latino Elias and Christina get when they say eachother’s names?

Very much a set-up episode but probably not the worst we’ve seen on this show. Tune in next week to find out if Martinez drinks the coffee, and hopefully get some closure on Christina’s immigrant status.


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