House Recap: Martha Masters’ Masterful Exit

Last night’s episode of House focused on the plucky and moral Martha M. Masters played wonderfully by Amber Tamblyn. In what was her final episode although in recent interviews Tamblyn said that the door was left open for her return. We learned a lot about Masters, she makes paper airplanes and hangs them, she quizzes herself from the moment she wakes and even people who seem to be her friends don’t really like her (what was the deal with the LP guy? What an asshole).

The case was about a girl who was getting ready to set a sailing record and passed out on her boat, her sponsors wanted House to check her out for insurance purposes.

House, knowing Masters was leaving opened up an internship in his department, offering the job to Masters only if she lied to the administration regarding how many Lumbar Puncture’s she’s performed. She did lie, but to House, performing the 10th one on Thirteen. House caught her, he likes liars but not when they lie to him, and he removed the internship.

Side note: I liked the scene with thirteen I just wish that in her last episode she could have interacted a little more with the rest team, Taub in particular, they have good chemistry.  

Masters discovered it was cancer in sailor girl’s arm and refused to have it amputated to save her life so Martha asked Wilson for advice (I’m not even getting into that ridiculous chicken bet) and Wilson recounted for Masters what Stacy had done to/for House all those years ago that left him in considerable pain and a limp (waited till he was in a medically induced coma, switched surgeries on him). Then Martha M. Masters broke bad. She faked cardiac arrest in order to scare her patient’s parents into authorizing her amputation.

House had won. He’d corrupted the uncorruptable, he’d taken Master’s morality and morphed it into a morality he can use to make his team better at the cost of making her a worse person. Saving the girl’s life didn’t make her feel better, she’d cheated – House broke her by making her break her number one rule.

In the end Masters decided that not only did she have to quit House’s team, she had to leave Princeton Plainsboro all together. I liked having Masters on the series, she was the right kind of character to fill the void left by Thirteen. And while her morality may have been insufferable at times it sure was realistic; I know plenty of people just like her and they barely get more likable over time.

People haven’t been crazy about the gradual shift from mystery procedural to workplace soap opera but after seven years something needed to be done to keep it fresh, season six was bad from episode 3 on. Also Robert Sean Leonard is being totally wasted this year, it would suck for us fans, but if homeboy needs to quit to find a job with real plot lines then so be it.  

House is back in two weeks with guest star Donal Logue, of the sublime but ratings anorexic Terriers and the return of Candice Bergen as Cuddy’s mom. Here’s the promo for episode 7×20, “Changes


One response to “House Recap: Martha Masters’ Masterful Exit

  • tyler k

    good she is finally leaving she ruined the show from the oint i saw her enter the show i wouldent watch it anymore they need 13 not this snobby ugly red head they need a hot girl not a moral ugly bitch

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