90210 Recap: Mega-Drama Adrianna!

90210 came back strong last night with wicked spring break episode. The plot: Naomi takes the whole gang down to Cabo for spring break in a private jet! Lets get the dull out of the way; first of all there is nothing less sexy than Annie and Liam, she’s just has this sort of emasculating way about her that makes any guy she’s with seem like a tool. It would have been nice for Annie to get in the drama a bit – the last time there was a rift in the group she was at the heart of it. It was great to see her get bit by a monkey. More monkey bites for Annie! Ivy’s lame Half Baked-meets-A Walk To Remember storyline is lame as hell. It needs to be O-to the-VER. Open Letter to who ever takes over for departing showrunner Rebecca Sinclair – find something, ANYTHING, for Dixon to do.

Bordering on lame was Teddy who hooked up with his old Exeter roomie (played by Alan Ritchson) after getting rejected by Tennis-boy for being too slutty. Teddy saw the exeter guy with his boyfriend (they have an open relationship) and now Teddy wants a relationship too. So he called Tennis boy, was a smigde less slutty and got a date.

I’m really digging Naomi and Max, her bringing him along as her vacation math tutor was a stroke of genius hilarity, the fact that upon learning Naomi was failing math, he actually became her math tutor, with holding sex till she passed the practice test was perfection. Josh Zuckerman, who was disgustingly creepy as a serial killer on Desperate Housewives last year, is doing a great job playing Max as the confident nerd.

And finally we get the the best part of the episode, the ongoing war between Silver and Adrianna. Lets go through a timeline –
– Navid cheats on Adrianna with her BFF Silver, who effectively steals him from her.
– Adrianna finds out and torments Silver into coming clean.
– Silver finally comes clean.
– Adrianna sends a nude picture of Silver to the whole school.
Then last night,
– Silver fakes sex noises to piss off Adrianna.
– Adrianna gives Silver Mexican tap water triggering Montezuma’s Revenge!
– Silver replaces Adrianna’s sunscreen with moisturizer giving her nasty burns.
– The girls have a fight in the pool! I still can’t believe I had to wait for season three to have a pool fight on 90210. For shame.
– Adrianna and Silver talk, Silver apologizes and asks what she can do. Ade’s response: Break up with him. Honestly it’s not the most unreasonable request, the problem is…
– Silver is falling in love with Navid.
– At the end of the episode Adrianna comes over to make up and goes to use Silver’s restroom – where she secretly replaces her Bi-Polar meds with random pills!

This makes me so happy. Ever since Silver broke into Matthew’s house in season one and attacked him and had her bi-polar meltdown I’ve been DYING to see Silver go cray-cray again. I’m so happy it’s not because of some boy and becuase Adrianna switched out her pills. That’s pretty much the worst thing someone can do. Love. It.

From the promo it looks like there gonna play her relapse for laughs which makes me believe it was written by Tom Cruise. Hopefully Silver will go completely nutter butter and hurt someone, as long as it’s not Naomi Clark.


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