What’s On Sunday: WINTER IS HERE!!!

It’s April 17th, and WINTER IS HERE, no I don’t mean that disgusting snowfall today, I mean Game of Thrones, which premieres tonight on HBO at 9:00. 

The much anticipated HBO series is based on George R.R. Martin’s 5 novel fantasy epic, A Song of Fire and Ice and features a massive sprawling cast including LOTR’s own Sean Bean, 300 and Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicle’s Lena Headey, A Knight’s Tale’s and Standing Still’s Mark Addy, The Wire’s Aiden Gillen, Stargate Atlantis and Conan the Barbarian’s Jason Momoa and the Station Agent himself, Peter Dinklage.

The series is set in the mystical continent of Westeros but unlike Starz’ Camelot the series features very little magic or mysticism at all. For example in Westeros seasons can last for years, a giant ice wall borders the north to protect from unseen creatures, but Dragons are myths. The story is about warring factions of the continent and their ongoing battle for the Iron Throne (which series star Sean Bean sits on above). It’s been described as an action epic, a political thriller, a sexy soap and a show about family and it’s probably closest to The Wire in terms of storytelling. Seems like HBO has a winner on their hands and rumour is is that HBO could announce a second season renewal tomorrow, provided overnights are good but broadcasting the pilot across every HBO station probably helps. 

Reviews are better than stellar; AICN gave it an A+, Time called it the best grownup adventure since Lost, LA Times called it a great and thundering series and EW encourages you to take in the spectacle. Check out the promo below and the Making-Of feature below that and tune in to HBO tonight.


But also check out:

American Dad “Jenny Fromdabloc” 8:30 on FOX

If Bob’s Burgers has to take a week off I’m happy it’s this and not Cleveland that’s taking it’s timeslot. Roger takes on the identity of a Jersey Girl named Jenny Fromdabloc tonight. I wish I had a promo to show you but instead I have a deleted scene from last weeks episode “License to Till” and that’ll just have to do. 

Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe 9:00 on USA

Sam Axe, the supporting Burn Notice character played by brilliant character actor Bruce Campbell, has a spin-off/prequel movie and it airs tonight. It tells the tale of how the once esteemed agent ended up as a gun for hire in Miami. Series star Jeffrey Donovan directs the movie. Fans of Burn Notice and of Bruce Campbell will undoubtedly enjoy as no one delivers a quip better then Campbell.


The Killing “A Soundless Echo” 10:00 on AMC

Obsessed yet? Either you are or you haven’t seen it yet. AMC’s moody, bleak new series is as close to must see TV as exists nowadays. 3 episodes in and I’m invested in the mystery, so much so that I almost researched the Danish original to see who the murderer was (apparently it doesn’t matter), click through read interviews with creator Veena Sud and series star Mireille Enos. and also over to TVFanatic for the promo I can’t embed here. 

The Rest:

The Amazing Race 8:00 on CBS – Austria time!

America’s Next Great Restaurant 8:00 on NBC – Anyone else craving Chicken and Waffles after watching this? I need a good soul food place in Toronto. 

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 8:00 on ABC – Emotional manipulation at is nastiest.

The Celebrity Apprentice 9:00 on NBC – How in the world is Gary Busey still not fired? 

Desperate Housewives 9:00 on ABC – Today I saw a woman who looked exactly like Harriet Sansom Harris who plays the villainous Felicia Tillman on Desperate Housewives. Tonight Mrs. Tillman moves back to the Lane. 

Family Guy 9:00 on ABC – Adam West moves in with Peter. Julie Hagerty comes along for the ride. 

Undercover Boss 9:00 on CBS – More like Undercover cry baby. 

The Cleveland Show 9:30 on FOX – Ugh.

The Borgias 10:00 on SHO – Lucretzia’s Wedding. I wonder how her brother Cesare feels? 

Breakout Kings 10:00 on A&E – Good ol’ fashioned violent fun!

CSI:Miami 10:00 on CBS – Remember when Callie Ducaine was Ainsely Hayes? Those were the days…

Brothers & Sisters 10:01 on ABC – The unfortunate consequence of Sally Field’s deal with the devil.


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