What’s On Monday: Cougar Town, 90210 and Gossip Girl are back!

It was 3 months ago that Courtney Cox and Cougar Town vacated it’s prime post Modern Family spot to make space for her ex-TV husband Matthew Perry and Mr. Sunshine. Finally the cul-de-sac crew returns, and on a special night too, one that also sees the return of nerd-boinking Naomi Clark and our favorite upper-east siders. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Monday April 18 2011.

The Best:

90210 “Enchanted Donkey” 8:00 on CW

Silver and Adrianna still battling? Yup! Naomi still loving nerds? Yup! Tonight TV’s juiciest and guiltiest pleasure returns with the whole gang taking a trip down to Cabo for spring break. This series was at its best when Naomi and Annie were warring last season and it’s gearing up to be that fun again with Silver and Adrianna’s battle over Navid. It gets mad intense tonight.

House “The Last Temptation” 8:00 on FOX

It’s Amber Tamblyn’s last episode, and the first time that two women will be on House’s team at the same time (Cameron and Thirteen never were, and his reality show selection process doesn’t count). For her farewell they’ve made it Martha Masters centric. She could return;  Wilde has yet to sign a contract for next season. Check out the promo and tune in tonight for what Tamblyn calls a juicy scene with her and 13.

How I Met Your Mother “Hopeless” 8:00 on CBS

Barney tries to get to know his father (a returning John Lithgow) better by spending some quality time with him. Of course for a Stinson that means getting arrested. Robin falls in love with Sam Anders.. I mean Michael Trucco. I have to keep reminding myself that Battlestar isn’t real.

Gossip Girl “The Kids Stay in the Picture” 9:00 on CW

When we last left off Lily was confessing her part in framing Ben and Serena and Eric’s father William (William Baldwin) had returned to NYC. Tonight Cece Rhodes (Caroline Lagerfelt) and her sister Carol (Sheila Kelly, but the part was played by Kristen Ritter in the backdoor pilot two years ago) come to NYC to support Lily in these tough times. Carol’s daughter Charlie (Kaylee DeFer, The War at Home) comes too. This makes me nervous, the last cousin the CW introduced was 90210’s cousin Emily – and she was just the worst – lets hope cousin Charlie is less obnoxious. Also the love triangle between Chuck, Blair and Dan becomes a square tonight as Vanessa, the worst character ever (yes worse than Jenny) gets involved and likely is terrible.

Cougar Town “Walls” 9:30 on ABC

Damn it’s been too long. I’ve really missed the Cul-de-Sac crew, their games, their hijinx and all the fun I have playing Penny can at home while I watch. And as a reward for our patience, ABC has given us two new episodes this week, tonight and in it’s regular slot on wedneday.

The Rest:

Chuck 8:00 on NBC – Love it while you can cause it’s looking like a goner.

Dancing with the Stars 8:00 on ABC – Kirstie Alley is a hot mess and the sole reason for watching this season.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager 8:00 on ABC Family – Molly Ringwald Alert!

Mad Love 8:30 on CBS – The worst show with the best cast? Probably.

The Chicago Code 9:00 on FOX – Getting better with every episode and making Delroy Lindo’s villainy ambiguous they’ve made the character relatable which he was not at the start.

The Event 9:00 on NBC – It’s finally time for Lisa Vidal to shine as the First Lady, she gets her very first plot of the season tonight. Is she an alien? Tune in to find out (or just read my recap tomorrow).

Make It or Break It 9:00 on ABC Family – They made it!

William & Kate 9:00 on Lifetime – Royal Wedding fever continues to infect the world. Lifetime airs their movie about how two rich kids met and fell in love (above).

20/20 William and Catherine 10:00 on ABC – More royal fever!

The Hard Times of RJ Berger 10:00 on MTV – Ugh.

Hawaii 5-0 10:00 on CBS – Death is hitting the beach soon. Who’s gonna die?

Law and Order: LA 10:00 on NBC – Fail.

Nurse Jackie 10:00 on SHO – Edie Falco is a f’ing force to contend with. She’s outstanding here.

The United States of Tara 10:30 on SHO – Toni Collete is wasted to death here.


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