The Killing: Episode 4 Recap

Last night felt like a very average episode of The Killing, not that it was average itself, but average in terms of what to expect week to week. The first three episodes were more action packed and tense, and last night was more or less going through the motions, but that makes sense, investigations usually slow down in the 4th or 5th day. The episode was still great. Intriguing, well acted and paced and not boring for a second. Let’s take a look at the three plots and where everything was left after last night’s “A Soundless Echo.”

The Larsens
At first the casting of Brent Sexton worried me a little. I’d seen him in shows like Deadwood and Justified and while I had no problem with him, I didn’t think he could hold a candle to Michelle Forbes, who he was playing opposite. After last night I can safely say I worried for nothing, last night we watched Stanley take the reins in making the funeral arrangements, picking out a coffin, hymns for the service – making the decisions for the both of them, sparing no expense for their daughter. So much so that he had to beg his estranged father for money. Stanley had bought a house before all this happened – he wanted Rosie to have a backyard. But they couldn’t move not. It was demoralizing watching Stanley panhandle from a man he clearly hates, nothing comes for free, I have a feeling taking the money will come back to haunt him. And all the while Mitch is grieving and becoming undone, he is the one who has to hold the family together. Last night we also saw glimpses of Stanley’s past when his buddy Belko Royce (a much welcome Brendon Sexton III a long way from playing Warren Beatty in Empire Records) offered some duplicitous services. I can see this shaping into something along the lines of Mystic River in that sense and that’s a smart route to go; having Stanley channel his grief into some sort of revenge vigilante – the Mystic River route works for me, I just hope were spared a ridiculous Laura Linney monologue at the end.

Also Mitch had a great scene with an obviously uncomfortable Sterling that’s worth mentioning. Michelle Forbes + Emmy, please.

Richmond’s Mayoral Bid
Despite securing Yitaines support last week which was supposed to clinch the election with the union vote, Richmond was still behind the incumbant and having recently fired Jamie, he was a man down. Or was he? Jamie’s framing, outburst and joining up with Mayor Adams was just a ruse to discover the true mole planted in Richmond’s camp. Meanwhile Mistress MacBeth Gwen met with her disdainful father (played by Alan Dale, Lost) to ask for a meeting with a Billioniare. Alan Dale could teach a mastercraft class on playing the mean old withholding parent, the way he shot down Gwen for sleeping with her candidate was pure Dale-ian genius. I think Gwen is being set up for a much bigger arc and will play a bigger part in the story. Richmond ended up catching a break in the form of a 50 thousand dollar donation from a billionaire who Adams screwed over. This all comes back to the waterfront project we’ve been hearing so much about, Adam’s legacy, the billionaire wanted to build a stadium where Adams legacy is sitting. And though Richmond promised nothing in return Adams is apparently a big enough Dick that peopel cut 50,000 dollar cheques to see him lose.  

The Murder Mystery
Last night was very much about Linden and Holder doing thier own things but essentially arriving at the same new suspect. The detectives started the hour interviewing a tweaking Kris and a lawyered up Jasper based on the gang bang video they found. We got a glimpse into the varied styles of interrogation. Linden was quiet, she showed Jasper the video and coaxed him into talking by saying to him; “you don’t seem like the type who shares their toys and that’s what Rosie was right?” A lawyers greatest enemy is his client. Holder took the a more aggressive approach to almost no effect. Kris laughed when he showed him the video. “That’s what you got? You got shit.” Turns out it wasn’t Rosie in the video, no, it was poor, jealous, lonely Sterling, Rosie’s bestfriend. From Sterling they got that Rosie had a secret boyfriend and she would take the 108 bus from school sometimes. Holder took the bus while Linden talked to the Larsens.

That scene was excrutiating. First for the Larsen’s seeing the evidence board and physically what their daughter went through. The trunk of the car, the pupils, the suffering. And second becuase it lead to a harsh scene where Stanley accused Linden of lying about how Rosie suffered. What does Linden say to them? Enos has mastered the silent apology and deflecting rhetorical questions.

Eventually Holder found a driver who recognized Rosie, she took the bus to the end of the line in a bad neighborhood, and Linden, who found some Cigarettes hidden in her sons pillow realized teenagers hide shit really well, they have to and decided to take another crack at Rosie’s room. Holder’s route led him to a Richmond sponsored youth center in a bad area (where the car had been stolen from???) where Rosie had been seen with…
At the same time Linden found love letters hidden in a globe from…
Bennet Ahmed!

Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

Last week Bennet was my number one suspect, but making his a suspect this early in the series almost rules him out completely. Unless they establish Bennet as a suspect now only to clear him to remove suspicion, but have him still turn out to be the killer. With so many red herrings it’s hard to see where the investigation will go. I can see it being a jealous Sterling, a tweaking Kris, an enraged Bennet, hell, Rosie could have been sleeping with Richmond and it could have been Gwen. In a perfect world it’ll have something to do with the waterfront project, but that would require a little too much synergy for a series that’s so grounded in real life. I have a feeling Bennet will prove innocent but not before handing off a vital clue or two.

If last night was an average episode of the Killing we have a lot of GOOD in store for the season.

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen?


2 responses to “The Killing: Episode 4 Recap

  • Nisha

    How come your not doing the Killing recaps anymore?! There is Episode 6 and 7 out already. I look forward to your recaps. Please bring them back!

    Thank You

    • tvocrats

      I took a few weeks off Nisha, but I’ll be back in full force for episode 8 tomorrow and I posted a recap of the last two episodes I missed in prep for tonight.

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