What’s On: Another Freaky Friday

Don’t you hate it when you wake up friday morning and find out you switched bodies with your mom? I don’t wanna be in her body! She doesn’t get me, her life is so easy, she couldn’t live a day in my shoes! Now I have to do all her work and go waterskiing ! How am I gonna watch the recommendations for tonight, Friday April 1, 2011.

Watch These!

Supernatural “My Heart Will Go On” 9:00 on CW

What if the Titanic didn’t sink? And the physical embodiment of fate went around killing everyone that survived ‘Final Destination’-style? Doesn’t that sound fun? I’m a fan of the Final Destination series, I love the tension of knowing that something is about to happen – you just don’t know how, and knowing Supernatural and its funny bone, the how will be pretty entertaining. Fringe’s Sebastian Roche guest stars as Balthazar. Check out the promo and the clip below.

Fringe “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” 9:00 on FOX

When we last left Olivia she was being inhabited, rather unstably I might add, by William Bell allowing the uber-talented Anna Torv to show off her impressive Leonard Nimoy impression. The last episode, ‘Bloodline’ took place in the Alt-universe where Fauxlivia gave birth to Peter’s child and gave Jeremy Gabel a chance to really strut his stuff as Lincoln Lee, and with the news that (SPOILER) someone is dying in the May 6th finale, Gabel could get hired on full time. Check out the promos for tonight’s Inception-ish ep. LSD!


Camelot “The Lady of the Lake” 10:00 on STARZ

Is Camelot great? No. Not by any means. Is it good? Kinda. Sometimes. Is it easy fun? Yeah. Sometimes on friday night, after a week of work it’s better to not have to think. Fringe requires thought, even Supernatural requires me to access the ‘wit’ and ‘satire’ parts of my brain, but Camelot requires nothing of it’s audience but to sit, watch and enjoy, it’s medievil popcorn melodrama. Joseph Fiennes hams it up like Tim Roth on Lie To Me, he’s a funny, enigmatic Merlin and Eva Green vamps it up and has a lot of fun as Morgan, a witch and Arthur’s evil half sister. Jamie Campbell Bower tries hard but mostly struggles with the emotional moments, his golden-boy looks work against him (especially considering the Arthur of legend was an awkward naive boy, not a golden locked Casanova). Easy and Cheesy but still fun. Tonight’s episode is about Vivien, The Lady of the Lake played by Chipo Chung, introduced last week. Sorry about the sound in the promo.

Maybe watch these:

Chaos 8:00 on CBS – I like seeing Tim Blake Nelson in primetime. I even like it more that he’s the team’s weapon, I just wish the show was good.

Friday Night Lights 8:00 on NBC – FNL airs SSN5 on NBC tonight. I was already on DTV’s 101.

Shark Tank 8:00 on ABC – In Canada (and the UK) this is called Dragon’s Den. I think it’s a better title.

Smallville 8:00 on CW – Clark visits the Alternate universe and encounters a very angry but much alive Jonathan Kent (guest star and former regular John Schneider)

The Ricky Gervais Show 9:00 on HBO – Season 2 finale tonight. Called ‘Munchies’.

Real Time With Bill Maher 10:00 on HBO – Ha!

The Soup 10:00 on E! – See Community’s Joel McHale at his other day job.


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