American Idol: The Top 8 Rankings!

I still can’t believe Pia went home, sure she lacked stage presence and seemed kinda robotic on stage but she should have outlasted Stefano Lagone and Paul McDonald. She really, really should have – but it makes sense when you remember that a woman hasnt won this show in 4 years. There are 8 contestants left in the competition, and really it’s anyones game at this point. As great as Haley and Lauren are all it’ll take in this anti-fem season is one bad performance to knock them out of the running when it’s 6 weeks in and Stefano Lagone is still performing. Here are the rankings going into the top 8:

1. Le Durbs (Last Week #1) This dude just keeps winning. While My Guitar Gently Weeps may not have been a showstopper, but it showed his restraint and range and just how bad the rocker wants it.

2. Scotty McCreery (Last Week #5) He seemingly can do no wrong and he’s growing on me. Not since Carrie Underwood has Idol had such a country star in the making. Watching the girls rush him last week was just a glimpse of what the deep voiced teen has coming. He’ll really need to mess up to get eliminated let alone near the bottom.

3. Haley Reinhart (Last Week #3) Whew, she outlasted the more wooden Toscano, but the former bottom three hoverer needs to pull out all the stops, like she did for her killer Bennie and the Jets and keep upping the game week to week. Her Janis was good but safe.

4. Lauren Alaina (Last Week #2) Her lack of maturity in life continues to creep into her performances and simply put; her Natural Woman was nothing special at all.

5. Casey Abrams (Last Week #6) I am falling out of love with the gruff bass player. He needs to wow again like he did with his insane and brilliant “I put a spell on you”

6. Jacob Lusk (Last Week #7) Jacob along with the people below him are fighting for the bottom three places week after week (at least since Thia left). He’s not terrible like Stefano, he’s just not that good either.

7. Paul MacDonald (Last Week #8) I always say I want MacDonald to sing James Blunt. I want to formally add James Morrison to that list. But moreso than wanting him to sing those artists I want him to leave.

8. Stefano Lagone (Last Week #9) The fact that he survived and Pia went home is a travesty. He should rip off his terrible soul patch in penance. I’m a total unabashed Stefano hater. Just go home already.  

Tonight the remaining contestants sing songs from movies, which in the past(in season 2 and 3) has given us a slew of boring ballads with Celine and Whitney’s themes from the Bodyguard and Titanic respectively getting slaughtered. I hope the season 10 group can be better. Although I do have a place in my heart for Clay Aiken’s Somewhere Out There from An American Tail.


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