What’s On: REDEMPTION Wednesday!






It all comes down to tonight. One will stand and one will fall. Also Christian Slater’s new show premieres. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday April 6, 2011.

Survivor Redemption Island “The Game Respects Big Moves” 8:00

Tonight one of those two fools above me gets put back into the game right in time for the merge. Does Sarita stand a chance in hell. I’m gonna laugh so hard if Matt defeated 6 people in a row only to lose to a dummy like Sarita. I am shocked Philip made it to the merge. Shocked. A man with so few social skills made it this far. I have a feeling he’s gonna send Rob home tonight – which sucks cause he’s really found his groove this time.

Breaking In “Pilot” 9:30 on FOX

Christian Slater’s third series in as many years. Officially, FOX says it’s about: Contra Security, a high-tech security firm that takes extreme and often questionable measures to sell its protection services is corporate America’s answer to “The A-Team,” giving clients a sense of security by first ripping it away. It costars Bret Harrison (Reaper, V), Odette Annable (formerly Yustman, Cloverfield, You Again) and Smallville’s Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum.

Justified “Brother’s Keeper” 10:00 on FX

Last Week left off with a cliffhanger, Raylan and Carol the Coal executive (Rebecca Creskoff) were heading to Mags Bennett’s (Margo Martindale) party, as were Boyd and Ava. I have a feeling it might be the end for Coover (Brad William Henke). Word on the street is that tonight’s episode is not to be missed. Check out the promo!

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – I’m still flying high on Haley’s Benny and the Jets. Idol becomes 90 minutes.

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – This is so 2004.

The Kennedys 8:00 on REELZ – This is by far the smartest thing Reelz has ever done. Its ratings were through the roof – and now people have heard of Reelz.

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – PAGET BREWSTER!!!

Mr. Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – Lizzy Caplan Alert! Mean Girls’ Janice Ian, Party Down’s Casey Klein guest stars as a love interest for Ben tonight.

Law and Order: SVU 10:00 on NBC – Law and Order: LA’s Terence Howard and former Regular Diane Neal both guest star tonight in anticipation of LO:LA’s relaunch and return next week.

Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Boring in the Jersey Shore landscape.

Top Chef All Stars Reunion 10:00 on BRAVO! – Thank god Richard won. I don’t know if I could have handled a Mike Isabella win.

Season (and Probably Series) Finale!!!

Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – This shitty show finally dies tonight.

Season Premiere Alert!

Top Chef Masters 11:00 on BRAVO – I echo Community’s Alison Brie.


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