That’s more like it! Last night’s THE EVƎNT was one of the more tense and fun hours, much more reminiscent of 24 than Flash Forward. The plot moved along briskly, the performances were decent for the most part – I enjoyed Scott Patterson, Taylor Cole and Zeljko Ivanek but I’m still struggling with Laura Innes’s half posh New England/Half gargling water voice and of course Sarah Roemer’s eye acting. The best part of the hour was that Lisa Vidal and subseqeuntly her character First Lady Christina Martinez received her first storyline of the season. This stupid show is so bloated that a series regular had to wait for another regular to be killed off before she got a plot. Rididculous, speaking of which brings us to…

The WHAT?!?! List
Chronicling the events in THE EVƎNT that make us crazy.

10. And we lost him… In a scene practically borrowed from the Matrix, Simon, knowing his cover was blown finds an earpeice with a mysterious seemingly all knowing voice on the other end who successfully guides Simon to safety. I thought THE EVƎNT would take the opportunity of Sterling playing with Simon and drag it out at least till the end of this episode if not more – but surprisingly enough they didn’t. Before the teaser was over Simon was on the run. With Simon escaping Martinez has once again lost his only advantage and more holes were poked in his power.

9. Senator Dr. Lewis, Alien Hunter. Martinez enlists the help of his frenemy, the Alaskan Senator who blackmailed him a few episodes ago. He wants her to use her medical past to initiate a fake TB test to test the populace for alien sleeper agent. This sounds really ludicrous – even for the EVƎNT.

8. We are no longer Benevolant. EVƎNT. Sophia, in light of the death of her son has decided that we, the humans are no longer benevolant, and therefore not worthy of their mercy. So she’s bringing the whole famn damily over from NGC-253, all two billion of them.

7. Stay Vicky! Sean lets Vicky go, disabling the program that’ll release her family’s personal information. But we all know that Vicky is in LOOOOOOOOOOOVE with Sean. We all knew that it wasn’t over for this couple.

6. Christina Martinez comes off the bench. The capable Lisa Vidal has been relegated to the sidelines since the start of the season, she finally was granted a plot. Against the TB testing, she seemed scared possibly becuase she’s an ALIEN? I can understand and even encourage her relegation to the sidelines IF she’s an Alien. If she’s a red herring it was a total waste. I hope she’s an alien.

5. OUR SON? Simon and Sophia commiserate about Thomas’ death and it’s revealed he’s THEIR son. Simon says “We always knew our son would die” our son? Wow? This confuses me, even for ageless aliens, Simon’s a bit young for Sophia and even more confusing is a later statement (see #1)*** See below but it’s totally “… our SUN will die” My booboo.

4. I’ll have the invasion, but hold the genocide. Simon, not wanting to kill hundred of millions of people joins up with similarly thinking Michael. Or so it seems… HAHAHAHA

3. Betrayed I. Sean and Vicky head into the french woods to find Dempsey only to find the cold bitch betrayal instead. An armed gestapo was waiting their arrival and while Sean managed to escape, Vicky wasn’t so lucky and she was taken to see her old boss. Sean meanwhile headed back to ambush and torture their betrayer, Vicky’s old spy friend. Note to self: never underestimate the effect smashing someone’s hands with a mallett.

2. Sentinals (Man I wish they were talking about big purple robots – but they’re not) Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) is a man that cannot seem to convey a story or anecdote without waxing nostalgic and spinning yarns. Here he tells Vicky how he’s from a long line of Sentinals tasked with protecting the world. From who? From them (points up) ooooh. How ominous. At least ‘Sentinal” is a better term than ‘Guardian Angel’ which sounded ridiculous.

1. Betrayed II: Incest? As Simon was about to make a break for it Michael informed him that he narc’d him out to Sophia. A very dissappointed Sophia said “Today I’ve lost a second son” But wait, didn’t you have a baby with him? Even if Simon is only her child figuratively that still gross. Really gross. The more I learn about Sophia, the more grossed out I get.

(***reader Austin pointed out that they said “Sun” not “Son” which is much less creepy. Mucho Gracias to Austin)

I really hope the First Lady turns out to be one of them, that would be swell. Did you like this week’s EVƎNT, or was it more of the same crap? I’ll see you in two weeks when the next EVƎNT airs, here’s a promo of the next episode to tide you maniacs over.


3 responses to “The THE EVƎNT Recap

  • aaron anon

    5. OUR SON? Simon and Sophia commiserate about Thomas’ death and it’s revealed he’s THEIR son. Simon says “We always knew our son would die” our son? Wow? This confuses me, even for ageless aliens, Simon’s a bit young for Sophia and even more confusing is a later statement (see #1).

    Dude, its “OUR SUN” not “son”…. get with the programme…

  • Austin

    It’s “our SUN will die”!. “Sun”! Not “son”. My god, that would be creepy. Given she later refers to him as the second son she’s lost in a short period, I just kinda made that connect on my own.

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