MAD MEN INTACT! (and renewed for more too)

Matthew Weiner, Lionsgate and AMC reach a deal!!!

The very public contract negotiations between Mad Men creator and showrunner Weiner and its network and producers AMC and Lionsgate has reached an end today as Weiner signed a new deal that keeps him on as showrunner for the 5th season next year, the SIXTH!

That’s right, along with this deal for Weiner, Mad Men has been granted a 6th season too. The deal with Weiner keeps him on as showrunner for both future seasons and the seventh, should it be granted. Which means it’ll be at least 2015 before we hear more griping about contract negotiations.

The two big issues were preventing filming were running time and cutting two cast members. The compromise reached keeps (for season 5) the premiere and finale at full length, but has Weiner submitting two versions of every episode, a 45 minute version for broadcast and a 47 minute version for VOD and DVD and Blu-Ray, but AMC may choose to air the 47 minute version should they decide. As for cast cuts, they’re not happening, when Mad Men comes back in 2012 it’ll be whole.


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