What’s On: Blais of Glory Wednesday!

Tonight marks the end of one of my favorite season of Top Chef ever – its a battle of Good (Richard Blais) vs Obnoxious (Mike Isabella). I really wanted Antonia to beat him last week and was shocked she didn’t. I can’t stand Mike Isabella. That’s not the only good vs obnoxious battle on tonight, Survivor got Steph going up against good christian Matt. Matt needs to lose and soon, I can’t take much more of this bland golden boy bullshit (its so Brett from Samoa – BORING!). Also on hand tonight are new episodes of both Criminal Minds, Mr Sunshine and the newly renewed Justified, check out our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday March 30 2011.

The Best:








Survivor: Redemption Island “It Don’t Take a Smart One” 8:00 on CBS

The promo below promises the “most extreme smackdown ever” hmmm… okay – we’ll see I guess. What I am loving is the gameplay going on – this has been one of the more active seasons (in terms of gameplay) as opposed to more passive seasons (like the last one) and that makes me excited. Most people are there to play the game and I am really enjoying Rob vs. Philip, becuase as obnoxious as he is, it makes him a great person to align with, no one will want to give Philip a million dollars – in fact people will probably just want to see him lose, like Russell (no one voted for Natalie or Sandra, they just voted against Russell).

Mr. Sunshine “The Assistant” 9:31 on ABC

Roman becomes Alice’s assistant. Sounds good to me, mainly becuase I think Andrea Anders (Alice) is a very funny actress who’s being slightly squandered, I’m excited for her to get an ‘A’ plot, and more excited it’s opposite Nate Torrence’s hilarious Roman. Check out Andrea Anders in these very Rated R (ie NSFW) hilarious outtakes from her previous gig on Better Off Ted.

Justified “The Spoil” 10:00 on FX

Damn this is good, even it’s weaker outings are better than most other TV and Margo Martindale is simply the most capable and gifted guest Justified’s ever seen, she’s terrifying and I can’t get enough. Last episode we were introduced to Rebecca Creskoff’s Mining Company Character, who Raylan is tasked with protecting tonight. She goes up against Mags Bennett and Raylan and Boyd are caught in the middle. From what I understand tonight’s is supposed to be great, but next week’s is supposed to be the best yet.

Season Finale Alert!!!

Top Chef: All Stars “Finale” 10:00 on Bravo!

Last week was a mad intense nailbiter, there was nothing more in I wanted in the world than to have Antonia Lofaso in the finals against Blais – I can’t stand Mike Isabella, I didn’t think he should have been picked over Bryan Voltaggio or Kevin Gillespie for All Stars. If Richard Blais loses I’ll feel as if this whole season has been a waste – seriously Mike can’t win. I mean he better not – the problem I see is that he’s in Blais’ head with three back-to-back wins and Blais tends to live or die by his neuroses. We’ll see how they fare tonight (after Justified though). PS – I miss Carla. Beef tongue beef tongue…

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on Fox – Check this weeks rankings here!

America’s Next Top Model 8:00 on CW – I miss when challenge winners got to guest star on Veronica Mars.

Shedding For The Wedding 9:00 on CW – Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Makeover makeover, makeover makeover, makeover makeover.  MAKEOVER! (Gosh I miss clone high)

Criminal Minds 9:00 on CBS – The first Prentiss free ep… I hope it’s good. (But I know it’s not)

Criminal Minds: Dropping Deuce 9:00 on CBS – Poo!

Off The Map 10:01 on ABC – I think literally everyone on that cast can do better. Everyone.

The Real World: Las Vegas 10:00 on MTV – Housemate Dustin used to do gay porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Law & Order:SVU 10:00 on NBC – Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost and V) guest stars as a devious piano teacher and oscar winner Jeremy Irons also guests as a psychiatrist that helps Benson and Stabler solve the case. JSYK – Mitchell played a seriously scary pedophile and child murderer in 2006’s Running Scared. Check out the scene below. “You wanna hug your sister?” Shudder…

Nuts huh? I’m gonna tune in cause when Mitchell goes bad – she goes for broke.


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