American Idol Top 11 Ranking (pt. 2)

Last week, in a stunning and maybe fake show Casey Abrams was eliminated from Idol. After 25 seconds of singing for his life he was stopped. And Saved. The judges used their save which means this week 2 competitors get eliminated. Sweet, hopefully it’ll be two lame ducks (::cough:: Stefano and Paul ::cough::). Tonight the idols tackle Elton John, which can either be great (J. Hud’s Circle of Life) or terrible (Jon Peter Lewis’ Rocket Man or Camille Velasco’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) if we can recall season three. I’d love to see Le Durbs tackle Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, and Casey Madman Across the Water – but’s lets not waste any more time and get to the TVocrats rankings for the top 11 a second time.

1. Pia Tosacano (Last Week #2) Pia rises to the top for the first time – her confidence is up and her vocals have never been more impeccable. She’s precise, powerful and pretty but if she wants to keep the throne she’s gonna need to abandon the ballads for a week or two – I’m not starting to get bored but I could be soon.

2. Lauren Alaina (Last Week #2) Confident Lauren kicks ass and takes names, she’s not as polished as Pia, but she makes it work to her advantage. Also loved her animal prints.

3. Casey Abrams (Last Week #1) Eliminated for a so-so performance of a classic, we all expected better. If he doesn’t display a little artistry this week, remind us all of the musician he is, he’s in trouble.

4. Le Durbs (Last Week #4) Even a generally weak and off-key performance like last week’s isn’t enough to move Le Durbs from his perch in 4th. He has more charisma and stage presence than most others combined.

5. Naima Adedapo (Last Week #6) Naima rises a spot due to some wild and awesome African dance and solid vocals. It’s not a very vocal song, a lot of performance is needed to rock “Dancing in the Street” and Naima for the most part succeeded.

6. TIE! Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart (Last week #’s 7 and 5 respectively) I feel like Haley and Scotty have hit a plateau –  for the most part they know who they are as singers, have solid voices – but seem to be struggling to rise above. With two people leaving this week they need to kill it which may be hard – John’s catalogue isn’t very country music friendly and Haley doesn’t seem to have the fan base.

8. Jacob Lusk (Last Week #10) Ya See! All it took a some control, a little restraint and Jacob was able to jump up two spots, If he keeps this up he might leave the ‘hot mess’ category, as might..

9. Tickles McGiver (Last Week #11) …who also rises two spots. Absent of odd arrangement and weird vibrato, Thia showed off her Adele-ish tone we’d heard about but had never seen.

10. Paul McDonald (Last Week #8) I am so over him – bad arrangement, uneven vocals, the only redeeming factor was that his guitar prevented him from dancing like a Class A Moron.

11. Stefano Lagone (Last Week #9) So frikkin boring. The only thing worse than his uncreative and artistically absent rendition of Lionel Richie’s Hello (which totes isn’t a motown song. Just saying) is his stupid soul patch. Who are you? Tony Almeida in season 1? (pictured right) Idiot.

I have high expectations for Elton John week. His songbook is less forgiving than Motown’s, his songs are more vocally complicated – Motown is like a dress that looks good on everyone and Elton John is like Capri pants – unless you have the goods for it, don’t bother. It’s all about song choice this week, I’d kill for a Levon – what do you want to hear?


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