What’s On: Dana Delaney is Back Tuesday!

Who out there doens’t love Dana Delaney? Seriously? She’s the definition of a TV star elevating whatever material she’s given. She made sense out of Katherine Mayfair’s weird lesbo-stripper relationship on Housewives, and brought a tense two parter of Castle last year to a different level. She is a TV goddess and finally she is headlining a series – problem is I hear it’s not good. Not good at all. Nonetheless it’s still a recommendation for tonight, Tuesday March 29 2011.

Da Best:

Season Finale Alert!

The Game “The Right To Choose” 10:00 on BET

The Game’s legendary 4th season comes to a close tonight. The series, which BET rescued from the CW’s trash, has been a ratings smash for the music netlet. Not really my cup of tea, but not bad at all either. Wendy Raquel Robinson (Ms. Grier from The Steve Harvey Show) is at home here.  Check out an interview with the cast on the Wendy Williams Show.

Parenthood “Taking the Leap” 10:00 on NBC

We last left the Braverman clan in shambles as it was revealed that Crosby had slept with Gaby. He’s so selfish, but honestly so is Jasmine – they’re kind of perfect for eachother. He’s gonna try to get his lady back tonight. Good Luck Cros. Elsewhere Sarah gets some criticism on her play by an old friend of Zeek’s played by Academy Award winner/annoying curmedgeon Richard Dreyfus.

The Good Wife “Killer Song” 10:00 on CBS

Last weeks Good Wife continued it’s streak of pulling twists and surprises that no one sees coming. The bombshell that Kalinda slept with Peter after he illegally changed her identity was HUGE – my jaw literally dropped. It enhances Kalinda’s motivations since the series began – she has these feeligns of guilt which is why she’s so protective of Alicia. Brilliant… but sad – this will shatter her (Alicia), won’t it? I mean she’s strong but can she handle THAT level of betrayal. I guess we’ll see… Oh tonight’s episode? Oh yeah , okay so America Fererra returns to the Good Wife as Natalie Flores, Wendy Scott Carr’s former nanny and Eli has the firm take care of her legal troubles. I think tonight might mark the first time Lockhart & Gardner client Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) has brought his lawyers a case. The main case of the episode is about a murderer being sued by his victim’s daughter for profiting on a song he wrote about the death in prison. Sam Robards (The Captain on Gossip Girl) also guest stars.

Series Premiere Alert!!!

Body of Proof “Pilot” 10:01 on ABC

From Desperate Housewife to the most unconventional medical examiner. A top neurosurgeon gets into a car accident and subsequently kills a patient on the table, then throws in the doctor towel to become a surly wisecracking medical examiner or, Lady-House. Haven’t I seen this before? The reviews of the show seem to come to the concensus that while Delaney is a TV star at the top of her game, the material is pedantic and cliched. I’m such a fan I’d watch Delaney read my grocery list so I’ll tune in to the pilot (I love a good pilot) but after that it has to earn my attention. The series co-stars Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager), Sonja Sohn (Kima Greggs!!!!) and John Carrol Lynch (The Drew Carey Show). Oh and Sam Robards (duh, The Captain on Gossip Girl) guest stars here too.


The Rest:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – Courtney Crozier almost got eliminated last week. I would have died – thank god Justin’s such a mensch.

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – Come for the Mark Harmon, stay for tonight’s guest star, Alias’ Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – Come for the comraderie between O’Donnell and Mr. Cool J, stay to see Kensi (Daniela Ruah) go undercover.

Dancing With the Stars 9:00 on ABC – Results show bitches.

Traffic Light 9:31 on FOX – I am slowly but surely falling for Callie (Aya Cash) she’s the show’s black sheep, she’s funny, unpredictable and has great chemistry with Nelson Franklin’s Adam. Tonight, the hilarious Kathryn Hahn (Anchorman, The Goods) guest stars as Callie’s sex obsessed free spirit sister and Rob Huebel (Holly’s ex AJ on the Office) guests as Adam’s boss.

Season Finale Alert!!!

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Jenelle Evans, season two breakout(?) star was arrested yesterday for assault. Wanna see why? Press play below… (before it goes away)

Wow. What a psycho. Why can’t everyone be like Chelsea and Randelicious?

That’s what’s on tap for tonight. Nothing special till a timeslot rumble at 10.


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