The EVENT RECAP “Your People are Monsters”


I am a glutton for TV death. I love it. So it’s no wonder I think last night’s episode of THE EVENT was the series strongest. Even before the climax I was thinking about how this was an above average episode of the EVENT, and the death (as wasteful as it was) was an apropo cap to a decent episode that was directed by Academy Award Winner Janusz Kaminski. Who’s that you say? He’s an oscar winning cinematographer best known for working on every Steven Spielberg film from Schindler’s List to now, and it showed the shot of the Washington Monument falling was beautifuly framed. But I’m getting ahead of myself, we got a lot of wackyness to cover so lets head over to the…

The “WHAT?!?!” List
Chronicling the events in the EVENT that make us nuts.

10. Continuity Error! Spotting these makes me feel special (mainly cause I usually can’t spot them). Fleeing  the secret service, Sean steals a van that’s being unloaded, so the back door’s open when he drives off, but when he catches up with Vicky, that back door is magically closed. And wouldn’t just close after driving. Trust me, I know.

9. Elias takes a Hard Line. He has the Aliens surrounded in an LA church and finally after months of being an ineffective diplomat President Martinez takes a hard stance and is totally ready to raid the church and kill anyone who opposes him. But as the president soon learns there are consequences for both action and inaction.

8. That Big White Crumbling Erection. To prove she meant business, Sophia had her portal thingy destroy the Washington Monument. This was great. It showed Sophia is not afraid to kill innocent people to save her race, and that she has the capability to be a badass and not one of those TV leaders who tend to always make the more popular/morally correct decision. In all 70 people died and 100 were seriously injured and the EVENT added some needed moral ambiguousness to their head alien.

7. Worst. President. Ever. In an instant Sophia had gone from having her back against the wall to having all the cards in her hand – and while we knew it was a bluff, Martinez didn’t and in a flash he had the tables turned on him proving once again that as a President he has no instinct on whom to trust or when to trust them. He said it best himself; “I use diplomacy and I fail, I use restraint and lives are lost” Diplomacy and restraint werent the wrong moves, they just had no thinking behind them. What an idiot. I feel bad for Blair Underwood – not even the TV veteran can make Martinez likable.

6. Antiques Roadshow! Soon we cut to Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) who’s in France on big conspiracy related business. Seems the conspiracy is interested in 4000 year old vases with curious heiroglyphics. The archeologist tells Dempsey if he thinks those are nifty he should see the cavern wall… The cavern wall? No one was to go into the cavern! And then Dempsey shoots him to keep the cavern mystery a secret. But what is the cavern mystery? It better not be something ridiculous (see #2)…

5. A Gold Star for Blake! CIA director Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek), the only effectual member of the president’s cadre of aides, uses logic and reason and memory to deduce that Agent Simon Lee is an alien. When Agent Lee’s cover was almost blown last time, Thomas snuck into the hospital and swtiched the samples and then shared a seemingly unimportant scene with Blake in the elevator. That scene came back brilliantly as Blake put two and two together (something people on the Event hardly do) and figured out that Simon was indeed an alien, and finally the government is one step ahead of the aliens all thanks to Blake (and no thanks to Martinez). The start monitoring Simon’s phone and they discover Sophia’s bluffing, the monument destruction was the extent of their current capabilities. Blake single handedly changes the course of the series with a solid realization – I hereby grant Blake the title of: Second Best Character (after Vicky of course!)

4. Even assassins wax nostalgic. Sean and Vicky(!) made it to France and to a safehouse with an old associate of Vicky’s named Henri. In my favourite scene of the night Vicky and Henri laughingly recount a story about how they were sent to kill a man at a bar who never showed, they cancelled the mission and got drunk and as they left Vicky got into a car accident. The driver of the other car died instantly. And as luck had it, he was their target. While the story was great the important revelation here was that Vicky was CIA. She was burned by her superior and thats how she ended up a mercenary. My money’s on Blake as the burner. The EVENT doesn’t give us tidbits like that without some pay-off down the line. But more than some good Vicky backstory we were also treated to some interesting glances…

3. Vickan? Seaky? Whilst at the safehouse Sean and Vicky traded some not-very-subtle glances. I know TV and subtext and I like where this is going, mainly because I don’t like Sarah Roemer’s Leila but also becuase Sean’s whitewash personality would benefit from a romp on the wild side, and Vicky is definely the wild side, also becuase it means Sean and Leila’s reunion will be short lived and full of pain. God I hate Leila. But now we need a name that us Vicky and Sean ‘shippers can call the doomed future couple. Suggestions?

2. Guardian Angels. Sheesh. So back at the dig site Dempsey enters the cavern he killed over and finds what’s on the cavern wall. It’s essentially a picture of a large stick figure surrounded by many smaller ones. Dempsey then begins the clunkily written exposition talking about Guardian Angels and how they exist in every religion and how they’re REAL. First a magic stone table and now Guardian Angels. I have absolutely no theory as to what they can be referring to – I really hope it’s not the aliens, that would be so not raven. I hope it has something to do with the titular EVENT.

1. DEATH! By the time the President realized Sophia was bluffing the aliens were on three coach busses on their way out. The president dispatched an apache helicopter to kill them all! It blew up the first bus full of red shirts. Cool. But then the President goes to hit the second bus, the one with Sophia, Michael and Leila on it! Thomas instructs the portal dude to save Sophia while he and his bus become martyrs. His bus pulls ahead and BOOM. Thomas, Isabelle and the rest of those aliens explode in a fireball! And before he can take out her bus Sophia jumps away. 

My thoughts on the deaths are confluicted. While I love death, it pains me to see potentially interesting characters die before their time. Thomas, like Dominic Monaghan’s FlashForward character, was an semi-antagonistic that provided a lot of drama and conflict, but was ultimately wasted in the plot. I really enjoyed the dissention withing the aliens ranks and having both Thomas and Isabelle killed in one bang eliminated more dissent from the immediate future ensuring that interalien relations are going to remain conflict free for the rest of the season at least… I really liked the concept of a Civil War within the dying factions of an alien race. I will miss Thomas and Clifton Collins Jr. (who I met a bunch of years ago. He was awesome and super nice. Just saying), they both left the EVENT before they should have. Let’s just hope his death leads to more interesting places than we’ve seen thus far.

I hope that once the end of the season finally rolls around I won’t feel as if I’ve been cheated.


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