What’s On: Canadian Showtime Monday Eh!

In Canada, Showtime’s Shameless and Californication air on mondays, which means Canadian fans of the American net’s programming have four new series to feast on. The premieres of United States of Tara and the far superior Nurse Jackie and the finales of Shameless and Californication. Also premiering tonight is ABC Family’s Spring block of shows including the continuations of The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s 3rd season and Make It Or Break It’s 2nd. Here are our recommendations for tonight,  Monday March 28 2011.

What’s Hype!

Shameless “Father Frank, Full of Grace” 8:00 on TMN (aired yesterday in USA on SHO)

Of all the recent attempts to remake a British television series in the Americas, Shameless captures that BritTV feel better than anyone else. Skins has all the shock but no heart and Being Human’s casting feels off. Over the course of the freshman season Shameless has proved itself with a big funny bone and an even bigger heart. I’m devestated Lip’s in trouble (my friend P totally called that – I never saw it coming), he’s easily the most likable character and Jeremy Allen White gives him this blue-collar Randall Pink Floyd (from Dazed and Confused) vibe that really works. I also have to shout out Laura Slade Wiggins (Karen), Emma Kenney (Debs), Joan Cusack, William H. Macy and the series’ anchor Emmy Rossum who all bring solid A games to the table, especially Rossum who takes an especially unglamourous role and shines through her black eye bags. If you haven’t seen it yet – do it.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager  “Who Do You Trust?” 8:00 on MuchMusic (ABC Family)

Summer vacay is over and you know what that means? Amy wants to have her cake and eat it too – she wants her Ricky and John to be a family. I want the best for Amy I do, it’s just I have to agree with her parents on this one – You just can’t trust Ricky…

Californication “… And Justice for All” 9:00 on TMN (aired yesterday in USA on SHO)

Californredemption! After struggling to find it’s niche and place for two seasons it bounced back with an examination of  fatherhood, manhood and essentially Hank’s humanity, and while the Runkles plot flounders a bit, Adlon and Handler have been more than capable making it work. Hank is guilty. I mean we know he’s not – but in the eyes of the courts he is. Tonight sentencing is passed and more than likely, Moody is heading off to the slammer for the event that catalyzed the series as a whole. Duchovny turned in his best Moody to date, a man drowning in his a pool of self pity and stubborness, conveying the conflicted man-shild to perfection.

Make It Or Break It “The New Normal” 9:00 on MuchMusic (ABC Family)

All four of our girls made the US World’s team but they can’t celebrate just yet. They’ve got an uphill battle and it all starts with getting rehabing Kaylie to admit she has an eating disorder, and yes, DJ Tanner (Candice Cameron-Bure) still stars.

Nurse Jackie “Game On” 10:00 on TMN (SHO)

I’m not a watcher but my instincts tell me it’s time to catch up, I’m just not a hge fan of these Showtime woman on the verge series. But from what I understand this one rises above. Showtime says: ‘Picking up right where she left off, Jackie (Edie Falco) takes the contents of the medicine cabinet, throws it in a laundry bag and dumps it at Kevin’s (Dominic Fumusa) feet.

The United States of Tara “…youwillnotwin…” 10:30 on TMN (SHO)

I hate it. I just hate it. I wanted to like it, but the uber-hipness of Cody’s dialogue forced my barf. The characters are a mess, Corbett’s is unrelatable as the ever loving and patient husband, DeWitt’s is a selfinvolved child of a woman and Larson’s is everything that’s wrong with TV teenagers. And don’t get me started on Collette, who’s wasted to death here.

The Gripes:

Dancing With The Stars 8:00 on ABC – With Kirstie Alley it’s more like Dancing with a Car.

Mad Love 8:30 on CBS – Jason Biggs was made for this cheesy sitcom, the rest of the awesome cast? Not so much, they’re above it.

The Event 9:00 on NBC – The president has the sleeper aliens surrounded and a standoff ensues. Likely one that’ll take up the entire episode and stall the plot some more.

Harry’s Law 10:00 on NBC – I’m getting less enamoured with this series as it progresses. Kathy Bates’ turn in the brilliant curmudgeon (like House) role is worthy, but like the Mad Love cast, she’s better than the material.

Castle 10:00 on ABC – A juror in a high profile murder case turns up dead.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger 10:00 on MuchMusic (MTV) – Everything that’s wrong with MTV is in this series, that it thinks kids are stupid enough to watch this is insulting to the child in my heart.


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