The Barefoot CUNTessa

I hate to be profane (that’s a lie), but in the face of an article I read, ‘Cunt’ is simply the only word that will suffice.

So Ina Garten, known to many as the host of the Food Network’s The Barefoot Contessa, received a request through the Make-A-Wish Foundation from a 6 year old boy with cancer. The request for for Garten to cook with the boy, who’d spent his days in the hospital watching her show.

In fact, Enzo (the boy) hadn’t just appealed to Garten once, he did twice. The first time he was met with an ambiguous answer with her rep saying something along the lines of; as much as she would like to, she can’t possibly grant every request she receives. Enzo and Make-A-Wish reached out again to the booming sound of a “Definite No”.

No one is asking Ms Garten to grant every request she receives, it’s just this seemed like one of the no-brainers. I imagine as a celebrity chef, one is constantly sought for private functions and appearances and it can get frustrating I’m sure, but this wasn’t any requestl; it wasn’t some rich kid who wanted a Barefoot Contessa Super Sweet 16, it wasn’t some mother pushing her child to select Garten, it wasn’t a faker (like the Gumble 2 Gumble Family Guy episode. It was Make-A-Wish. Cunty right?

I know it’s harsh for me to call Garten a cunt. I have no idea what goes on in her life, what legitimate reasons she would have for denying the wish. I’m not familiar with her charity work or her politics, just her series. I don’t know her – and part of me regrets jumping to this judgement based on a single action –  But then I think about how if there was a sick or dying person out there who’s wish was to spend time with me, I’d be honoured. I’d make it work. I’m just disguasted that the New York resident couldn’t hop the turnpike to Jersey for the visit. Scheduling conflicts my ass. People don’t have scheduling conflicts for years at a time. If you want something to work – you make it work.

I hope I’m wrong, that the article which sites TMZ as a source is incorrect, I hope I’ll have to write a retraction after I read how AOL and TMZ got it all wrong. I just don’t think I will. I hope this hurts her career irreparably.


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