What’s On: Who is Proposing Thursday!

Okay, fine, we all know who’s proposing tonight (duh it’s Michael Scott!) and frankly I can’t wait to see how it goes. I have high hopes for a happy ending for Michael. Also tonight is a few finales, a premiere and maybe even a little Pulp Fiction. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Thursday March 24 2011.

What’s Hot:

Community “Critical Film Studies” 8:00 on NBC

Community does Pulp Fiction. Nuff said.

The Office “Garage Sale” 9:00 on NBC

Michael proposes to Holly (Amy Ryan) in her last episode of the season. I want a happy ending for him so bad. Also the office holds a garage sale in the warehouse.

Season Finales Alert!!!

Fairly Legal “Bridges” 10:00 on USA

I’ve very much enjoyed this series in large part due to its charming cast. Kate and Justin’s relationship may not be the most realistic but it sure is entertaining. In Canada we’re a few episodes behind so I don’t exactly know where the Richard Dean Anderson plot goes, but I’m still engaged. I hope it’s granted a second season, Shahi deserves a successful show post L Word.

Jersey Shore “At The End of the Day”

I felt a disconnect this season, maybe they got too big for their own britches, maybe they’re too rich now, but for whatever the reason they seemed unaccessable in a way they never did before. It’ll be nice to see them in Italia for season 4 where presumably they’re not as famous.

What’s Semi-Hot:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – I hope Haley survives. But I know she won’t.

Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – Maybe just a bit.

Perfect Couples 8:30 on NBC – This just got canned in favour of Paul Reiser. What is this 1996?

Grey’s Anatomy 9:00 on ABC – Mark and Arizona throw Callie a baby shower and Teddy makes a mess with her husband (guest star Scott Foley). Also is April really going to go out with Dr. Starl (Peter MacNichol)?

Parks and Recreation 9:30 on NBC – I cannot get enough of Li’l Sebastian. He was most definetly the star of Harvest Festival.

30 Rock 10:00 on NBC – Last week’s episode was a dream come true. It was literal heaven. Take a peek..

Archer 10:00 on FX – H. Jon Benjamin’s voice suits Archer just as perfectly as it suits Bob’s Burgers.

Private Practice 10:01 on ABC – Just counting down till Benjamin Bratt joins full time.

Season Premiere Alert!

The Hard Times of RJ Berger 11:00 on MTV – The second season premiere of MTV absolutely terrible teen sitcom. It died for me when a girl referred to her period as a vampire buffet in her panties. Gross all around.


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