What’s On: Who will find Redemption Wednesday?

Can little Krista stop Matt’s insane winning streak? Probably not, but I’ll enjoy watching her try. We got a fun night of television ahead so lets not hesitate and get to our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday March 23, 2011.

The Best:







Survivor: Redemption Island “Their Red Headed Stepchild” 8:00 on CBS

Will Rob & Co. finally get Philip out this week? Will Stephanie’s bestie survive to fight another day? Also on tap? A violent challenge! Sweet! Check out the promo below.

America’s Next Top Model “Rachel Zoe” 8:00 on CW

Wow. Playing with a baby snow leopard and reading someone’s diary? How Shakespearian!

Modern Family “Boy’s Night” 9:00 on ABC

ABC says: “Phil and Claire have some trepidation when they find out that Luke has befriended their crotchety old neighbor, Mr. Kleezak; Jay’s attempt to avoid sitting through a symphony concert with Gloria and Manny lands him in the middle of Mitchell and Cameron’s “boys’ night out”; and Haley has her own adventures in babysitting with Lily” No promo, just a cute video! This will go to 9:31 so set DVRs accordingly.

Justified “Save My Love” 10:00 on FX

Last week Winona took one 100 dollar bill from the evidence lock-up, had it stolen in a bank robbery, and involved Raylan in the cover up. Tonight, the shit hits the fan as Justified continues it’s stellar second season.

The Rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Tonight is Motown night, which is 100 percent about song choice and arrangement. We’ll see who prevails. Also check back soon for pre-show rankings.

Minute To Win It 8:00 on NBC – Looks so easy. But I have a chair i broke in frustration that says otherwise.

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – TV’s most underrated sitcom. Spring cleaning brings back some painful memories.

Shedding for the Wedding 9:00 on CW – JUST STOP IT.

Mr Sunshine 9:31 on ABC – Just keep chugging along finding you’re groove. You are worth it, little buddy! Fred Savage guest stars as himself tonight!

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 10:00 on CBS – I SAID STOP IT.

Hot in Cleveland 10:00 on TVLand – Law and Elka.

Off the Map 10:00 on ABC – Jenna Bans is an evil, evil woman for subjecting the world to this barf.

The Real World 10:00 on MTV – When Dustin got mad at nerdy Mike for kissing the girl he likes in truth or dare it was pathetic. His thug accent was hilario to the maxx. What a loser.

Top Chef: All Stars 10:00 on BRAVO! – I cannot stand Mike Isabella. Please lose tonight!

Retired at 35 10:30 on TVLand – Congrats on a second season renewal!



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